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  3. hu, I think is because they forget add the types events. What you can do for temp fix , is just replace tempory : declare class EventEmitter<EventTypes extends string | symbol = string | symbol> { // by declare class EventEmitter<EventTypes extends string | symbol = keyof HTMLMediaElementEventMap | symbol> { or on(event: keyof HTMLMediaElementEventMap|{}&EventTypes, fn: EventEmitter.ListenerFn, context?: any): this; You shoudl find the type file in `node_modules\eventemitter3\index.d.ts` ----------------------------
  4. Hello Fellow Creatives, Brand new seamless texture images are ready on these pages: CONCRETE (Artistic) METAL (Artistic) GROUND (Artistic) You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ NEWS Bulk Music Downloads are now available for these genres: Chiptunes, Fantasy, Puzzle and Sci-Fi. I’ve received an increasing number of requests to make my music tracks available as bulk downloads (rather than downloading them one at a time) so that people can load them into their media players and listen to them while doing other things. Now you can download al
  5. Recently I have upgraded the pixi version of my project to 6.0.2. The first thing I noticed is that I can no longer get the event name hint by typing XXX.addListener() on DisplayObject. With pixi v5, I can get the hint of what kind of event I got there. Second, what is the proper way to listen for the 'rightclick' event on DisplayObject in pixi v6? I can't find enough resources about this on Internet. Any help is highly appreciated!
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  7. I had the same issue. For me I had to use the add() method, so something like onWhatever.add(my function goes here).
  8. Latest content update "Hacker Paradise" is live:
  9. That's typings issue, right? just "as any" it and report to pixijs github issues same with baseTexture, just "as any".
  10. Hello, I recently did update PIXI.JS from 5V to 6V, however I got some issues with events: FIRST, InteractionManager in V5 has a "on" method in order to subscribe to specific events such as 'pointerDown', 'pointerMove'... However in V6 this method doesn't exist anymore, I did find some events such OnPointerDown but they are private private onPointerDown; How to subscribe to them? SECOND, baseTexture used to have a "once" method, this method allows us to get notified when the texture is loaded it's really useful for my loading bar. However now I cannot find
  11. Hello There, Hope you are doing well!! I am happy to assist you. PM Sent with details, please check. Best Regards Carter W
  12. Hello There, Hope you are doing well!! I am happy to assist you. PM Sent with details, please check. Best Regards Carter W
  13. Hello Scott, Hope you are doing well!! I am happy to assist you. Email Sent with details, please check. Best Regards Carter W
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  15. Thanks. Also because that's exactly how i wanted to make this game... Very simplistic but really enjoyable gameplay. Thanks for playing!
  16. if is for desktop app, just use nodejs https://nodejs.org/api/fs.html You read folders and files, storing all metas somewhere (size,type,hash,path....), and you can make your loader with those meta and track smoothly the progress. For web (you dont have nodejs) so you will need manually add those meta informations. Maybe a task before publish, to get those metas.
  17. I created a platformer game using matter. Whenever my character jumps to the sides of the platform, he'll fall down slowly due to the friction. My solution would be to remove the friction from the side vertices. But I haven't found a way to do so.
  18. Cyber Fight Challenge (sounds, music and voiceover by volkovstudio)
  19. Compute the bytes loaded / bytes total - and show that as a function of time elapsed. Similar to how a large OS update shows its progress. It will be wrong for 99.99% of the time, but tend towards accuracy as it approaches completion! That said - don't fix what isn't broken - lumpy loaders are cooler. If a loader is too smooth some users will assume it's fake and become disgruntled. Plus anticipation of a lump completing is oddly entertaining. Loader psychology is weird and fascinating. Some loader progress designs aren't linear, some include minimum progress updates, etc. Ever not
  20. Hey all :-) Is there any progress on this ?
  21. Thanks ! i'll try this way. It's ok only WebGL, perfect!
  22. > I wondered if anyone had any tips or techniques for smoothing out the progress bar animation? Do it with css matrix translate
  23. "Texture.fromBuffer" . You can later update it with different data. However, it works only with WebGL. If you want canvas, better to handle getImageData/setImageData and use `Texture.from(myCanvas)`, and call "texture.update()" every time you change something
  24. I'm trying to to set the color of pixels one by one. I have a matrix with all my value, calculate by some function to assign a specific color. Actually i'm using the Geometry Rectangle with size 1x1, but i'm not sure it's the best way to do that. Anyone have some suggestion?
  25. Hi, we're building a slot game that loads 15-20 texturepacked images, 20+ sound files, and maybe a dozen spine files. Some of these are obviously bigger than others, and so due to the nature of counting the files instead of the bytes, the preloader looks very choppy as it occasionally pauses (and so looks stuck) on a large texture. I wondered if anyone had any tips or techniques for smoothing out the progress bar animation? Thanks
  26. Please someone help here, I have asked the same question on the above said forum but it didn't helped me. please tell what should I do.
  27. The second part of the 3D first person shooter Bullet Fury. Your troop has discovered the position of a new enemy laboratory. It's up to you to eliminate all the guards of the laboratory. Play Bullet Fury 2 Play on mobile
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