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    I compiled some kind of guide and resource list for beginner indie HTML5 game developer http://goo.gl/9B4bl8 What do you think?
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    Short answer is, yes. Long one: You must use Phaser scale methods, and also: Phaser.Device - see Rich post http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/2990-a-framework-approach-to-multi-screen-full-screen-development/?hl=device And check this topics since there is my answer to the game scaling thing: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/1941-scale-to-fit-the-screen/?hl=%2Bscale+%2Bdisplay#entry13298 And check the search for adddtiional info cases about: display, game , scale: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1
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    Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter

    I've just sent the first issue of Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter - all about HTML5 game development. I was missing abandoned Gamedev Weekly and didn't find anything similar (let me know if there's something interesting out there), so here it is. Subscribe at weekly.gamedevjs.com or read the first issue online. Any feedback will be much appreciated.
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    Hi everyone, A few weeks ago Ezelia started a thread about ECS and HTML5 games. As a big fan of this pattern, I decided to build and release my own engine. It is called makr.js and is available on Github (https://github.com/ooflorent/makrjs) under MIT license. A basic sample is available into examples/. The library must be build using grunt in order to test the sample. Any feedback would be appreciated! Update (2015-01-06): Version 2 is under active development (more information) Feedback is welcome!
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    Sharing 3D Scans using BabylonJS

    In case anyone finds it helpful, I just wrote a blog post, Sharing 3D Scans using BabylonJS it shows how to use a Kinect to capture a 3D Scan, how to optimize a mesh and bake a texture inside Blender, and how to share the output in BabylonJS! Thanks, -Andy
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    physic engine

    @gwenael : thank you for your help http://jsfiddle.net/dav74130/RFmWz/4/
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    physic engine

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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    Hi girls! An early version of the 96 particleSystem (4 per thruster) completely dynamic 'FlyerFrame' with all thrusters running (not normal in standard flight)... can be found here... http://urbanproductions.com/wingy/babylon/thruster/thruster10.htm . Zip file is there, too... just change the .htm to .zip and re-browse. This also has a new (s)ave camera views feature... for both of the cams in the demo, one arc, one free. It uses sessionStorage so it holds thru scene edits. Change it to localStorage object to save cam positions for MONTHS! Borrow those two funcs... just remove/workaround any refs to my GO object (global object). Look for funcs called storeCamLocs and loadCamLocs or similar. And may I say, even on my feeble machine... and even with 96 particle emitters running at once... we're still cookin'-fast. YAY! (Firefox 21) Not quite as smooth in IE11 though, for me. Generally (in game environment), there's only 4 thrusters operating on the flyer at any given time. No physics on the green particle sprayers yet... coming soon. No thruster controllers done yet either, also coming soon. Use 'c' key or button to toggle between the two cameras. The free cam starts badly positioned yet (bug). Just swing it around (and then hit 's' to store its position for further reloads if ya want). 't' or tracking button... toggles camera tracking. SHIFT-NUMPAD 2/8 will move the flyer up and down thru the scene... and do some fun particle trails. thruster02.js and flyerframe06.js... full of nightmare code... and so is the htm file. FUN! Lunar Lander, anyone?
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    in 1.1.4 dev branch you can do fixedToCamera to text fuelText.fixedToCamera = true;fuelText.cameraOffset.setTo(0,0);I suggest trying out the 1.1.4 branch now or wait for the official release
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    Hi all, The documentation has been updated to version 1.8.0 of babylon (with the awesome physics engine). You can find it here : http://www.sokrate.fr/documentation/babylonjs/index.html Sadly for Wingnut, the template has not been updated If it's a big ask from the community, we can obvisouly change it. Cheers !
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    Candy Fall ( complete )

    Orange08, for god's sake, the more you defend yourself, the more absurd you look! I don't believe you're over 15 of age. It's a grid based platform gravity game, with character a duck that collects eggs on grass/mud tiles. You switch up/down gravity with a button, character can't jump, etc. The odds of such a coincidence are 1 to a trillion squared.
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    Andrew Augustin - 2d Game Artist

    Your stuff is mad good Andrew.
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    Andrew Augustin - 2d Game Artist

    Hi Notion Games, That is really amazing art! Regards.
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    Phaser js hosted on cdn?

    I added Phaser to the CDN. Find it here: http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/phaser/1.1.3/phaser.min.js I will update to newer version once those become available. Thanks, Boris.