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  2. Ohh thank you @ivan.popelyshev
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  4. all pixi textures can be sliced and assigned to sprites without changing the bitmap, because Pixi Texture is baseTexture+region new PIXI.Texture(baseTexture, new PIXI.Rectangle(x,y,w,h));
  5. Our Game is RPS Exclusive Html5 Game is published.
  6. Hello, I want to slice an loaded image with pixijs. I guess, i need a bitmapdata for this. Can you direct me to do this? Here is a simple example;
  7. well, you can change texture of existing sprite, if your object changed. As for re-using old sprites for different objects - sprite pools shouldn't be used in js games before you actually now for sure that they are needed, yes, it removes some allocations but it makes your code ugly and bugs spawn from it.
  8. Very nice game based on the cute Orisinal flash games.
  9. Very nice racing game !!!
  10. Very difficult to play if I have to stay so long waiting for players.
  11. My best is only 538, it's pretty hard to control or I missing the point. There is some sound problem - after the game session restarted the sound loop continue to play together with a new one etc Anyway cute dogs.
  12. As per my other topic about loading blob data - I wasn't able to get this to wotk. In the end I loaded the SVG with a fetch which lets me keep my data and create the texture for a sprite.
  13. Despite a bit of experimenting I couldn't get this to work. In the end my solution was to not use the PIXI loader, and just use a fetch() to get my SVG - I can then keep the original data and create a texture from it.
  14. Hi @Exca, thanks for your reply, I'll be looking into it, it may take a while since I'm a noob at shaders but I'll keep you updated!
  15. You could make a filter that takes the world texture as input and the light mask as input and then just draw the world if light has value at that same position. And otherwise keep value hidden. Something like this: vec4 world = texture(worldTex,uv); float light = texture(lightTex,uv).a; //Using only one channel for light, this could also be light color + alpha for intensity gl_FragColor = mix( vec4(0,0,0,1), world, light);
  16. Do you have only canvas on the page? Then using lighthouse wont give very much detail as it has no components to analyze canvases. Only the dom-side of things, loadspeeds and stuff like that. Most likely the LCP is for the canvas element and for some reason that fails to be analyzed. It should go similarly as with images. Do you have an example on the site which fails?
  17. Hi @jonforum thanks once again for your insight I've been playing a bit with blend mode and while I'm still not there yet I managed to have that render, I'm not going to use it and it's not optimized at all but I think it looks cool 😁 Screen Recording 2020-12-03 at Still experimenting with blend modes this time to see how I can "substract" areas out of the overlay.
  18. i cant really help you, i never try this kind of feature with PIXI ,but i can just refer you to a list of demo codepen, jsfiddle ,Shadertoy is this can help to get some inspiration ! they have really good math logic to learn this. it's true that it would be great to have a demo on Pixi or a easy plugin for raycast. For now only demo with Canvas or pure webgl.
  19. I'm aware this question has been asked dozens of time already, sorry about that 😇 I'm looking to implement a classic field of view in my game, with a fog of war hiding game elements, for that I've been thinking of using an "obfuscating" element (a PIXI.Graphics reactangle) covering the whole game stage, coupled to a pretty classic 2d-visibility algorithm, here's what I managed to have on my scene: The lines are representing the triangles being drawn, the yellow area is what I want to reveal to the player, any entity outside of that area should be hidden (behind the obfuscating graphic). My issue is pretty much on how masking works: using that yellow area as my mask I'd effectively need to "reverse" the masking, displaying only the Graphic outside of the mask. I'm using Pixi 5.3.3, what's the best approach to that? The older solutions I've found looks outdated (pre 5.0), I don't really know where to start here.
  20. Last week
  21. yes, that shoud do. fixing the size and texture removes many unnecessary operations that can bug. dont forget to destroy that renderTexture after you use it.
  22. Thanks @ivan.popelyshev I'd actually gone with this this._texture.on('update', () => { if (this._texture.valid) { this.contOpen()} }); which I think is more or less the same as yours. The only thing to note is that with mine this.contOpen() gets called twice. I'm going to try your Promise example in the morning.
  23. Actually, I made a little progress on this, with setting the xhrType property on the loader object - but, it still converts the SVG to an image... so it's not really imported just as data,.
  24. Actually, that's not enough. Either you use promise form: either you use old one: const doStuff = () = > { console.log('loaded'); } if (texture.valid) { doStuff(); } else { texture.on('update', doStuff); } Internally, both are the same. If you open Sprite sources , onTextureUpdate method - that's exactly what will you see there. Even if you are loading this texture first time, it can be ready just after from() method because it can be in browser cache
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