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    Making 2 games in 2 weeks

    Inspired by onegameamonth.com i decided to go a step further and for the past two weeks I decided to make one game a week until the end of February. The games are done in Impactjs. They are very simple games gameplay-wise, with a little bit of polish added in. My goal for these games were simple games people could play on their mobile. The canvases are either 320x480 or 480x320, and i use css scaling after the game loads. Anyway here are my feb and march entries for onegameamonth: SpaceTime (simple match-3 with neon blocks) CaveRush2600 (one-touch gravity-flip platform runner. very brown.) If anyone is interested in doing any sort of mobile html5 games i highly recommend Dominic Szablewski's (the creator of Impact) blog post about his work on mobilizing his game X-Type. Lots of neat tricks he spoke about I used (css canvas scaling, orientation detection..etc). His post can be read here: http://phoboslab.org/log/2012/06/x-type-making-of
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    Making money from your games

    Thanks ra51 and True Vanilla. I've herd of Game Salad a while back and was going to get into it a few years back but I think back then it only ran on Mac IOS. I'm a PC guy through and through. Plus I worry about those do-it-all-for-you type things cause if something doesn't go right, you're left stuck. The downside of being a scripty kiddie eh?