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    Nevermind. I forgot to normalize the coordinates of the texture sent as uniform (vTextureCoord * inputPixel.xy / outputFrame.zw). Everything is peachy now
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    Hey, thanks for your response. Yes, looks like we should be more specific. You're right. These numbers might look quite low for you, that's okay. Once again, you're right. There were many Kickstarter campaign completely without anything during the launch, and we've some technical integrations in place as well as numbers how easier in comparison to Android/iOS is to monetise Instant Games. Of course, it's still difficult. Gaming in general is a difficult market. We've started this as a hobby project, and with the Messenger Instant Games we've noticed HTML5 games can exists. If you'd look what's happening in the gaming industry, it's difficult to find *really* successful commercially HTML5 games. These are much less successful than from Unity/Unreal Engine/C# environment. With the Instant Games we've noticed it can be the only chance for the HTML5 standard. Knock Knock gave us confidence, that it *might* be something noteworthy. Of course, $4M-$6M is quite small round, and it was already 1.5 years ago. If they're about 10, then for CA it's basically enough for 2-2.5 years. Have seen only one of their games, with 12k DAU, and it's definitely not profitable for them. We're definitely gonna to try, everything can happen on Kickstarter. Especially, if you're introducing something new. It'd be great to advertise the HTML5 community a little bit, because as stated - it's kind of behind the competitive technologies. That's why the post here
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    Thank you, you are awesome! https://codepen.io/dawken/pen/NWbNqKz The JS now it's 80 LOC. You only care about LOC 2-63; that's where the "custom layer view" is created. You don't need to look into the HTML and CSS files. In the "attach()" method I create the PIXI stuff (including the render texture) and some auxiliary WebGL stuff that I will need later. In the "render()" method I draw with PixiJS and then overlay the render texture. Line 47 is the ugly one. Let me know what's the best way to cite/reference PixiJS. The plan is to include this sample as part of our SDK and/or an upcoming (virtual) event for our developers.
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    Yes, you have to make your own composite filter based on BlurFilter for that. You can wait when someone writes it for you here , or just try to experiment with blurfilter inputs output something like Filter that uses BlurFilter inside and then uses itself with CLEAR=FALSE
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    Dr Popet

    Arcade Racing

    Nice demo, I mss the arrow keys to control the car
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    Html5 Tools of Trade

    Great list, Saw that you have missed out Brashmonkey's Spriter It's a must have for 2d animation in my opinion!
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    Html5 Tools of Trade

    Here's my tools: Unity + VSCode for desktop + mobile + WebGL development GameMaker for mobile + HTML5 development Affinity Designer for artwork Spine for animation Audacity for audio editing
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    Flip a sprite?

    base math sprite.scale.x*=-1; width and scale are same thing scale are the normalised value.
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    Html5 Tools of Trade

    Booty5 - Game engine and editor for all HTML5 development IGX SDK - Cross portal web game services back-end, monetisation etc.. Unity - Mobile development Node - Running back-ends and local server Visual Studio Code - Code editing Visual Studio - Tool development Serif Draw Plus - Art work Affinity Designer - Art work Texture Packer - Packing art work Audacity - Converting and optimising audio Filezilla - ftp Digital Ocean - Server provider Git - Version control Discord / Skype / Slack - Comms Putty - Connecting to back-end Diff Merge - Code diff Google - Everything else
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    Just to say that destroy is now working in Phaser 3 official release as follows: this.phaserGame.destroy(true); Thanks very much! This is going to be awesome. Teaching my kids phaser at the moment too!
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    stage.children.sort(function(a,b) { return a.position.y > b.position.y && a.position.x > b.position.x; }); thats what i do for a 3/4th perpective game... its not ideal because a container draws the sprites in the order of the array. So get as smart as you can about grouping sprites in containers and add the containers as children to parent containers and keep it consistent. just remember that removing and adding children changes order as well. stage.addChild(background) stage.addChild(tilemap) stage.addChild(fighters) ... animate(){ fighters.children.sort(function(a,b) { //Sort the fighters on the battlefield maybe return a.position.y > b.position.y && a.position.x > b.position.x; }); renderer.render() }
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    Flip a sprite?

    Hi, I think you can flip a sprite by scaling it negative, example: sprite.scale.x = -1;
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    SVG Sheet

    I did something like that with custom super-atlas , that put all SVG-s into same canvas and then on screen. Unfortunately its only for v4 and doesnt have demos (only one stupid, not svg) https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-super-atlas This is not easy problem, so if you want help - you have to wait when someone implements something like that fully for v5/upcoming-v6 , or you should post a demo that doesnt work for some reason. You shouldn't expect full solution for this nightmare in first answer