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    [js13k] Virtual War

    So for my entry for js13kgames this year, I decided to go with a simple and classic gameplay and try to polish make it as fun as possible. Last year I tried to follow the theme but this time I just went free, though I tried to give it a unique look. You can try my entry at http://vw.tap2play.io/ The game itself is not entirely ready yet, I might make a few changes based on the feedback I get here, hoping to get a better place than last year. You have two controls: jump or shoot. You can also double jump or jump down the current platform. All you have to do is to get rid of as many enemies as possible, using combos and power ups. I'm obviously aiming for the mobile category, though the game should work on desktop. Looking forward to hear some feedback.
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    Compression of mesh files?

    Hi, I'm new to babylon.js while comparing/finding a good 3D .js framework, I compare babylon.js and three.js now. Sadly it looks that three.js has more import-formats (even if not all are fully developed: VRML seems not to use textures?), but a big prob on all .js mesh import is that compared with .obj and other binary formats are, that .js meshs are twice the size, because their overhead. Which brings me to the question, if a compression (.gz, .zip?) is possible or built in, or if babylon mesh use such? Or how would such be done? Ah and greetings to Griff... err Gryff Seems it took a long time till 3D in a browser worked.
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    The way I'd do it is to split the bubble background image up into 9 slices (4 corners, 4 edges and the middle) + the tail, like the attached image. Then set your text, measure how wide and tall it is, and assemble the sliced pieces together using TileSprites for the edges so they repeat along. There's no magic involved, just careful positioning and getting your maths right.
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    Hi kids! I have been playing with a new playground demo ... one that has buttons to create all the types of cameras that Babylon.js currently supports. It's been quite an endeavor, so far. By the way, the OculusOrientedCamera is now called OculusCamera. I'll get that information updated, and the FollowCamera added... to the cameras tutorial soon... I promise. The above demo is part of that process. I need a great, all-in-one camera-testing playground scene... to link-to in that tutorial. So I am trying to build one (badly). For the longest time, I fought-with trying to get OUT OF Oculus camera mode (stereo). In other words, I had problems getting out-of two-eye mode. Finally, I discovered it was all quite easy once I emptied scene.activeCameras array. Apparently 2 OculusInnerCamera objects were still in there, and this caused all of my early attempts to .dispose() the Oculus... to fail. Once I set scene.activeCameras = {}; (probably should be [] but it worked anyway)... all was well. You can easily click in-to and out-of Oculus mode... in the above demo. Another problem area... is the VirtualJoysticksCamera. It uses some fancy operations, and it does not mix well with scenes that have some JS-added HTML at the top (such as the above demo). Event.clientY is affected by HTML that is 'placed' above the canvas, and so... there's trouble when you try to click on the HTML. You can see this in the demo, too. Once you select virtualJoysticksCamera, you will not be able to click any more blue HTML buttons (the dynamically-added buttons). Event.clientX needs a Y offset. I included some inactive code in the demo... where I tried to make a +50 pixel Y-offset for the joysticks (so they would de-activate when they happened on the HTML buttons.) It didn't work so I remarked it out. I need to study that issue more thoroughly, yet. Help welcomed, always. Another issue with the VirtualJoysticks(cam) is ... well... hmm. Click and hold down a left mouseButton to start a virtualJoystick near the horizontal center of the screen. Now keep the button held down, and mouse all around. See the rings not being erased... when the joystick is dragged onto the "other side" of the screen? This problem MIGHT also be caused by event.clientY value. (y-offset due to dynamic html buttons added by the scene code). Maybe it would be better if we had event.canvasY (and event.canvasX) values to use, eh? ClientX and ClientY might not be aware-of dynamically-added HTML that is placed above the canvas. So, it's not really the problem of the VirtualJoysticks or VirtualJoystickCamera. It's more a problem of where I have dynamically-placed the buttons. Maybe I'll move the buttonbar to BELOW the canvas, and see if the VirtualJoysticks operate better after that. I am also looking at an issue where some GamepadCamera text... remains on the screen after changing to a different camera. Still learning. It's all good fun. Ideas, help, comments, grumbles ... welcome. Party On! Oh yeah, one other thing. Pushing the playground's RUN button... when-in VirtualJoystickCamera mode... will crash most browsers. Ain't it great?! I haven't investigated why... at all yet. It might crash when pushing ANY Playground buttons/gui. I'm proud when I can find something that can crash both of the "big browsers". It makes me feel powerful. hehe
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    [js13k] Virtual War

    Impressive! It looks cool, there's lots of enemies, bonuses and stuff. I really enjoyed playing it!
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    What you are asking is pretty basic in term of devloppement: Check the examples here [ http://examples.phaser.io/ ] and it'll be done quickly. Check for the Audio and the Input examples.
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    Thanks to both of you, this solved my problem. Damn this community is fast I posted this like an hour ago lol.
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    You aren't creating a new state, you're creating a new game. Here's a simple code used to create a game with multiple states: var game = new Phaser.Game(320, 480, Phaser.AUTO, 'game_div');var load_state = { preload: function() { } create: function() { } update: function() { }};var play_state = { preload: function() { } create: function() { } update: function() { }};Hope this helps hmm, Dumtard beated me :/
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    @Sawamara: Epic!!! Thank you so much!