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  2. Greetings Fellow Creators! Does anyone need some custom music created? Feel free to contact me…I’d love to help out…plus I can work with almost any budget. My contact info is here: http://soundimage.org/ That said, this week’s new free texture images on these pages: GROUND (Artistic) WOOD (Artistic) https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy, stay safe and keep being creative!
  3. Hi, @Dougi If you want doing something like this ( playground ) (this is MY DEMO and i prevent use it without notify me about usage), you should not use Text as fact. Because this require rebuild text shapes every time, and reallocate memory - super expensive operations. You must use a MSDF text or shape-bassed text renderer, but this can be more complicated that use simple Text.
  4. btw maybe "text.resolution = scale" might work, but you have to look in Text sources anyway, and check if it calls updateText() when you change resolution
  5. if its not browser zoom: text is degrading, yes, you have to change its scale & fontsize accordingly because there's no public PIXI Text based on canvas2d that resizes automatically. I have one in private repo, but still cant public it, well, because of 10 other my pixi plugins if you need big zoom in, its possible to add SDF/MSDF to BitmapText with custom shader, but, again, I dont have it in public. The way you proposed is performance hell, resolution is not made for that. As for images - what's your exact problem? There are several and they depend on image size , wh
  6. pixi.js version v5.3.10 I'm new to PIXI so please excuse me if I'm missing something obvious. I've googled, but couldn't make sense of anything I found and some posts were from 2017 so wasn't sure whether to trust them as current. I'm writing and Angular app which has a workspace a bit like miro. The user can drag cards around and zoom in and out. Problem: When zooming in the images and text on the cards degrades in quality. I assume this is because it's zooming in on the existing resolution and not updating the resolution as it zooms in. I'm using PIXI.Texture to fill
  7. Mobile gaming industry is likely to be influenced by hyper casual games with deep impact. Market reports have shown that in 2020 mobile based hyper casual games accounted for 6.3 billion downloads or 31 percent downloads globally. Before getting into the depth, let us first see what is meant by hyper casual games. In spite of lacking sophisticated designs, the retention rate is pretty good as compared with the hardcore games. For example, on day 1 hyper casual games normally show a retention rate of 32.3 percent compared to that of 28.7 percent for hardcore games, while on day
  8. Hello, Thanks TheBoneJarmer for sharing your valuable points. I making the necessary changes one by one.
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  10. I wanted to make this post, because I had an issue with upgrading pixi.js from 5.1.1 to latest version, which currently is version 6.0.4. I am using TypeScript for my project, and when I updated the version for pixi I got many strange errors, which were not that easy to debug from logs and I struggled to fix. Here the log: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/NXpXMGrzym/ Just if you look in release changes list between those versions, there were many typing changes, hot fixes, and even a whole project dedicated to fixing typing in pixi.js. Full list: https://github.com/pixijs/pixijs/releases. F
  11. Create and publish a new blank pixiAnimate document? (File > New > Advanced tab > pixiAnimate document) If the electron is OK, it should work. If the electron is still not available, you will of course get an error. -
  12. Last week
  13. Ok I've managed to install it in the same location /usr/local/bin/ running your command but it still compiles with the same error?.
  14. t.me/hackerham but i dont know if i can actually help with that thing, i hate build problems
  15. Hey @ivan.popelyshev do you use telegram, discord or any other program that would make communication faster?
  16. I am using tsify to compile the typescript, and I have no idea how to specify the typescript version to be 3.9.5. Can you share your usual tsconfig.json file which you would use in pixi v6 projects?
  17. I dont know whether its related, but pixi uses typescript 3.9.5
  18. I followed your advice from previous post and fixed the typings, however there are many more other issues when compiling the code. Here is the full log: https://pastebin.com/SPUcsLcU. Here is my tsconfig.json and packages in package.json file { "compilerOptions": { "target": "es6", "lib": ["es2015","dom"], "module": "commonjs", "typeRoots" : [ "./typings", "./node_modules/@types"], "noImplicitAny": false, "strictFunctionTypes": true, "alwaysStrict": true , "resolveJsonModule": true, "esModuleInterop": true }, "exclude": ["./templates"] } "depend
  19. I dont see the problem. If you have custom typings - you can modify them
  20. Then returning to the previous post can you please help me to upgrade my project to pixi.js v6 😅
  21. Official policy is: everyone that uses v5 with typescript should upgrade to v6 because that's the main reason for upgrade - new typings with less problems. > Anyone knows which version of pixi-viewport I should use, that is compatible with old pixi? Usually you determine it by going through commits, because, honestly, documentation is usually misleading. Alternatively, you can just ask davidfig himself? https://github.com/davidfig/pixi-viewport/
  22. Hi, I want to use pixi-viewport library in my project, however I get this TypeScript errors when I try to integrate it in my project [15:57:08] [TypeScript error: node_modules/pixi-viewport/index.d.ts(2,13): Error TS1005: '=' expected.] { fileName: 'node_modules/pixi-viewport/index.d.ts', line: 2, column: 13 } [15:57:08] [TypeScript error: node_modules/pixi-viewport/index.d.ts(2,36): Error TS1005: ';' expected.] { fileName: 'node_modules/pixi-viewport/index.d.ts', line: 2, column: 36 } [15:57:08] [TypeScript error: node_modules/pixi-viewport/index.d.ts(3,13): Error TS1005:
  23. Hi all, could you help me ? I don't understand why there is this behavior
  24. For me, only this command line installed it properly. sudo npm install -g electron --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root -
  25. Not sure ran this command in the terminal but still no luck?. Example: sudo npm install electron -g --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root
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