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    New game - Dino Hunt

    Hello, I just have fulfilled my teenage dream, to make a 3D first person shooter I do all the graphics using IvanK.js , so I didn't use any GLSL, buffers, uniforms, no low-level WebGL. I made the game in a week. It took me the whole day to make and debug ray shooting engine with accelerator for triangular meshes (KD-tree). There is also a by-product, a library for parsing and editing 3D meshes. I have implemented OBJ, 3DS, Collada and MD2. E.g, you can load 3DS, rotate the model by 90 degrees and save it as OBJ in 3 lines of code. Or batch-process 1000 Collada files in a short for-loop. I wanted it to be addictible and fun to play. So how do you like it? What should I change? Isn't it too hard or too easy? BTW. I could not find any free animated 3D models of dinosaurs, so my models are static. If you have some animated models, let me know http://dinohunt.ivank.net/
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    Game Portal Question

    I fear if you already have problems with such a question, the idea of building a complete platform might not be a solveable task for you...
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    Graphic opion

    I made a mockup with less color diversity and some very basic additions. - Simple use of shadows for depth - Simple inclusion of improvised directional "light" for the power ups. + Shadows to make them look more worthwile - less gradients If you animate the shadows distance to the objects you can already achieve a pretty good illusion of space. Hope that helps & good luck with your game.