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    Watch with Babylon

    Hello, You will find a small demo made with Babylon here: http://www.studio-ramble3d.com/suunto/ and a car configurator: http://www.studio-ramble3d.com/WebGl/bmw/ And some other projects at this address: http://www.studio-ramble3d.com/temps_reel.html#works Thanks Babylon.js
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    Bjs is moving fast

    Are people expecting to learn a powerful framework in a day? I know every powerful framework I've used required days of tutorials, sifting through forum posts and GIT issues. If BJS is scary try using openCV :/
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    Phaser-Animator UI Plugin

    Hello Everybody, I have just finished and am releasing a small UI plugin for Phaser, it is basically a collection of premade tweens in an easy to use and simple interface with set default parameters(which of course can be overwritten). This is my first time releasing anything to the community and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I have put together a site for the plugin found here, there you will find demos of each tween animation I have included into the project. The entire project along with instructions on how to include and use it can be found on github here. Once again I hope this will be useful to the community as a quick way to either prototype games, or as a tool to quickly add many different tweens with different properties into your project. Thank you all for reading and checking it out and please let me know what you all think, if there are any bugs, or anything you believe should be included in the project. Happy Coding, Get_Bentley
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    @Rolento Hi, the mostlikely reason is missing pointer event support try this, it might help, it might not // Check pointer support var pPrefix = (!window.PointerEvent && !navigator.pointerEnabled ? "mouse" : "pointer"); //Add event listener; renderCanvas.addEventListener(pPrefix + "down", pointerDownFunc); //.. function to call on pointerdown function pointerDownFunc(evt){ //do something .. evt is the pointer event. } //The reason i use a seperate function is that this way i can remove the eventlistener again if/when it's no longer needed, from outside the function itself. E.g; renderCanvas.removeEventListener(pPrefix + "down", pointerDownFunc);
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    I am using BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera to visualise and move through my 3D scene. However, I am trying to change the way in which the .alpha rotation works. My understanding of ArcRotateCamera: By default the .aplha is used to rotate the camera around the "Y" axis and .beta rotates the camera around "X" axis. What I want ArcRotateCamera to do: I want to change the .alpha rotation such that it rotates around the "Z" axis instead of the default "Y" axis. Does anyone know how I can do ths? FYI - I have experimented with creating custom camera inputs (which is great for manipulating mouse buttons/wheel actions) but I can see no way obvious of achieving the above, hence there is probably another approach that is needed. Thanks...
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    melonJS 4.1.0 release

    Blog announcement : http://blog.melonjs.org/2017/01/melonjs-410-and-next.html Build : https://github.com/melonjs/melonJS/releases have all a nice day !
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    Here's prototype of vehicular combat game I am working on right now: https://cdn.rawgit.com/Gugis/test/09d5d0bb/ok.webm
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    I'm good at solving problems. I am about to be taking a lot of the stuff I've done and make phaser plugins with them. As far as videos and such go, only the phaser examples from the website. Everything else I pretty much know. I'm a professional software engineer who specializes in JavaScript. If you need more help, let me know.
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    I suggest randomizing both the x and y separately. I would start with the y and keep a running variable. Like as you move up imagine a line that goes up as well and that's the start of the obstacles. Then add random values with a math.max between the random value and a minimum added value. That way nothing overlaps and there is plenty of space. Now this should only be triggered once the camera top hits x pixels below that variable. So it's generated off screen. Then do what you want to it.
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    Ticker FPS

    Did you read the docs? You can modify `speed` to get different rates. http://pixijs.download/release/docs/PIXI.ticker.Ticker.html#speed
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    I suggest electron
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    Bjs is moving fast

    Hi G-man! Umm... I think BJS should "offer" Blender information... when it involves the reasons that imports from Blender... do unexpected things in BJS. (Common Blender importing issues). Hi Oz! Answer: maybe. But we don't want them saying "uh, no thank you" on the first day, or 10th day, or ever. People have varying amounts of time... to work-on/play-with things. IF that thing has a high-enjoyment factor, then more time is allocated, and that time is cherished and sought. Fun work. If that "time" has only difficult reading and repeated coding snags... well, you know. It's a grind. Yes, they are expecting a decent scene and basic framework understanding... in a day. VERY basic understanding... esp if no openGL, math, or js background.
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    @ITpaolothanks anyway
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    Big size model files

    Hello, Keep in mind webgl has a limited context and memory... I'm not sure you can load a model of 500Mb all at once without doing any optimization.
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    iOS - Video texture display issues

    I know its a pain, I also wish I could avoid supporting iOS but its a requirement from my client - I've encountered this issue on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s. All running iOS 10.2. iPad is fine. I'm using https://www.npmjs.com/package/iphone-inline-video to get around the inline video restrictions in iOS. Also, as I mentioned earlier, this only seems to be happening with VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera, DeviceOrientationCamera works fine. cheers,
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    Phaser-Animator UI Plugin

    You are correct. hmmm.... I tried that before, and even reloaded the page. I went back just now and it seems to work. Might have been my browser acting up at the time..
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    Phaser-Animator UI Plugin

    you have to click the logo for the animation to happen. At least that's how it worked for me.
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    Do not use a while. The reason for this is that the game works in ticks, and a while statement keeps the pointer inside the while until the condition is met. So essentially for each update sequence it does the entire wave in the while loop and the renders after the while is done. Also Do not separate the osc function and call two different mechanisms unless you want different speeds, in that case, you can add in some arguments and change up things that way. /* global console */ /* global Phaser */ (function() { 'use strict'; var game, rocket, obstacle, cursors, i, y; var oscIndex = 1; var preload = function preload() { // game.load.image('rocket', 'rocket.png'); // game.load.image('obstacle', 'obstacle.png'); // game.load.image('sky', 'sky.png'); }; var create = function create() { // game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); //Started P2 Physics System game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.P2JS); //Resized game world game.world.resize(6000, 6000); //Add sprites var sky = game.add.tileSprite(0, 0, 1920, 1920, 'sky'); rocket = game.add.sprite(300, 5500, 'rocket'); //Scale sprites rocket.scale.setTo(0.3, 0.3); sky.scale.setTo(7, 7); // rocket.x.fixedToCamera = true; //tweenA = game.add.tween(rocket).to( { angle: 45 }, 2, "Quart.easeOut").to( { x: 550, y:700 }, 1200, "Quart.easeInOut").to( { angle: 0 }, 20, "Quart.easeOut").to( { angle: -45 }, 20, "Quart.easeOut").to( { x: 30 }, 1200, "Quart.easeInOut").to( { angle: 0 }, 20, "Quart.easeOut").loop(true); //game.input.onDown.addOnce(start, this); //obstacles = game.add.group(); // obstacles.enableBody = true; // x = 40; // for(var i=0; i<5; i++){ // var obstacle = obstacles.create(x, game.world.randomY, 'obstacle'); // //obstacle.body.velocity.y = 0; // x += game.rnd.integerInRange(100,250); // } // obstacles.outOfBoundsKill = true; rocket.enableBody = true; //Camera follows rocket game.camera.follow(rocket); cursors = game.input.keyboard.createCursorKeys(); // console.log(rocket.y); }; var update = function update() { //obstacles.forEach(checkPos, this); // game.physics.arcade.overlap(rocket, obstacles, collisionHandler, null, this); //On pressing the up arrow key, the rocket moves forward in a sine wave path if (cursors.up.isDown) { //game.camera.y -= 5; rocket.y -= 5; // rocket.body.moveUp(200); } else if (cursors.down.isDown) { //game.camera.y -= 5; rocket.y += 5; // rocket.body.moveUp(200); } oscillation(); //Not working :( }; // var start = function start() { // tweenA.start(); // }; // var checkPos = function checkPos(obstacle) { // if (obstacle.y > 800) { // obstacle.y = -100; // } // }; // var collisionHandler = function collisionHandler(rocket, obstacle) { // rocket.x = 300; // rocket.y = 700; // }; var calcSin = function calcSin (amp, osc, sinD) { return amp * Math.sin(osc / sinD); }; //Oscillation function defined separately to oscillate the particle var oscillation = function oscillation() { var y = rocket.y; if (oscIndex === 300) oscIndex = 1; var sin = calcSin(200, oscIndex, 15); rocket.x = 600 + parseInt(sin); y = y - 3; oscIndex++; console.log(rocket.x); }; window.onload = function() { // var cp = Phaser.Tile.prototype.containsPoint; game = new Phaser.Game(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update, }); }; window.onload(); })();
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    Is there a game with Phaser on Steam?

    Wild Terra springs to mind.
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    Bjs is moving fast

    http://learningbabylonjs.com/ https://www.packtpub.com/game-development/babylonjs-essentials
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    I need cheap hosting

    There are quite a few topics already on this, try searching to get more info. If you're happy setting up your own server then DigitalOcean are probably cheapest although an Amazon Micro instance is also pretty cheap (I'd guess the other big boys like Rackspace and Azure have similar cheap entry level offerings). If you're worried about setting up the server there are a wealth of info on how to do this, Digital Ocean have several very good and detailed instructions on this and its remarkably easy to do, just remember to only install what you need on the box i.e. if you're just serving static files then just install apache or nginx (or whatever), dont install stuff like Java, PHP, Node etc unless you need them.
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    'Twas the frame beforeRender, and all through the scene, Not a vertex was indexed, the canvas was clean. Observers were hung on event loops with care, In hopes that St. Deltakosh... soon would grow hair. The cameras were nestled on Y-offset peds, The lights well-positioned in greens blues and reds. A box and a sphere and a tube with a cap, A torus, a plane, and a fresh-baked light map. When out of the engine arose such a clatter, It woke-up young Davrous to check on the matter. Away to the Windows... he flew in a flash, To resize the viewport and refresh the cache. The specular shined on a heightMap of snow, The includedMeshes were starting to show. When what to his wondering eyes did appear, A Wingy-made bobsled and 12-pack of beer. The BJS framework so lively and quick, Was rendering elves each with onPointer pick. They all went to work wearing new Christmas formals, Connecting the verts and adjusting the normals. A beautiful pano on isBackground Layer, And cool twinkle lights... it just couldn't be gayer. This holiday playground was now well-awake, So Davrous relaxed with a nice Christmas cake. More rapid than beagles the elves made their fame, They yelled at observers, and called them by name: "OnPointer, onReady, onActivate true." "onAfterUnbind, onBeforeRender, too!" The scene came to life at a fine framerate speed, The particle snows had a great random seed. The post-process pipe added gorgeous effects, The boys at Three JS were all nervous wrecks. Ol' Davrous and DK and all of the puppies, Were dancing and singing like freshly-fed Guppies. And Davrous, he smiled and he started to sing... “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good ping!” Happy holidays!
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    Ilya did an awesome job creating the sound effects for my game. They all sound professional and creative. And he was fast too! Thanks Iliya and good luck
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    Show FPS

    Here's an updated fiddle, showing that a combination of game.time.advancedTiming = true; and game.debug.text(game.time.fps, x, y, color) will successfully display the FPS. https://jsfiddle.net/bjrnw06c/2/
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    Add it last, and it will be on top... If you will be adding other things later that need to be under it, then I would suggest using Phaser.Groups for layering... Create 2 groups, add what you want to stay on top to the second group, and everything else to the first group... This snippet has 3 groups, because I noticed you have a background image in your example... // Groups for drawing layers var back_layer = game.add.group(); var mid_layer = game.add.group(); var front_layer = game.add.group(); // It doesn't matter what order you add things to these groups, the draw order will be back, mid, front (unless you change it...) back_layer.create(0, 0, "bg"); front_layer.create(0, 0, "front"); mid_layer.create(300, 200, "object1"); mid_layer.create(500, 400, "object2");
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    Embedding game in website?

    Quickest way would be on an iFrame. In your website use something like <iframe src="gamebuild/index.html" name="bestgameever" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p> ></iframe>Where "gamebuild/index.html" is the address of your game.