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  2. Thanks Ivan! Just the person I was hoping to hear from. I'll look into everything you talked about but I would love to see a little demo some time. Thanks!
  3. Loved this. Reminiscent of the old Lucasarts adventure games .
  4. This story gets even sadder. We just received a lawyer threat from a self-important game studio because one of our (stolen) games is published on Facebook Instant Games (not by us) and altered (not by us) to include aforementioned studio's precious trademark and logo (some minor game title that we'd literally never heard of outside of a descriptive term for a road surface).
  5. its related to filterArea. if filterArea not specified, its calculated through getBounds() by default this thing also intersected with screen if you dont specify autoFit=false. So if you filter an object that goes to side of screen, well, "center" will never go outside screen. If you want to speicfy pixel coord, i recommend just get into filter programming and edit this filter
  6. From what i remember, ShockwaveFilter is a pain to understand and calibrate. Coord are relative to screen coord if am not wrong, but am not remember. What i deed to fully debug and understand this filter is add a Gsap timeline controler, to play pause and slow the filter motion and play live with props and coord. This code should help you ? maybe gl note: look for the array center[], if am not wrong this can help to position. const doShockWave = ()=>{ const tl = gsap.timeline({id:'doShockWave'}) const ease = SlowMo.ease.config(0.1, 0.7, false); tl.fromTo(Background.c, 1, {alpha:0.2},{alpha:1, ease:ease },0); tl.fromTo(ShockwaveFilter, 2, { time:0, amplitude:-100, wavelength:0 , speed:200,brightness:1.3, }, { time:5, amplitude: 10 , wavelength:390, speed:250,brightness:1.6 , ease:ease },0 );$mouse.l.falloff, 1, {'0':0.8,'1':3,'2':20, ease:Power4.easeOut },0);$mouse.l, 1, {brightness:0.8,lightHeight:0.02, ease:Power4.easeOut },0); tl.add(() => {[1] = 400; ${start:15.7}).Volume(0.5); }) tl.eventCallback("onUpdate", ()=>{ MaskCircle.scale.set(ShockwaveFilter.time+0.5); }) return tl; } edit:what your can maybe try is new ShockwaveFilter( {center:[filterCoords.x,filterCoords.y]} );
  7. Hello, I'm learning filters and I'm having an issue positioning the shockwave filter where I want it. What I have is a pixi container. Inside this container I have a sprite. That is the image I'm applying my filters to. One thing to note is that the Sprite is very large. It does not fit inside the screen. Instead it is positioned to be centered on the screen. This is intended. Next I have multiple small display objects inside the pixi container. These objects move around, after some time passes I want to check if these objects are on top of my sprite and if they are, I'd like create a shockwave on that point. Here's where the issue comes up. My understanding is that all I have to do is get the local coordinates of the moving object from the perspective of the sprite, like so: let filterCoords = sprite.toLocal(movingOjb.position, container); let filter = new ShockwaveFilter(filterCoords); But the problem is these coordinates aren't correct. More specifically the Y coordinates are correct but the X coordinates aren't which really confuses me. I've been trying to understand how exactly the filter coordinates interact with images that do not fully fit on the screen.
  8. Hello, and Welcome to the forums! I did that thing multiplle times, it requires some knowledge of WebGL and 2d. To automatically use mipmaps in webgl, your texture size has to be power-of-two. You can use bigger texture for SVG generation and cut it using texture frame. Bigger texture for sVG generation means that you have to modify SVGResource, maybe make your own version. Texture frame, well, you can specify it on texture creation If you want a demo that shows that, you have to wait till weekend. If you dont want to wait - go dig into source code.
  9. Hi everyboby, I have a surely a trivial question for some of you, but What is the good rule to have always crispy texts in pixi.js. Something like ? this.text = new PIXI.Text(this.model.text,; this.text.resolution = window.devicePixelRatio;
  10. Hello Dr Popet! Thanks a lot for your comment and feedback! It means a lot for me. It makes me very happy you and your wife enjoyed the game. I wanted to do something different for the different ages since the beginning but never figured out what. The idea of changing the shapes it's really great (I specially enjoyed the concept of dinosaur shapes), I'll keep it for a future update. If your wife and you like this kind of games you may like another one of mines: Secret Codes. You can play it here: Or, if you have an android device, you can download it here: If you download Doctor Simon's Time Crash or Secret Codes in your phone and rate it you make me a big favor. Both are totally free, only with a popup Ad you can close after each game.
  11. Hi Pixi Devs, First post here. This issue has plagued me for days. My PIXI project requires Sprites to update their scale "on the fly". I need this to work with minimal quality loss. My goal is to get an effect like Scratch has obtained. At multiple different sizes, the texture quality remains perfect. I know Scratch uses SVGs for the perfect resolution but that has been a nightmare in PIXI. According to the Scratch Source Code, the SVGSkin class uses an array of 8 MIPS that can be hot swapped as the size is modified. How could I implement this in PIXI? Further, how does an array of 8 MIPs provide enough samples for the size range of 0 to ~400 Scratch allows? Thanks! Peter
  12. Dynamic Painting on Static Mesh: Dynamic Painting on Skeletal Mesh:
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  14. Wow, NEAT game. My wife loves games like SIMON and this is a nice change, she stole my computer for a while to play your game, congratulations. I started to see her playing and ask her for the game. So, this are the details to tell about the game. So many different figures are a little too much, we think that 8 or 10 different figures are fine for the game to be fun. Also would be fun to see objects related to the place and age we are. Dinosaurs and we see only different dinosaurs and different colors, the same for the west with guns and barrels, medieval for swords and knights and so on. Maybe less figures but you can change the color and the wrapper, I mean the figure containing the figure, not only circles, it can be triangules, squares and circles, so you have a figure, a color and the container of the image. Just a couple of thoughts we came up with, I hope you find these useful Nice game!
  15. Thank you for your kind words ☺️ Game creator is getting there slowly. I think it’s good to focus on a project right now with all that is going on in the world
  16. Happy Halloween! (Okay, a couple of days early.) In honor of this spooky holiday, here are some free new tracks that might be helpful for spooky games. They’re haunting my Fantasy 11 page: SPOOKY ENCHANTMENT – (Looping) THE GHOSTIES’ NIGHT OUT – (Looping) THE GHOSTIES’ NIGHT OUT_v001 – (Looping) NEWS All of the tracks on my Sci-Fi 2 page are now available in higher quality Ogg format. Advantages of Ogg files: -Game engines handle them better for looping…MP3 files occasionally need editing. -They sound fantastic…almost as good as the original WAVs. -They are small in size. -They’re a cool way to support my work! Enjoy and please stay safe.
  17. Really nice game! I like the retro style I'm also interested in your point and click game creator, sounds so neat. Is good to see people making these creative projects when we have to stay home, because just the creative people (always moving) is going to go throughout. I wish you all the luck on your project.
  18. Play It Now: Welcome to a new Halloween game called Princess Hello Halloween. Princess Anna and Elsa planned to welcome this Halloween with something special. So they decided to apply some Halloween paintings to their face and pick up the clothes which suit their Makeup. Finally, they decided to decorate the pumpkin with beautiful colors, patterns, and Hat and facial expressions. Play and have fun!
  19. After a few years break from creating the Point and Click game Bayou Island, I've decided to make a new game called "The Halloween Game" in time for the holidays. It also has a game creator so that others can make their own Point and Click Games which I'll be releasing later on, you can see a video of it here. The url to the game is = I'm a front end developer and I've always wanted Point and Click games to be accessible via the web instead of always having to install apps. Unfortunately when I started this journey 5 years ago there was no lightweight solution in order to deliver such an experience. I think I've now managed to achieve all the typical features that one would expect in a Point and Click game. These include: - Inventory - Npcs - Music - Sound fx - Voice acting - Cut scenes - Playing as multiple characters - Close up puzzles and more... Some under the hood features include: - Lazy loading of rooms as you enter them (since memory is limited on mobile devices). - Sound sprites of voice acting - Runs off a JSON file, no database required Some future features I'd like to include: - Lip syncing - Ability to walk and talk at the same time - Escorting procedures (allow both playable characters and npcs to follow you). So please have a play and any feedback will be greatly received. Only thing I ask is please look upon this in a development perspective rather than the quality of the story and puzzles (I'm not great at those :)) As I have mentioned I also have an accompanying game creator which will allow you to make your own games. Your feedback on the demo game will help me finely tune the game creator before I release that too. Quick frankly if I had ever known it was going to take me this long to do - I never would have started it. However it has certainly kept me busy and focused throughout covid-19. Many thanks, Andrew Howard.
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  21. Done, 0.3.15, or "dist" folder in repo. Here's changeset: .
  22. Doctor Simon's Time Crash (Download in Google Play) Doctor Simon's Time Machine has crashed and now he is stuck in a time loop! You're his only hope to come back to the present. Memorize the shapes and colors of the combinations and click the buttons on the correct order to break the loops. Travel through time and discover new ages and backgrounds. Play with special features and bonus and unlock all the rewards to complete the game. I developed this game for Ludum Dare, a JAM event in which you have to create a game from scratch in 72 hours or less. In this case, the selected theme was 'Stuck in a loop', a tricky one. I used Phaser 3 for the coding and photoshop for designing characters, backgrounds, buttons and bars. It's my fifth game uploaded to the Google Play Store, with my Game Studio, Funsmith. All of them developed with Phaser. Here's the Google Play link to download in Android devices: If you have iOS or you want to try the game but not download it in your phone, here's a HTML link. But please, remember, if you like it, download it!
  23. Yes, the game title is garbage, I need to improve a lot of things if I do another game one day. Yes, I need to create more engaging like you said and also make the game tightly coupled with the marketing of it. Maybe a re-skin with among us like astronauts, and a mechanic that there is one impostor that if get close to another kills it? lol, it would have sure more users playing... BTW thanks for your advices, I take note:) About the contest status, players are still trying, one is really close, with 177 of 180 stars, so I expect today or tomorrow announce a winner.
  24. Hey! 👋 I'm available for new awesome projects!:) Feel free to contact me by email: I prefer work for a fixed price. Please, send me a list of the assets/game design document and I will tell you the price and deadlines. You can download the GDD template here: GDD template
  25. I looked it up myself. I thought I needed a different code than bindRenderTexture to replace bindRenderTarget with PIXI5. On the way to checking bindRenderTarget, I thought the following two things were important. Which variables are equivalent roles in PIXI5? ・baseTexture._glRenderTargets ・WebGLRenderer._activeRenderTarget
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