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  3. Do I have to pass in filterArea manually as a uniform then?
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  5. I think this challenge can be useful for me. I just think how to make challenges for learning WebGL. For example, draw 5 cube, make a pyramid using cube. The CodeGuppy web site is very good. I found a lot of tutorials that I can translate to TypeScript/WebGL 1.0 and C#/OpenTK/OpenGL30. I created a few cards on Trello. I will try to solve these 50 tasks from this topic in 3 languages: TypeScript, C# and Python with Unit Tests because I need a practice with TDD (Test-Driven Development). I really like to write Unit Tests. I will create cards for the challenges and repository on GitHub.
  6. An interesting mix of the endless runner with the jumper. Control your character with the keyboard, and try not to fall down, by using the cloud platforms, branches, or by clinging to a tree on the left. Be careful - some of branches are begin falling, after you step on them. The cloud platforms are moving, but they stay on the screen. Along the way, collect coins and also the milk, which is needed to restore health, since there are many enemies on these money trees. 😈 If you have lost full four hearts or fall below the screen, game will be end.
  7. Free might seem best to some, but I wouldn't presume any unfair intent? Ultimately the portals are in the same boat as the gamedevs: limited revenue from a diminishing eCPM. They have the slight advantage in that they aren't producing the games so have more options from where they source them. But if their imagination for sourcing only extends to syndication services containing "free" revenue-split-in-game-ad-based-games then it's fair to assume that the Player experience will be unremarkable on that portal. Instead look to publishers with more imaginative revenue streams and player experience goals ... or adopt that commercial role for yourself.
  8. i asked because there was no warning on desktop and the game ran straight to fullscreen . I like the pad on mobile, very smooth.
  9. > I think I'm mainly having issue understanding the measurements of coordinates and what values are given to the shader. Exactly. There's nothing else there. The thing is , PixiJS allows to apply filter to a region of screen, not whole 0-1 normal space screen
  10. I've look at these pages and still have a hard time figuring this out, so I'll just wait till someone is available. I think I'm mainly having issue understanding the measurements of coordinates and what values are given to the shader. For example, it looks like iResolution should be filterArea instead, but I'm not sure how to make that work properly. Also, inputSize doesn't seem to be passed to the shader. Thanks!
  11. So I'm guessing the reason, many portals only have a revenue option is to get your games for free.😑
  12. A couple hundred bucks a month? For sure. That revenue represents a couple hundred thousand plays (which is quite viable with a small collection of quality games). Yes, we achieve that, and more. Worth it? Not so sure. In 2019 ~$1 eCPM seems to be the web-game normal these days (and trending downwards?) which likely demonstrates that in-game ads are becoming worthless to an advertiser. It's important to take a moment and pause ... perhaps even say this aloud to let the reality hit ... "I've created and shipped a game that has been played one thousand times. I have earned $1. With luck on my side I will collect that $1 within the next ninety days.". Cool!? Also let's follow the money and consider the other side of the coin. From an advertiser's perspective $1 eCPM isn't a bargain, it's probably junk - possibly needing millions of impressions to create a meaningful engagement (i.e a sale). The only consistent winner is the broker, they can trade low eCPM and make their rake at volume. Fortunately advertisers are quickly wise to weak inventory and can move their placements to new supply very quickly (often automatically). Unfortunately games cannot attract new demand so fast (the proposition is narrower), so end up outbidding one another over a tiny pool of all online advertising channels (again often automatically).
  13. Its time to search further. Look at and at other pages in wiki. Here's one of plugins that can help you: As for table, well, lots of PIXI.Text's Pixi on its own doesnt have layout. We dont have expertise on building UI's, we are rendering specialists.
  14. Hi everyone, here is a pretty final version of my browser roguelike game Dungeon Mist. You fight monsters, discover items, find hidden paths in order to reach lower levels of the dungeon. Here you can play it or in This community helped me to fix some issues from previous versions. I would love to hear your feedback. - how the link works for Android phones(in iPhone there is a padding problem)
  15. grelf

    confused on objects

    Yes, JavaScript handles objects in a very different way from most languages. It does not have explicit classes, instead you create "prototypes". However, it is a truly object oriented language and using objects in your programs is a good way to build a maintainable and extensible structure. I emphasise this in my free JavaScript course - start here: I introduce objects right at the beginning of the course but the full syntax is explained in Part 2. First you need to get the syntax for functions clear, because your example code is not right. I am keen to encourage others to explore the creative possibilities of pure HTML5/JavaScript before going on to consider frameworks and other libraries. Here is my biggest demonstrator of what can be done in the basic 2D graphics context: From there you can find a page about how the infinite terrain, contour maps and photographic scenes are programmed in plain JS.
  16. Hi every one... I am very new to pixijs... need do a userlogin screen, I am unable to figure out how to add a textbox to canvas .. please let me know how can I do that.. and I want present the table of data.. in the next screen as well so let me now how to add a table as like object to the canvas.. Thank you for your time..
  17. All I hear is how no body ever gets their money or reaches the payment threshold, calling the revenue option a scam; giving your games away for free. So I want to know, if anyone pulls in a couple hundred bucks a month through it. Thanks
  18. Hi players, I've just published my last game based on the Four Color Theorem. It's built in HTML5 with Phaser 3.19.0 ( and available on Kongregate. Link: If you don't know the four color theorem, here is a short abstract from Wikipedia ( In simple terms, the goal is to color the entire map so that two adjacent regions do not have the same color. Regions are called adjacent (next to each other) if they share a segment of the border, not just a point. The game is a good way to discover or experiment with that theorem. Have fun! Pascal
  19. Hello Everyone! We're Fad Mania, a new mobile game publishing company. We publish developers HTML5 games through our mobile app. In our app, we feature a dev’s new game every week. We’re currently looking for more devs to release their games on our platform. If you want to know more you can join our developer group on slack here : After you join there you can dm me(Hamza Wasim). In case you're wondering why we posted in Game Showcase, it is because our post on Hire and Freelance is not getting approved for a long time. Thanks! Regards, Hamza Wasim Manager FadMania
  20. nibzAU

    confused on objects

    Hi All Im trying to learn to build Pong whilst learning JS at the same time. I'm learning in pure js with no libraries for frameworks etc as i want to learn the JS first but im a little confused. in other languages with OOP ive used classes and it may look like this: class Paddle{ constructor(x,y,w,h){ this.x = x; this.y = y; this.width = w; this.height = h; } } player = new.Paddle(50,100,30,100); This i understand and i also understand the "i assume old" way however they created a function. is this similar to a constructor? to me it looks like the function is creating an object called p of which its properties come from the create function.. so im wondering.. do the inital x y width and height need to be there? let Paddle = { x:0, y:0, width:0, height:0, create: function(x, y, width, height) { var p = Object.create(this); p._x = x; p._y = y; p._width = width; p._height = height; return p; } } var playerPaddle = paddle.create(0, 0, 10, 100); could it be like this? let Paddle = { create: function(x, y, width, height) { var p = Object.create(this); p._x = x; p._y = y; p._width = width; p._height = height; return p; } } var playerPaddle = paddle.create(0, 0, 10, 100); OR is this line, var p = Object.create(this);, giving the properties to the "p" ??
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  22. Thanks ShrewdPixel, ill be looking to jump back into the game and make some more updates (working life and a baby have certainly taken up lots of time!). Appreciate you taking a look over the game, definitely agree the directional aim will add some more fun to the gameplay so ill look to add that in see how it goes. Cheers for the code snippet too! LS.
  23. Hello, truth be told, I have never studied in such a college and I have no idea how the education process looks there. Nevertheless, I know for sure that there students write a lot of essays and many of them read studybay review with an aim to find a good writing service and order all the assignments there.
  24. Hey I'm very new in javaScript and Phaser. So I'm not sure what wrong I'm doing. But my game is not Loading .It just stuck on 0% FBInstant.initializeAsync().then(function() { let gameConfig = { type: Phaser.AUTO, backgroundColor:0x87ceeb, scale: { mode: Phaser.Scale.FIT, autoCenter: Phaser.Scale.CENTER_BOTH, parent: 'thegame', width: window.innerWidth, height: window.innerHeight }, physics: { default: 'arcade' }, scene: [welcomeGame, playGame, resumeGame, gameOver ] } game = new Phaser.Game(gameConfig); }); class welcomeGame extends Phaser.Scene{
  25. @espace Your code returns the correct "1" for me (Chrome v77 desktop). Perhaps this is implemented inconsistently across engines? If so try filtering the array and removing the nulls before the Math.min: var min=Math.min(...arr.filter(v=>v!=null)) A more optimal solution might be needed if your array is large?
  26. --- LOVELY NEW BANDCAMP PAGE! --- I've had a fun and sparkling new Bandcamp page designed by Jeremy Hobbs over at WayForward to help my Albums and Soundtracks looks as 'Sparkling As Can Be'! - Let me know what you think and have a listen and look around the page! Thanks, Nathan
  27. Automatic Level of Detail (LOD) management using Progressively Ordered Primitives (POP) Buffer technique to increase animation performance of a large crowd. ~5000 independently animated rabbits.
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