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    Great free and low-cost game graphics

    Today the now-closed browser based MMO Glitch released all of their art assets as public domain. There are hundreds of megs worth of stuff. From lovely looking snowy landscapes to bottles of Goat Whiskey (yes, really). You'll have to dig deep and dig hard to extract what you need, but some amazing stuff in here: http://www.glitchthegame.com/public-domain-game-art/ Also found this pretty sweet castle art set today on Graphic River too. Not bad for $5 http://graphicriver.net/item/castle-platform-game-tiles-sprites/5633823 Feel free to post more links here if you've got them.
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    [Phaser] Refuge Solitaire

    I haven't released any game for quite a while. While I'm working on far more original things, this time I've done something very conservative for senior gamers. Will "Refuge Solitaire" be a hit in nursing homes worldwide?
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    Ganymede Gate DX (DX as in Deluxe, the game i'm developing has an open source, ascii based version) Ganymede Gate is a Sci-Fi traditional roguelike. It will have a quirky story not like any other sci-fi games you find out there, but i will not reveal much as not to spoil it. You're sent to the jovian moon in search of answers to a human base where some mysterious things have been happening, as it recently went silent. The deluxe version i'm developing includes tiles support and will, eventually, have steam achievements, etc. Itch.io ascii version is available here. You can play online (although it is pretty slow) on ganymedegate.com:. The ascii game is playable, although on a very alpha state, and the tiles version is just being developed atm. Here are some screenies of both of them. (this is a lot of AIs duking it out without lighting) (Some of the map generators currently implemented) And here's some of the WebGL2 UI goodness (with some shaders active, Curvature, Scanlines, Gamma and Tinting) (Yeah, roguelikes have scary keybinding sheets) (Inspired by SNES9x and ZSNES, i'm making shaders optional, modifiable and user generated, so anyone can put their favorite shader in) UI work numbs the mind, wish me luck
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    Hey, looks like your example works great if I manually add a key and function for each arrow instead of creating cursors and checking in the update. Something like this: keyDown = game.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.DOWN); keyDown.onDown.add(moveSprite, this); function moveSprite() { character.y += 75; } Thanks again for your help! I tried it in my own code and it works perfectly.
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    Apply custom force to Physics body

    Yeah, it's me haha. I'm glad that I could help so many people with my work. I'll try to hang out here more often, though my time is quite limited. I hope I'm in the right place, no? I saw that there's no Github issues for BJS? I was able to post an answer to that question, but the solution wasn't the best I think. Since there's no way to catch the postStep event except from the Cannon.js world itself, I had to clutter the BJS code with a too much Cannon code. Anyway, solved. I noticed that BJS uses variable time stepping, which is really bad for any game. Some times when I reload or do anything that hogs the JS thread for a few milliseconds I get unexpected behavior, hehe. The easiest solution for this is to always pass the same value to step() here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Physics/babylon.physicsEngine.ts#L45. I'd recommend a fixed time step of 1 / 60. The less easy solution is to pass the elapsed time to cannon.js as well as a fixed time step and max sub steps, here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Physics/Plugins/babylon.cannonJSPlugin.ts#L34 You would instead of this: this._world.step(delta); do this: var fixedTimeStep = 1/60; var maxSubSteps = 10; this._world.step(fixedTimeStep, delta, maxSubSteps); ...and you would probably need to implement a fixedStep event, so the users can hook up to it and apply forces inside the physics loop, just like I did in the StackOverflow answer. You should also use body.interpolatedPosition and interpolatedQuaternion instead of .position and .quaternion for rendering. I hope this is useful for someone
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    This looks really great! Thank you so much. I think my problem is that I need to move the sprite once per onDown event. I apologize, I should have been more explicit about this. Can you think of a way to move these sprites in a set amount of pixels once for every key press? Your example is excellent... I just need to prevent the sprite from continuously moving while the arrow keys are pressed. Thanks again!
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    [WebGL2] [WIP] Ganymede Gate DX

    This week i finally began integrating the new frontend to the game engine. It is chugging right along, but real-life is proving it harder to develop everyday.(Missing here are the enemies, items and several props note rendering, because of implementation not being done yet)Gamepad Support: One thing that was surprisingly easy to do is implement the input handling from gamepads. As the game is HTML5 based, there's an array and an event that alerts you from gamepads, and then you poll it every frame for changes. Nothing complicated, nothing too involved: var gamepads = navigator.getGamepads() Is enough to give a gamepad array with objects that are pretty self explanatory.Here's me moving the player with a controller.A nice thing is that playing with a gamepad feels nice, and lot of people like it that way. I will try to test support with as much controllers i can get hold of. Here's hoping i can get a Steam controller eventually. Another thing i did was that shaders are now in a directory that gets read on bootup, and then a comment on the shader tells the game what to allow the player to configure.
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    hi Wingy, i was away for a few days, forgot to tell you, your way of setting " targetStopDuration", save me a lot of time, it's easy and useful. or i'll have to save a timestamp for each PS, and check them from time to time. thanks.
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    Game list of phaser games

    Took me about 4 goes to get 400/400. At first I thought you could only click the up/down buttons. Then I realised you could use the up/down keys, although I was tapping them which was hurting my score. When I realised I could hold the up/down buttons, it was much easier. Although I think the position of the stars is random? The last run through seemed a lot easier than the second to last I played.