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    Ellison Leão

    Phaser now on jsDelivr

    Hi guys, just letting you know that i've inserted the 2.0 version on phaser in the jsDelivr project. Checkout here: http://www.jsdelivr.com/#!phaser To use on your projects, just add this on the script src: //cdn.jsdelivr.net/phaser/2.0.0/phaser.min.jsor //cdn.jsdelivr.net/phaser/2.0.0/phaser.min.js
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    The JCHTML5 Engine is a GameMaker: Studio project file that implements a long list of features that are common in HTML5 games or required by sponsors when selling licenses of your games. Unlike some other engines out there, JCHTML5 is optimized for both mobile and desktop. Using the JCHTML5 Engine, you can make professional looking games, fast! The amount of functionality provided by the JCHTML5 Engine is far greater than any other GameMaker HTML5 engine currently available. Also included is a 15+ page manual that has step by step tutorials and explains all the features in more detail. Below is a comparison table: Check it out at the link below if you want to know more. http://www.juicycraft.com/jchtml5/
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    Phaser 2.0.1 Ready for Testing

    Hi all, Could anyone who's been having issues with 2.0, especially with ArcadePhysics, please test out the new 2.0.1 build which is currently in the dev branch: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/tree/dev/build I have pushed ArcadePhysics back again, so it now much more accurately copies how 1.1.3 worked, which means things like positioning the body, dragging sprites, etc should all be fine again. Also I have fixed every single Arcade Physics example in the examples repo (also uploaded to the site), and they all now work as expected. Also fixed a couple of the games. Here is a complete list of what's in this release: Bug Fixes * The Static, Kinematic and Dynamic consts that P2.Body uses were incorrect (fixes #563) * Sprite.destroy would fail if it had an Arcade Physics body, now added. * Group.getAt comparison updated (fixes #578) * Fixed the IE11 version check (fixes #579) * Ninja world collision to check right and bottom bounds (thanks dreadhorse, fix #571) * Group enableBody parameter was incorrectly assigned to the debug var (thanks BurnedToast, fix #565) * Fixed Tile callback check in Arcade Physics (fix #562) * Removed the examples build script from the Gruntfile (fix #592) * The P2 World wouldn't clear down fully on a State change, now properly clears out contacts, resets the bitmask, etc. * Button.onInputUpHandler wouldn't set an upFrame for a frame ID of zero, made the check more strict. * Fixed the Loader.preloadSprite crop effect on WebGL. * Fixed Grunt script that stopped the P2 constraint classes from building properly. * World.destroy incorrectly clashed with the Group.destroy method it over-rode, renamed to World.shutdown and updated StateManager accordingly. * World.shutdown now removes all children iteratively, calling destroy on each one, ultimately performing a soft reset of the World. * Objects with a scale.x or y of 0 are no longer considered valid for input (fix #602) * InputHandler will set the browser pointer back to default if destroyed while over (fix #602) * ArcadePhysics.separate doesn't pass over to seperateX/Y if overlapOnly is true (fix #604) * ArcadePhysics.collideSpriteVsSprite checks if both objects have bodies before processing. * Debug.spriteBounds will now take the position of the camera into consideration when rendering the bounds (fix #603) * InputHandler.dragFromCenter will now work regardless of the anchor point of the Sprite (fix #600) Updated: * Updated Device.isConsoleOpen as it no longer works in Chrome. Revised code and documentation accordingly (fix #593) * Removed State.destroy empty method and replaced with State.shutdown, as that is what the StateManager expects (fix #586) * P2.removeBody will check if the body is part of the world before removing, this avoids a TypeError from the p2 layer. * Tilemap.createFromObjects has a new parameter: adjustY, which is true by default. Because Tiled uses a bottom-left coordinate system Phaser used to set the Sprite anchor to 0,1 to compensate. If adjustY is true it now reduces the y value by the object height instead. * Swapped the order of the _pollGamepads gamepads check, to stop the Chrome 'webkitGamepads is deprecated' error in the console. * Lots of TypeScript definitions updates (thanks as always to clark for these) * Removed Device.patchAndroidClearRectBug as it's no longer used internally. * Math.wrapAngle now supports radians (thanks Cryszon, #597) * Group.replace will now return the old child, the one that was replaced in the Group. * Group.destroy has a new parameter: `soft`. A soft destruction won't remove the Group from its parent or null game references. Default is `false`. * InputHandler.validForInput is a new method that checks if the handler and its owner should be considered for Pointer input handling or not. * ArcadePhysics.Body now checks the ArcadePhysics.World bounds, not the game bounds. * ArcadePhysics.Body has reverted to the 1.1.3 method of preUpdate, so you can now position sprites with x/y, drag them, etc, regardless of the Body.moves flag (issue #606) * ArcadePhysics.World now has setBounds and setBoundsToWorld methods, which are called automatically on world resizing. * ArcadePhysics.Body no longer sets the offset to match the anchor. New Features: * Device.getUserMedia boolean added, useful if you need access to the webcam or microphone. * Math.removeRandom allows you to remove (and return) a random object from an array. * ArcadePhysics.World now has a checkCollision object which can be used to toggle collision against the 4 walls of its bounds. * Sprite.events.onEnterBounds added. This is dispatched if the Sprite leaves the bounds but then returns. The opposite of onOutOfBounds.
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    What FPS do you target?

    Just curious, what fps do you usually go for? 60? 30? 20?
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    Loading a tilemap created with Tiled

    Works! <3
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    Loading a tilemap created with Tiled

    Ahhh!! This bloody thing: Open your web.config file and paste this, JSON did not load for me without this and it wasted 2 days of my life. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><!-- For more information on how to configure your ASP.NET application, please visit http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=169433 --><configuration> <system.web> <compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.5" /> <httpRuntime targetFramework="4.5" /> </system.web> <system.webServer> <staticContent> <mimeMap fileExtension=".json" mimeType="application/json" /> </staticContent> </system.webServer></configuration>
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    Loading a tilemap created with Tiled

    yeah that's an option. I'll try and let y'all know how it went. Edit: Back to TS 0.9.5 and at least I got my intellisense back. Tilemap problem still persists. While I don't get any errors anymore, the program simply stops when reaching this.load.tilemap. How do you guys debug phaser games written in TS?
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    I hope I'll find some time soon to finally finish that tutorial (got feedback, so it's time for me to add some changes), because I started it a long time ago. Will let you know when it gets published.
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    Dream Of Sleeping

    Phaser 2.0 Where to start?

    The documentation is pretty clear and the examples page is also good. I put off using a framework for the longest time because I thought I wouldn't be able to figure it out. You have to just dive right in and give it a go. If you get stuck on something specific just nag at the people here. That's what I do. haha Don't wait for some perfect tutorial that will teach absolutely everything, cause you'll probably be waiting a long time. Just go through the examples. http://examples.phaser.io/ Edit: Also check out LessMilk.com for some good examples.
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    User Data in mesh object?

    BABYLON.Scene.prototype.getMeshesByTags = function(tagsQuery) { var meshes = this.meshes; if (tagsQuery === undefined) { // returns all meshes return meshes; } var meshesByTags = []; if (tagsQuery === "") { // returns meshes which have at least one tag for(var i in meshes) { var mesh = meshes[i]; if(mesh.tags && mesh.tags !== []) { meshesByTags.push(mesh); } } } else { var toEvaluate = tagsQuery.replace(/[\w-]+/g, function(r) { return "mesh.tags[\"" + r + "\"]"; }); for(var i in meshes) { var mesh = meshes[i]; if(mesh.tags && eval(toEvaluate)) { meshesByTags.push(mesh); } } } return meshesByTags;}You may not be a big fan of "eval" though. Here's the jsfiddle to test it: http://jsfiddle.net/gwenaelhagenmuller/vLpK9/
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    Typescript Users read me.

    The definitions file has recently been maintained in Visual Studio 2013 and TS 0.9.5 Right now this is my only option because when I install VS 2013 and TS1 then I get no productivity. No auto complete, no code formatting, nothing. It is just a dumb text editor like notepad and nothing builds. For me personally, I cannot do my job like that so I am stuck on 0.9.5 until a new Visual Studio patch comes out. So if your TS and Phaser session is going badly, I would recommend you grab 0.9.5 if it is an option. If that is not an option, and you use 1.0, I would appreciate if anyone can make a pull request with fixes in it for 1.0 or give me some details about the errors you receive. Thanks PS. I believe the release version of this http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-adds-near-final-typescript-to-visual-studio-2013-update-2-7000026775/ is what I am waiting for since Feb. I know installing the preview did not fix my problems but seems to highlight good integration.
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    [Platformer][Work in Progress][ Pinwheel

    I played it 3 times and then gave up. It's insanely difficult. I couldn't get anywhere or make any progression at all. First game I stood on a mine and it was Game Over but I had no idea why (I assume the mine exploded, but it didn't show that). Second time there was a wall with 3 spikes on, and I couldn't see how to jump past it so landed on it. 3rd time were 2 of those circular blades in a row and again, instant death. If you want to go for the Super Meatboy style insta-death then you need to: 1) Make it MUCH quicker to restart. I shouldn't have to click the Play button again. 2) Not randomise the levels every time I play, otherwise how am I supposed to ever learn what to do? 3) Make it obvious I've died! I'm sure it could be a lot of fun if tweaked right, but at the moment I didn't get any enjoyment from it, only frustration. Good games mix both of those feelings
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    Tutorial Talk

    From my point of view this is pretty neat Thanks a lot for your help
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    Tutorial Talk

    Ok, all done. As always, I began editing the current version (not a local-saved version), so all the edits I did just now... included all of dk's edits from yesterday. DK, I hope I didn't trample any edits that you have made. Adjust at will, of course. I will be proofreading for awhile, myself. I do not really like the way I used to "deliver" the link to the github lights demo function. I needed to talk them through the procedure to install the function.... at least somewhat. NOT simple for the user... involved highlight and pasting and the raw button and and and... sigh. grrrrr. (Wingy shakes his head at the lack of simple). Look over that section carefully... adjust at will. I'll watch for a couple days, and we can all talk here. I did a tiny bit of adjusting around the intensity and setEnabled section at the top. Other than those two things, I just implemented the requests in post #2 of this thread. I might have missed some... but I will still not edit for at least two days.... give us some time to look and talk. I do not see underlining as a legal md tool. No button on my home editor, and no button on the github editor. Also no mention of it in a few 'github-flavored markdown' documents I quick-browsed. I'll search more. But for now, no expressive words in tutorial 6. Its ok. :/ We will figure out something.
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    List of Phaser Tutorials

    Here's one I just wrote: Would you mind adding it to the list? http://codevinsky.ghost.io/phaser-and-physics-polygonal-collisions-primer/
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    Jeff Daze

    How to use fontsquirrel with Phaser

    Using webfonts for Phaser is the same as using webfonts for any canvas based application. First you include your webfont references (in this case a Google Font): <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Almendra' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>then you can refer to it by font-family: font-family: 'Almendra', serif;If you are using web fonts with a canvas you'll likely have to do a sort of 'pre-load' of your fonts to have them appear the first time. What I did was create a class that would render, but wouldn't appear onscreen: .fontPreload{ position:absolute; left:-100px;}and be sure to include the CSS references to your fonts as well with whatever code fontsquirrel or Google fonts might provide. then you can add something like this anywhere on the page: <div class="fontPreload" style="font-family: Almendra SC;">.</div>That way your fonts will appear as soon as your canvas is rendered (otherwise you'd have a default font style then it would use the webfont after the first update). Then you're ready to render the text in Phaser with whatever CSS class you created for your webfont //text...var text = "Coins: "+coins;var style = { font: "24px Almendra SC", fill: "#ff0044", align: "center" };var t = game.add.text(10, 0, text, style);Hope this helps!
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    Yes I know. And there is another bug: my game remove only 3 gems unless theres 4 or 5 of the same color and line. I same the 2 days version in another branch on github, and plan to work on a debugged version.
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    Luis Felipe

    Creating worlds

    Hey everyone, I just really wanted to share this video about creating worlds. We all do it when creating games, drawing, daydreaming, what have you. But I think this TedEd video really sums it all up, I hope it will provide inspiration for world-building in your games What do you guys think about worlds in games? Story, etc?
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    Poll - how old are html5 devs

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    Save game data locally

    You can use `store.js`, which is very easy to use: https://github.com/marcuswestin/store.js/ If you want more flexibility, there's LocalForage, which is cool: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2014/02/localforage-offline-storage-improved/
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    Fricken Hamster

    Poll - how old are html5 devs

    20. And I'm starting to feel old.
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    I have to disagree. I've talked to the GM:S team multiple times on twitter and then filed bugs and they have been quick to respond, polite and very helpful. I recommend talking to them (politely!) via twitter and then filing a bug report if they ask you to. Sondar