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  2. @elementalcode Awesome, it works cool, thank u so much. God Bless!
  3. Looking for new projects Zombies Card Game, 'OMZ! Oh my Zombies' Email Skype ID: hephaestusent Feel free to contact us for your Art related queries. Thank you HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT 2D/3D Game & Animation service provider @ Indie price Contact Details: Email Skype ID: hephaestusent Facebook: More Art:
  4. Cool Game. I teach 1st grade and also make educational games. Graphics are good...and controls smoothly. Noticed some of the fonts look like the ones over at Flaming Text. I use some of those in my games too.
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  6. I'm available for new projects! Feel free to contact me by email:
  7. Hello Everyone! I just released my new game Zombie Math! It is a math game in Slitherio style, where you need to solve math problems and earn scores. Cool Feature : This game has a backend(PHP) where you can add more math questions. Please check out the game and let me know your feedback! Demo Link : Game: Backend: Backend Login Details: Usename: admin Password: admin1234 Purchase Link : Thanks!
  8. Also, words "performance" and "optimization" usually are tied to "profiler" and "heapdump". You have to bump to a problem and identify it, before you figure out what code style is better for pixi.
  9. All props are fast. Usually its multi-lines calls of methods that are slow. > Can I read more about this subject somewhere? source-code. Unfortunately, our development process is faster than documenting.
  10. Hi Ivan, Thanks for your quick response! I knew about clearing and filling graphics, have been reading about that already. Can I read more about this subject somewhere? I know that some properties are fast (like setting tint, for example) and others aren't. Is there some sort of reference on this? Which properties are fast to set and modify and which ones are slow? Thanks again!
  11. No, you dont have to do it. Some fields are done internally, some dont matter because they're processed every frame anyway, but of course there are big operations that shouldn't be called each frame. Avoid clearing&filling graphics every frame if you dont need it, for example.
  12. Ah, fair enough! I have enabled a bunch more countries, so it should be available now. I hope you like it!
  13. Dear community, Does Pixi ignore calls to set properties if the values are not changed? For example, let's say I have the following animation step function: step() { mySprite.x = someXVal mySprite.y = someYVal mySprite.angle = someAngleVal // etc... } Should I check if values have changed before setting them again? step() { if (mySprite.x !== someXVal) mySprite.x = someXVal if (mySprite.y !== someYVal) mySprite.y = someYVal if (mySprite.angle !== someAngleVal) mySprite.angle = someAngleVal // etc... } Obviously this example is simplified, it's purpose is just to illustrate my question. I'm thinking of the architecture of my application here and deciding what patterns to use. Another approach would be a dirty flag: step() { if (isDirty) { mySprite.x = someXVal mySprite.y = someYVal mySprite.angle = someAngleVal // etc... } isDirty = false } Re-stating my question: Do I need to implement a system for checking and setting only updated properties for PIXI objects or does PIXI already do this internally? As my application grows bigger, this would be an important decision, specially in terms of architecture and performance. Thanks! Santiago
  14. my app sometimes spawn thousands of them. Depends on the size and how you use them.
  15. What is the maximum number of renderTextures pixi can handle with ease?
  16. this thing uses different cache, whether its webgl2 rendertexture, webgl1 texture obtained from another webgl1 context with AA, or canvas2d. Size of elements matters. There's also "runtime cache" that doesnt work at the moment.
  17. just use container2d, map the quad to those four points and put all the elements inside it - it'll work
  18. Hello, I'm working on my simple racing game, and i'm developing with PixiJS I'm finding a solution to render the Road Pseudo 3d, but I can't. Anyone can help me or give me some solutions ? I tried to solve it with mesh but failed Thanks Step 1: Use image Step 2: Render to
  19. CamO

    graphics quality

    @ivan.popelyshevIf I manage to do it i could help out with that, btw you said that "The limitation is size of rendered elements" are you saying that increasing the distance between points || increasing width and height || increasing scales will affect it and what will happen?
  20. > "try to figure out why i did this thing" Ivans braincracker challenge. Yeah, 3 years of work before I realized why we need exactly that architecture for plugin. and I always have problem with docs I just dont know how to explain this things without concrete questions.
  21. An educational game to help students learn numbers 1 to 50. Use your mouse to move the pokeball. Pikachu will follow. Pick up numbers from 1 to 50. Click HERE to play. Find more of my games HERE
  22. Great game...I like the easy to use controls? How about a timer and top 10 high score table?
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    graphics quality

    "try to figure out why i did this thing" Ivans braincracker challenge. Sure i will get into it @ivan.popelyshevOut of politeness you can try Solvicles an IQ test i made on App store and google play, it was for fun and its free, go for logic the option on the top right if you ever want to give it a shot :D
  25. Undoubtedly @ivan.popelyshev shader approach is going to be fastest - if performance is everything, or realtime transitions are needed, you gotta dig into custom shaders and his example is a great place to start. Whereas ... if you are ok with another "fast enough" approach (that's easy to understand, implement, and extend) ... use the same Sprite method as explained for Circles. Swap the Circle Bitmap texture to a Rectangular white fill texture. Then adjust the X scale for length, Y scale for linewidth, move the anchor to (0,.5), then move and rotate the Sprite based on start and end point (Math.atan for angle). In my quick test this is faster than the Circle test. So 50,000 circles + 30,000 lines in under 200ms on desktop. Then cache! Edit: for reference, these are the "kludgey" approaches we used when drawing lines with Flash before the draw API was introduced in "Flash MX" (pre 2004). So ... in 2020 learn shaders XD
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