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    Monetizing HTML5 games

    There are already a lot of resources available which deals with the topic. Try http://www.photonstorm.com/archives/3045/insert-coin-to-continue-the-html5-game-sponsorship-market as a first read.
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    If you ever wondered how were old "3d" racing games made here is the great article: http://www.extentofthejam.com/pseudo/
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    Alexander Krug

    Monetizing HTML5 games

    Hi, you can also have a look at my talk at Casual Connect Europe earlier this year: Best, Alexander
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    Howto setup Phaser in FlashDevelop

    Well, it actually gives you what it says. A typed script language. And therefore, all advantages a (strong) typed language has over weak/loose typed. This includes for example: early error catching during compile process preventing of logic errors (e.g. you are always safe which type of var you proccess) better support in IDEs possible, e.g.: refactoring intellisense ... ...
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    Sure: time and money. Most developers make the mistake to worry too much about scaling right from the beginning. My advice is: completely ignore scaling at first. Over 90% of the developed applications or games never get to the point where they have to worry about scaling. Make up your mind when you realize your normal hosting isn't enough anymore (and you can't optimize). Thats the point where you already have a huge userbase and (hopefully) a regular income, so thats the point where I would worry about scaling and maybe even hire an expert.
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    Retina displays question

    You can still use bigger sprites! context.drawImage lets you specify the destination size. So you can draw a double sized image onto a regular sized area. All my game assets are in normal resolution, double resolution and quadruple resolution so that I can display sharp images from iphone 3gs devices all the way up to ipad retina. I just load the correct image size by detecting the platform. But none of my rendering code needs to change.
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    Happy Friday!

    Sorry, I just meant to keep score. A little more incentive to defeat the enemies, collect multiple donuts in a row, and not get a game over. If you have any other ideas I'm open ears! But yes, we do keep some anonymous stats using Google Analytics. It's been incredibly helpful to know where most players are getting stuck, etc. There's a few interesting stats that we weren't expecting: Very few people make it past Stage 1, so we need to make a great impression right awayMost people play for < 10 minutes, those that play more are very ambitious and have many retries even if they don't make it very far.A large chunk of our players are from China (We'll have to add some multi-language support)