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  2. dont put PIXI in window and maybe it wont find the root )
  3. > the issue is from my computer oh , that's what im usually afraid of, its difficult to explain people those kind of things. But anyway we found real performance drop with that time lib
  4. Does the micro freezing happen if you close your debugger? I have a similar issue with my computer currently where if I have chrome debugger on, then there's some stuttering but if I close it then everything runs really smoothly.
  5. The pixi devtools is a plugin for chrome devtools. All of it runs outside of your code base. If I remember right the inspector just tries to find the PIXI global object and injects itself to that. So one solution would be to hide that. I have one project with ts/webpack using imports to include pixi stuff and in that the inspector doesn't come up unless it's specifically set up to do so.
  6. Solved! I updated Phaser from version 2.9.2 to version 2.18.0, and now I have sounds on all platforms and devices :)
  7. Yesterday
  8. Happy Start of Summer! To kick things off, this week’s new free music tracks are: On my Action 3 page: THE PIXELTOWN GRAND PRIX 2 – (Looping) – More wild fun! https://soundimage.org/action-3/ On my Chiptunes 5 page: DOWNTOWN PIXELTOWN – (Looping) – A nice, happy-go-lucky track that might sound nice in an upbeat 2D game. https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-5/ And on my Funny 8 page: CARTOON CHAOS – (Looping) – That’s some of the best kind of chaos! https://soundimage.org/funny-8/ Fun stuff! So if you find that my 2000+ free tracks of music and sound effects are helpfu
  9. alright it's deployed meanwhile I am looking the profiler too hehe EDIT: From my understanding, - orange blocks are the execution time of the game's script, - blue curve is the JS heap, each time the curve collapses it means GC did collect unused variables. - red blocks are the frame rate. From what I see: The execution time of the game's script looks pretty stable, it generally takes around 5ms to be executed. Despite this stability, the frame rate seems to change from 10 to 30ms. When the fame rate is bad, JS heap is not collapsing. It means for
  10. If you re-publish it , I can try run profiler once more
  11. Hello ivan.popelyshev, helpful as always :), even before I added these luxon variables for monitoring the updater I had these tiny freezes every 10 seconds more or less . However I like the idea that these freezes happen because the GC is collecting. I keep investigating EDIT: Alright, I re-publish it need two minutes to dockerize and push keep in touch
  12. well, i found a quasi-solution that doesn't involve addChild at all. instead it involves forEachAlive and detecting whether or not the player is in FRONT of a spear guy. if so, the player's attacks don't work against them; only from behind. i'd provide an example, but this seems a pretty insular issue.
  13. @ivan.popelyshev you are the master, have some ideas? 😀
  14. Hi guys, any ideas on how to disable the pixijs devtool on production enviroment? Thank you in advance Riccardo
  15. People usually use sprites inside a particleContainer, it has limitations, you need single texture (or texture atlas) for everything, and you have to smooth the texture in image editor, dont rely on webgl AA on edges. Threre are many ways to solve your case, i dont even know which one to suggest first
  16. we have new package for graphics with lines: https://github.com/pixijs/graphics-smooth as for general issue of "there are 500 of them!!!" , that's a big topic. Did you by change found any of my explanations regarding "high-level vs low-level algorithms? ? I'm not feeling well enough to post all that again. > Is there a faster way of doing it, such as drawing all the flakes as one large Graphics object with 500 lines, use sprites, shaders or some other magic chop I can do to relieve the stress? The best way is if you know how to make mesh geometry that you modify every
  17. Probably, you call this a lot and it spawns many objects that clog GC: https://www.npmjs.com/package/luxon Dont put heavy things that spawn many objects in render/update loops. Spawning objects in render is ok only if you know that there aren't many or if you can prove amortization, like, "this objects is spawned once per this action, but this action is heavy itself so it doesnt matter" or "it actually cant be spawned more than 30 times per minute because reasons"
  18. Hello, I recently noticed every 10 sec my PIXI canvas is freezing 0.2 second, and I don’t have any clue why. CONTEXT dependencies "@types/pixi.js": "^5.0.0" "pixi.js": "^5.3.9", "preact": "^10.4.8", PIXI.JS canvas is contained in PREACT component I refresh the canvas this way private GameLoop(): void { if (this._stop) { return; } this._updater.Update(); requestAnimationFrame(() => this.GameLoop()); } the updater contains 200 items which have more or less 3 sprites each, the updater iterates
  19. Mostly for sprites, I think I can use grapchis-smooth for Graphics, and scale font size for text
  20. Last week
  21. Hi, I have created a nice little top down snow and rain simulator which goes fast in code pen on PIXI v6 but a bit slower on my real project using V5 (for now). Naturally the project has alot more going on, layers and large images etc. I draw the rain and snow using simple Graphics objects and .drawLine. For the code pen I seem to be able to scale it to thousands of drops without issue but in my real project it is smooth with like 50 drops but at 500, the snow is smooth but the rest of the interaction events begin to stutter. I currently just create a Graphics object per dr
  22. You can try renaming the file from a .fnt file to a .xml file, combined with making sure the Output is XML from BMFont generator (there is a radio button setting for this at the bottom of the Export Options view). However, alas, the reason I am here is that even with this tinkering I find my fonts do not appear correctly for BitmapText objects :( There must be some kind of output error on the output xml file....I will post back though if I find a solution otherwise
  23. My advice would be don't worry too much about "spinning" reels or "graphics" to start off with (first project afterall). First think of columns of data ... each "reel" (x5) is an array of 64 "symbol"s. Then increment the "index" of that array per reel. The 3 symbols visible on each reel are: reel[index-1], reel[index], reel[index+1]. Next consider that -1 or +1 might take the array out of range, fix that with modulo: reel[(index-1)%reel.length], reel[index], reel[(index+1)%reel.length]. Starting a spin, stopping a spin, shuffling a spin, even animating the spin are now modifiers
  24. Gain basic fluency in HTML5 in this easy-to-follow OdinSchool Web Development MasterClass and learn to create a webpage from scratch. The Goal: Create a webpage with a smooth UI experience by leveraging HTML5. Tools Used: For this project, we shall use VS Code Editor and the Chrome Browser. Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for attending this MasterClass. Learning Outcomes: Learn how to write well-formed HTML using proper syntax Understand the basic structure of a web p
  25. Do you have any suggestions for improving the quality of the stuff? My computer have devicePixelRatio = 2, and here are some screenshots of the huge difference resolution: 2 and autoResize: true resolution: 1 It's quality the way to go? Or there's a potentially better solution (btw, what you see in the screen are just PNG's images loaded in PIXI.Sprite's, the green button is PIXI.Graphic, and the text of the button PIXI.Text)
  26. > I can't seem to find if there's any performance implication on Well, guess what it does 4x more pixels! Fillrate down, memory down, e.t.c. btw we added new package https://github.com/pixijs/graphics-smooth that helps with lines: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-graphics-smooth/simple.js it doesnt need antialias nor resolution
  27. Hello! I've googling a lot and I can't seem to find if there's any performance implication on new Application({ resolution: 1}) vs new Application({ resolution: 2, autoResize: true}) I'm solving an issue related to image, text, graphics, etc crispness, and after adding pixelDeviceRatio as argument for resolution, everything looks just beautiful, but the app just feel more... slow
  28. hi . i wanted to make my first project. i have loaded 8 pngs with fruit images . i want to put them in a vertical 2d reel that spins and stops displaying 3 random fruits on the reel. the reel should display 3 tiles from a total of 64. i dont know where to start. i want to do 2 things: 1. create a grid of 5x3 and have fruits displayed in this grid at random and a way for me to number and detect the tiles so that i can have matching lines of same fruit detected so something like if tile A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 have fruit banana then it should detect 2. create a ree
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