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    I'm looking to create simple to moderately complex browser game (html5 or flash), depending on how many people I'd get to work with. I have a few ideas to pitch, but I'm willing to discuss any other game ideas, as well. This is my first exploration of game development, so anyone experienced willing to help will be very appreciated. The game itself will probably be free, but I do have some plans for monetization if it gains some exposure and good reviews. In that case profit will be shared according to the workload each of us had put in. Some example of illustration/art: http://mushroomisland.deviantart.com/gallery/ message me here or reply if you're interested! Quite looking forward to doing this
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    Thanks. I do have a version 1.6 already coded, but all it had new was those new VR cameras, that most people do not even know exist yet. Was holding off PR'ing while I considered exporting text object. Have since abandoned that in favor of a font / sign generator .blend. Also waiting due to major changes coming for Tower of Babel 2.0. With the new BABYLON.Mesh constructor can now have computer built, Module level, Mesh subclass factories. Coupled with app stores, where download is already pre-done, you can really pull off complex things much more easily that you can being stuck with only loading a BABYLON.Mesh.
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    [phaser] my first game

    It's nice .. and quite addictive I guess
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    [phaser] my first game

    A lot of bugs and the game lacks finishing touches like splash screens etc. Good idea but you will need to fix all the bugs!
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    [phaser] my first game

    I like it, nice little game.
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    [WIP] Sector26 a space shooter

    Nice graphics. It felt a little too zoomed in, I would have like a little more viewing distance given the speed of the game/movement - but changing this might depend on what user you are targetting, ie mobile or desktop browsers etc.... For the CTRL shooting, can I suggest that holding down the button constantly fires, saves constantly tapping. But looking really good overall.
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    Animations based off of Calculations

    Ok let me think a bit about how to do that without losing performance
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    For others coming here with the same problem: Solution can be found here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3682-visual-studio-json-failed-to-load-resource-404/
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    Hi EmeraldZone, If you are planning to flip your hobby into a career or at least an income source there are many things to consider. It’s a pity that we don’t have a Business section here, or at least I haven’t found it yet… If you want to sell your games, you have to think about the players – who are they, what segment you want to target, what they like – design, features, type of game… I know it might sound nafff… at the moment, but if you thinking to sell your game through the publishers and companies who are looking for developers on a contract basis, you will find that they have a pretty clear idea what they want from a game, what features it has to have to appeal to a player. They are literally scanning the situation in the market. There are other ways how to make money of the games and you really have to research these options, because if your selling plan A and B won’t gonna go through its better if you have something else in your pocket. I found this in one of the forums the other day, might be helpful: 1. How to sell your game: http://www.amaranthia.com/downloads/How-to-Sell-your-Game.pdf 2. Also https://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.igda.org/resource/collection/0A36B138-B9E7-4FA4-BBAA-572F14697CB4/20140806_-_IGDA_Webinar_-_Dan_Adelman.pdf There's some good advice with regards to marketing indie games, determining your audience, pricing, contacting press, etc. 3. And finally I would also check what indie game marketing companies do… http://indieviddy.tumblr.com/post/48171683915/getting-your-press-release-noticed Good luck
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    learning to write a Javascript chess game

    http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/chess1.htm Good luck.
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    Mobile game revenue share

    Its better to get 10% from $1 Million, than 100% from $100. Who cares what is the %? Its all about traffic and how much you can make through it on the end. If website have 10K views a month will you be happy to have 50% through them? Not likely since you will probably not make any money anyways.
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    Game Development using Linux?

    You could use https://inkscape.org/en/.
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    Game Development using Linux?

    Hi there. If you are looking for graphic packages take a look at Gimp. There is nothing wrong with Gimp. If you are going to do 3d work look at Blender. They are both free and supported for your OS. If you want to use Adobe products, get Windows or a Mac.
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    Hi EmeraldZone, Unless there is a compelling reason not to, go ahead and commit to making games. There are many people willing to help you along the way. However, I recommend you do not not worry about making money with games for now. Instead, work on making games, seeing how other people like them, and how you enjoy making the games. Making games can be fun, but making money is business, which is far from fun. Business is always business, no matter whether it's making games or selling socks. Once you feel like you can make games that people like to play, then you can give some thought as to whether you want to switch from hobby to business. To satisfy your curiosity, read as much as you can on the web about making and selling games. A good read to get started is: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/mar/20/how-to-get-into-the-games-industry-an-insiders-guide (It's not about HTML games specifically, but it still offers much good advice.) Tom
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    Health Bars?

    Here's a little snippet for graphics based healthbars that go from green to red as health gets lower (copied straight out of a game and minimally edited for context so hopefully it makes sense) this.healthbar = game.add.graphics(0,0);this.group.add(this.healthbar); // this.group being a pre-initialised group for this entity...this.hp = 20;this.totalhp = 20;this._lasthp = 0;if (this._lasthp !== this.hp) { this.healthbar.clear(); var x = (this.hp / this.totalhp) * 100; var colour = utils.rgbToHex((x > 50 ? 1-2*(x-50)/100.0 : 1.0) * 255, (x > 50 ? 1.0 : 2*x/100.0) * 255, 0); this.healthbar.beginFill(colour); this.healthbar.lineStyle(5, colour, 1); this.healthbar.moveTo(0,-5); this.healthbar.lineTo(config.tileSize * this.hp / this.totalhp, -5); this.healthbar.endFill();}this._lasthp = this.hp;Here's utils.rgbToHex: rgbToHex: function (r, g, { return "0x" + ((1 << 24) + (r << 16) + (g << 8) + .toString(16).slice(1);}(I think there's already a function somewhere in Phaser to do that part but when I wrote the code I wasn't aware of it) Also config.tileSize is, predictably, the size of tiles in px (this was a top down game) but you can specify whatever width you want the full bar to be there. This was written a while ago so I have no idea if it works for later versions of Phaser but it's fairly simple so it should do.
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    Can't say enough how much I agree with the above post. three.js was my watermark standard for how I approached the end user building a game with Phaser. I loathe frameworks that enforce their own class systems on you, or that make heavy use of magic objects.