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    js13kGames competition 2014

    The third edition of the js13kGames competition will start in a month on August 13th, so I wanted to create a topic for everything related to the compo. I'll start announcing the judges and prizes soon and if you have any questions feel free to ask them here. You have a month to create HTML5 game that fits into 13 kilobytes limit, see the Rules for details, forum topic from 2013, games from 2012 and games from 2013 for reference. Follow @js13kGames on Twitter for all the news and announcements about the competition. If you want to sponsor the compo or offer prizes please get in touch. So, who's going to participate?
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    Mat Groves

    Pixi.js v1.6 is ‘in da house’

    Well hot dog we have a new Pixi.js release! Check out all the new stuff we added! New features Complex polys now supported in Pixi in webGL. Nested masking and complex poly masking supported in webGL. quadraticCurveTo added to PIXI.Graphics. bezierCurveTo added to PIXI.Graphics. arcTo added to PIXI.Graphics. arc added to PIXI.Graphics. drawPath added to PIXI.Graphics. roundedRectangle added to PIXI.Graphics. PIXI.Strip and PIXI.Rope added to library along with a new example. addChild / addChildAt functions now return the child. Add scaleMode params to PIXI.FilterTexture and PIXI.RenderTexture. fromFrames and fromImages static helper methods added to PIXI.MovieClip. updateSourceImage added to PIXI.BaseTexture. Added multitouch support. new valid property added to PIXI.Texture. Option to control premultiplied alpha on textures. Pixi logs current version in the console. webp image support. clear function added to PIXI.RenderTexture Bug Fixes Fix to roundPixels property in PIXI.CanvasRenderer. Fixed interactive bug when mousemove being called on removed objects. Fix bug touch move event handling. Various CocoonJS Fixs. Masks now work when used in PIXI.RenderTextures / cacheAsBitmap and PIXI.Filters. Fixed bug where stroked PIXI.Text sometimes got clipped. Removed the trailing whitespace when wordwrapping a PIXI.Text. Fixed texture loading on IE11. Fixed Data URI loading. Fixed issue so now loader only uses XDomainRequest in IE, if a crossorigin request is needed. Fixed issue where alpha not being respected if cacheAsBitmap is true Fixed PIXI.RendeTexture resize bug. Fixed PIXI.TilingSprite not render children on canvas. Fixes issue where if both mask and filter are applied to one object the object did not render. If the texture is destroyed, it should be removed from PIXI.TextureCache too. PIXI.Graphics blendMode property now works in webGL. Trimmed sprites now behave the same as non trimmed sprites. Misc Doc tweaks / typo corrections. Added Spine license to src. Removed this.local in InteractionData. Shader manager Simplified. Sprite._renderCanvas streamlined and optimized. WebGL drawCalls optimized. More info can be found here: http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixi-js-v1-6-0-in-da-house/ Enjoy Mat
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    The 5-th Blend4Web gamedev tutorial has been published: Dangerous World. We continue the exciting process of creating a mini Blend4Web game. Now we'll introduce some gameplay elements: red-hot rocks which fall from the sky and damage the character. Direct link to the game (Warning: this link URL may change). [Edit] Updated the link
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    P2 - Detect side from a collision

    The easiest way (although perhaps not the most reliable for outlier shapes with extreme measurements) would be to check the angle of the vector between the two centers of mass of the colliding shapes. Looking for reliable data in the contact equations is sadly not a good way to deal with this specific problem - p2 is extremely optimized and will stop checking as soon as it is certain two bodies overlap (which can mean that when you hit a corner with some overlap, it will usually only return a contactEquation for one of the two points of collision), and in some cases will not detect a collision that is taking place (for example, when a "spike" goes through a rectangle without any of either body's vertices contained in the respective opponent's area).
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    the 2 methods have their usefulness and one is not necessarily better than the other. The first is known as a named function where the second is known as an anonymous function. The key practical difference is in when you can use the sum function. For example: var z = sum(2, 3);function sum(x, y) { return x+y;} advantage : The name "sum" shows up in the stacktrace which makes debugging easier in many browsers. The name "sum" can be used inside the function body which makes it easier to use for recursive functions. function declarations are "hoisted" in javascript, so in the first case, the function is guaranteed to be defined exactly once. Semicolon insertion causes z is assigned 5 whereas this: var z = sum(2, 3);var sum = function(x, y) { return x+y;}; Will fail since at the time the first line has executed the variable sum has not yet been assigned the function. Named functions are parsed and assigned to their names before execution begins which is why a named function can be utalised in code that preceeds its definition. Variables assigned a function by code can clearly only be used as function once execution has proceeded past the assignment.
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    how to use cannonjsplugin

    Ah, thanks for the info, Dad72. By the way, http://castorengine.com/babylon/collision/ works nice. Your player looks good walking across hilly ground. Well done! Okay, other readers of this physics engine topic... Dad72's issue did not involve the physics system. I thought it did, but I was mistaken (not unusual for me).
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    About collide methods

    You group friendly objects (e.g.player) in one collisionGroup e.g 0; than you group enemy objects in the collision group e.g. 1. Than you set for friendly objects collideAgainst 1. In case of collision of friendly object (from group 0) against eenym object (group 1), the method collide of friendly object would be called. In this method (override) you set the sepcific action in case of this collision (e.g. removing object).
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    .babylon file size

    I think my Skills ar not good enough for it but i'll try when i got the time
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    Jumping Chmo

    I dont get it. You asked for feedback and when you got honest critique you act like a kid. How do you expect to improve if you cant take simple advices from people here?
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    Best score 20890. I was clicking like a madman. Very enjoyable game. Its super simple as well, I love it.
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    Robo Ball (New Html 5 Game)

    Hey, I really like the slide effect on the paddles. One thing i would say is you should probably speed up the paddles/ball a little or maybe provide some difficulty option which affects that. Also when the game first started, because the paddle is flat on the top, I thought that the AI was glitching because it kept shifting between 3-4 pixels either side of the ball as it bounced up and down. It was only when I started hitting the ball on an edge did I realize it wasn't (and the enemy started tracking with it). Maybe you could make the whole paddle round? It would definitely make the game more challenging and get rid of this problem. Other than that, very solid. Looking forward to updates.
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    Body without sprite

    Just create a sprite without a key: var trigger = game.add.sprite(0, 0, null);game.physics.enable(trigger, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);trigger.body.setSize(0, 0, 64, 64);
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    Robo Ball (New Html 5 Game)

    Hey, congratulations on finishing your game. It looks quite good. Collision detection is quite good and the movement of the paddle (when using keyboard) seems very responsive (i like how it accelerates instead of starting to move instantly). Here are a few suggestions :- There needs to be a button to go back to the menu or restart the game. Another additional feature would be to restrict the maximum x-velocities of the ball because I was in a few situations where the x-velocity was high and the y-velocity was painfully slow, meaning the vertical boundary walls played pong for a long time while me and computer paddle just watched for the ball to eventually get to us. Alternatively, you could put a lower limit on the y-velocity so that its not that painfully slow.
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    Hi, I have the following code: (function(){ var game var Test = function (game) { var bd = game.make.bitmapData(50, 50); bd.fill(255, 0, 0); Phaser.Sprite.call(this, game, 0, 0, bd); }; Test .prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Sprite.prototype); Test .prototype.constructor = Test ; function init() { game = new Phaser.Game(640, 480, Phaser.AUTO, 'gameid'); var test = new Test(game); } init(); })();Once i'm creating the 'test' variable I get this error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'bitmapData' of null Any thoughts on this one? Thank you for your time.
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    Physics Editor - Level Editor

    It's called Physics Editor Use the Lime + Corona (JSON) Export Format. It's the only supported for now. http://www.codeandweb.com/physicseditor Regards George
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    How to tween scale

    this.add.tween(this.playButton.scale).to({ x: 2, y: 2} ....
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    hello! Best to override the updateTransform - as at the moment the skews are not taken into account with pixi.. SkewableSprite.updateTransform = function(){ // TODO OPTIMIZE THIS!! with dirty this.localTransform[0] = this.scale.x//this._cr * this.scale.x; this.localTransform[1] = Math.tan(this.skew) * this.scale.y;// -this._sr * this.scale.y this.localTransform[3] = 0//Math.tan(0.5);//this._sr * this.scale.x; this.localTransform[4] = this.scale.y//this._cr * this.scale.y; ///AAARR GETTER SETTTER! this.localTransform[2] = this.position.x; this.localTransform[5] = this.position.y; // TODO optimize? mat3.multiply(this.localTransform, this.parent.worldTransform, this.worldTransform); this.worldAlpha = this.alpha * this.parent.worldAlpha; }hope this helps!