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    Hello, This post is not a question, but is information that I would have found invaluable prior to my having problems playing video on mobile devices - practically all mobile devices. I wanted to create a seperate post for everyone to read, as the post where this dialogue has taken place is labled "console errors." I have been working on an app which relies heavily on playing video files and specifically video textures. I found that almost 2 months ago, I had no problem playing video files and the associated audio on desktops and laptops no problem; but I could not get my video files to playback on most all mobile devices - both Android and Apple phones and tablets. Although at the time, I wasn't focused on inding a solution, as I had other features to build into the application to finish it, and believed that solving video playback on mobile devices wouldn't be much of a problem. So over the past 2 months I spent time each week to try and solve the fact that I couldn't get any video files to play back on my Android tablet, without finding a solution. But now that I have most all features built in the app, I needed to find a solution to be able to take the app into beta testing now as the app is designed to be a mobile app and wouldn't run on most tablets and phones - practically none. As I had used most all available applications to encode and convert video files to .webm and .ogv files for playback on mobile, I began to believe that it was either a bug in babylon.js, or a conflict in my lengthy scripts. So I worked for days trying to find the cause of the problem, and certainly went to the BJS forum where many highly experienced users attempted to help me troubleshoot and solve the video playback problem. However, neither the balon.js community or I could get any video file or format to play on most mobile devices - with the exception of audio playback on some files. So when I was completely lost a couple of days ago, I thought I would focus on analyzing the video files and formats themselves, to make certain that I could rule out video encoding and file conversion. After spending more than 2 days, I finally found that the problem had nothing to do with my scripting or with babylon.js, but that it was an encoding and file format issue. Now I have video and audio playback working on every device I and my friends are able to test, as well as every browser and OS version. Again, I wanted to post this as a new thread, since many users will most likely overlook this discovery and information, since the post where this occured says nothing about video in the title and tags. And I hope that no one else will ever need to face the problems of having no solution or available resources to solve the problem of video palyback on mobile devices. The following is the solution as a quote directly from the post where I and several other users spent considerable time and dialogue over several days with no solution we could find: I hope that this is valuable info for users now and in the future, and that no one else needs to spent any time troubleshooting video playback on any device or display. Cheers, DB
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    Rain effect in Phaser

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    Hello every one , I'm Esther and I do commissions. Please send me E-mail if you're interested in estherfanworld@gmail.com Commission info( Status ) http://fav.me/d8ocbsr Commission info( Status ) http://fav.me/d8ocbsr
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    I've started a series of tutorials for Phaser developers on how to design and publish a game aimed at Desktop, Console and Mobile and publish it in the Windows 10 Store and on Steam Greenlight. This is based on my experiences developing and releasing http://www.mekphobia.com The series will also cover targeting other platforms (such as Android and iOS) with the same code base. You can find the first of these tutorials at: http://www.mekaphobia.com/developers/introduction.htm
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    God ray eash material versioan

    *versioan = version i cant stop trying make this ** is not completed dont use in your source for now godray http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URP3W#9 http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URP3W#16 with blur blur : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URP3W#10 1% http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URP3W#11 3% http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URP3W#12 8% http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URP3W#13 30% http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URP3W#14 50% compare fbs with BlurPostProcess
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    soap bubble test

    back... at last http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WCDZS#11 maybe a better moist effect would be nice, maybe with PBR materials
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    i think ozRocker want this (take 1min time for loading) i cant make it with glassiness
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    The reflection texture should be a texture of what you want to be reflected (instead of a gray colorfill which you are using now). Also a CubeTexture would be better for this purpose. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#22WPRO#2
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    Skeleton and bones tutorial?

    http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/18329-blender-animation-export-problem/?p=104197 Look at step 3.
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    States - functions not defined

    should be: startBtn.events.onInputDown.add(this.startClicked, this);
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    The longer you're on the reflection texture + specular + .another adjustment on material. Good modeling ...
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    checkCollisions inside the skybox

    yep, as I said - I still need to debug exactly why it isn't working correctly - just another reason to simply create walls :-) Don't trust normal inversion. Create walls, invisible walls. It will be better.
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    Nothing but skin & bones...

    The new Blender exporters are now available, both types. Will not enumerate new features. They are near the top of the Tower of Babel documentation As far as the QueuedInterpolation extension status. It is not ready, but no longer wanted to publish the POV or MORPH extensions, so I pulled them down with the commit. Tower of Babel works. If you have shape keys, however, it will generate code for an extension which not yet available.
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    Blender animation export problem

    OK stalker, as promised, I have slimmed down the number of steps for fixing your robot leg. You can find the files I started with and finished up with here. The start file is your file but I have removed the "Area" light (not supported by BJS) and added a "Hemi" light instead, added a ground plane, and then I just rearranged the Blender interface a little. So best if you use my start file - but you can use yours if you want. Step 1. a.) If you use your file, make sure that the 3D cursor is at the "origin". Mouse cursor in the 3D window then "Shift + C keys" will put the cursor it at 0,0,0. b.) Open the 3D window "Properties" panel - the mouse cursor still in the 3D window and hit the "N key". Step 2. a.) Select the "Robot" (the mesh) in the Object Mode and look in the "Properties" panel you will see that the "Location" values (x,y,z) are not zero, so with the Robot still selected go: Object -> Transform -> Origin to 3D Cursor. This will zero the location values. b.) Now select the "Robot.Armature". Again you will see that the "Location" values are not zero, so again Object -> Transform -> Origin to 3D Cursor. c.) You will also notice that the Scale values for the armature are not 1, so with the armature still selected go Object -> Apply -> Scale. I know not much seems to have changed, but you would not be the first person on this forum to see the chaos that hits the export of animations to BJS when the Location, Rotation and Scale values of the armature and mesh are different. Step 3. Now to create a frame animation for the armature as currently with the IK setup the "Circle" constraint is being animated and it in turn moves the armature in Blender - so we have to "bake" out the frames for the armature itself. a.) Select the "Robot.Armature" and go into "Pose Mode". b.) Make sure ALL the bones are selected then - c.) From the menu bar for the 3D window - Pose -> Animation -> Bake Action and a little box pops up d.) Make sure that the three boxes "Only Selected, Visual Keying, and Clear Constraints" are all checked (a little tick). And hit the OK button. You will see 24 frames appear in the "Timeline and Action Editor" and "Action" appear as the name of the new animation that has been created. That is the animation we want. Make sure it appears in that box when you export to BJS. Step 4. Now we need to bind that animation to the mesh. a.) Select the Robot (mesh) and then Shift + Select the Robot.Armature and with the mouse in the 3D window b.) CTRL + P - to make the armature the parent of the mesh. Use the "Use Automatic Weights" option. Step 5. a.) Select the "Circle" and delete it. b.) And if you wish clean out all the other animations making sure to return to the new animation - "Action" - you created as the chosen named animation. It will work without doing this - but it always feels better if unused stuff is cleared out. Now export your animated leg. Here is the Animated Leg exported from the finished file you will find in the .zip file above. It uses an ArcRotate camera - so you can examine it. Looking at your file, I get the feeling the "leg" is part of a bigger project (all those vertex groups like head and arm etc.). All the above should work fine on a whole robot though you may have a lot more 'Circle" constraints to delete. Please don't be offended if you think I am being too simple - bitter experience at the Unity forums taught me to include detail . In the other hand, if you need more info about it - just post here cheers, gryff
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    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    Without a doubt, Phaser should support SVG natively.
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    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    I would really appreciate SVG support and other stuff that makes resolution independence easier (automatic detection of screensizes and choosing hd/retina graphics when available (with special suffixes in assets filenames) thanks Marco
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    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    - SVG support (incl manipulation) - a user registration framework, sharing features (mail, social media etc), paypal integration - projection mapping/free transform - 3d features, eg three.js integration or something - packed file support (ie for stuff like 5mb json files that would pack to 12kb)
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    Glass shader

    You should do the same as this demo: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/eternalcoding/archive/2013/08/06/babylon-js-creating-a-convincing-world-for-your-game-with-custom-shaders-height-maps-and-skyboxes.aspx the material I used for the water has a refraction part. This is exactly what you need here:)