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  2. @tallops Stop attempting to sell games of mine and other people that you have stolen. You do not have the rights to upload, sell or reskin games without permission from the rights holder.
  3. Hi Folks, This week’s new free music tracks are: On my Fantasy 10 page: A TRAIL OF JEWELS – (Looping) QUIRKY GAME WORLD – (Looping) On my Funny 7 page: THE FISHBOWL ACROBATS RETURN – (Looping) WINDLE’S WHIMSICAL STREET – (Looping) If you’re wondering what the big fuss about Ogg tracks is, they have several advantages: -They are small in size. -Game engines seem to handle them better for looping…MP3 files occasionally need editing. -They sound fantastic…almost as good as my original WAVs. -They’re a cool way to support my work!
  4. Hi to all! is there a way using the built in functions of Phaser 3 to detect and handle the notch's presence? Thanks!
  5. A status update on WebTransport and WebCodecs: - The creation of a WebTransport Working Group is under review at W3C until end of July 2020. The group would be tasked to standardize the WebTransport API. - The shape of the WebCodecs API is actively being discussed in the WICG/web-codecs GitHub repository, including discussions such as whether to follow WHATWG Streams (current approach is to rather decouple WebCodecs from Streams), or whether to have a synchronous option for encoding/decoding.
  6. Just wanted to show my latest game here A solitaire card game with three different game types. Solitaire Spider and Freecell. Currently freecell is not implemented, but the other two is working. Anyway feel free to have a play. Play the game here It's written using Pixi.js and open source View the source code here
  7. Sorry to dig this back up, albeit only a few months, for those who find this thread with the glorious answer of setting your webpack config to include the snippet kindly provided by @bubamara, I ran into a separate issue that happens (probably what @Zealot mentions) Attempted import error: 'display' is not exported from 'pixi.js' (imported as 'PIXI'). My way of fixing this was to remove/set false the following: module: { strictExportPresence: true } That stops Webpack from validating the existence of "display" from the actual pixi.js export. If anyone knows of a way to make Webpack ignore on a case-by-case basis, please do update this as in the long run, I'd prefer to check
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  9. Hi again! I've been trying to start a new topic for this, but I haven't been able to get that approved yet so I guess I'll try again here for now. After my post earlier this year, the situation with the coronavirus really got in our way and we're only now back in position to try this again. However, rather than just ask for *any* HTML5 game submissions, I really want to make your time and our time more productive by adding some parameters/qualifications to avoid any misunderstandings: We're still looking for solid casual games, especially those that can easily be re-skinned and have new content added. The highest-priority candidates will be those games that already have some kind of meta-game structure in place, though that is not a requirement for consideration! As long as your core game is fun, that's the main thing we're looking for - but having a meta-game already in place is a huge bonus! Also, unlike our previous search, we're open to considering Flash games in addition to HTML5 games! Please DM me with details regarding any game(s) you would be interested in having assessed and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible where there is legitimate interest in your work. As always, thanks in advance for your response!
  10. Be careful guys. All games are stolen. Don't buy from him.
  11. You can get the package of 25 games for only $ 125.
  12. OK, ill look at it if you replicate it might be also something with cacheAsBitmap, it broke again..
  13. Thats great to hear, thank you. I was really excited when I first heard of it. There seemed to be some sort of quarrel between Apple and Khronos, but I understand that this is not a barrier for webgpu... i hope..
  14. Ah okay, that makes perfect sense, I do have filters included. I will look into using the Layers, I had hoped to not need them but it seems the time has come! Luckily I have spent enough time working with PIXI v5 to be able to easily add in the Layers plugin. Thanks for your help and quick responses! Rarely had any issues with PIXI and generally can find the solution fairly easily. Perhaps worth noting this issue somewhere, perhaps in a v5/v4 "Gotchas" section, I have spent probably 20 hours researching this issue, pulling code apart and trying various "solutions" but failed to ever find the cause. Also massive sidenote - I attempted to update to 5.3 from 5.2.4 and all my avatar rendering disappeared, didn't look into the problem at all (unfortunately) as I was too stressed with this issue! Once I've moved onto using layers and got my code back to working order I will retry and see if I can replicate the problem. Thanks once again!
  15. Just use ThreeJS for this case Its possible to do in pixi if you are familiar with how exactly ThreeJS does it, and if you look at pixi-projection demos. Yes, it requires experience. > do you have alse some reference for infinite slider, pattern or tecnique? I had but i didnt save it Yes, you are right, its one of basic demos that should be accessible to new users.
  16. > add all sprites directly into the primary container Oh right, you have something with a mask or filter on top, right? That's when ADD cant work because its actually rendered into separate texture that has no background Remove mask/filter and it should work fine. Because you stumbled across the problem of layering, I'm obligated to advice to look at demos and . Two things you haev to consider: 1. masks and filters render all the contents of container in separate texture, then this texture is rendered on screen with special shader. blending with background wont work there 2. zIndex works only inside containers, and in case you want it to work through the tree, you have to learn how pixi-layers plugin works, otherwise you'll have to manually put them in containers according to render order , and that will make your architecture difficult.
  17. vertexData works only if graphics is small and it was detected as "batchable" (see the source of Graphics and GraphicsGeometry). You should change insides of `graphics.geometry.graphicsData` or something easy like that: let myPoly = new Polygon(...); graphics.drawPolygon(myPoly); myPoly.points[0] = ... //change something graphics.geometry.invalidate(); lineStyle gets copied so you cant just use it and then change - you have to look inside `graphics.geometry.graphicsData[0]`. My earlier demo should work for you. All those problems are here because Graphics originally was created to be cleared&refilled.
  18. NoleDjok

    mask problem

    When in webgl i app.renderer.mask.enableScissor set true mask works normal. How can I set mask for it works on both renderers.
  19. NoleDjok

    mask problem

    Hi everyone. In my project I use Canvas and WEbGl renderer (depend on what client support). And I use mask. When Canvas everything works ok, but when i swich to webgl symbols disappears. I can't get it why. I use Graphics mask (canvas doesnt support sprite mask :((( ).
  20. He needs to delete his website and to get a new life.
  21. well you spoiled that surprise - I was building up to the big reveal! 😉 @tallops please remove my game from your site immediately and any others you do not have explicit rights to resell
  22. Sorry, I probably didn't make it overly clear! The background showing in the screenshot isn't usually there at all, my entire world map is rendered below you, I only removed that to show the issue in a clearer way. In this case, the background is literally just the background colour from new PIXI.Application. But the issue occurs when I have other sprites rendered behind the avatar. My actual render structure is: Stage -> "Main Container" (everything is put inside this) -> Avatar Container -> Avatar sprites Avatar Container is a singular avatar so 1 container exists per user online. After I posted this I hacked my code to add all sprites directly into the primary container (instead of using Avatar Container) and the blendmode worked as expected, but if possible I'd like to keep all the sprites for the avatar sat inside a container/sprite and have the blendmode still working as I put things like interactivity, zindex and position all on the Avatar Container instead of on each sprite that makes the whole avatar.
  23. This will depend on advancement on the technical specifications and on their adoption by brower vendors and device manufacturers, but that is indeed the goal. WebGL is derived from OpenGL and is thus restricted to features that OpenGL supports. WebGPU builds on newer GPU system APIs and is also designed to be agnostic of the underlying platform technology (meaning it can be directly implemented on top of platforms such as Microsoft's Direct3D 12, Apple's Metal, and Khronos's Vulkan). Standardization-wise, the WebGPU API and WebGPU Shading Language specifications are actively being developed in the GPU for the Web Community Group. The documents should soon enter the usual web standardization process in a GPU for the Web Working Group, whose creation is currently under review within W3C.
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