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    Yes, however 5.2.1 out yesterday now does this.
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    Introducing morph targets

    Hey team!!! I'm pleased to announce the availability of morph targets! Please read more here:http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/how_to_use_morphtargets
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    New Playground features

    Hello community! As you know, the playground is a very valuable tool if you want to try, experiment and share your Babylon scenes. You can even search for a specific word in the whole snippet database from the documentation website, that make it easy to find and discover a new snippet. And because we know it's a very powerful tool, we worked hard last month with @Deltakosh on a better user experience when searching for playground. From now on, when saving a new playground, you'll have to fill several information: a title, a description and some tags. It will be asked only once at the playground creation, and all next iterations of this PG will share these metadata. You won't be able to redefine it afterwards. For all PG that don't have any metadata, you will be asked to fill it only once. The search has also been improved. You can search for a word in the PG code like usual, but you can also search for a word into a PG title/description, or a specific tag. The overall quality of search had also been improved (ou can now search with several words, that will return all PG that contain these words, and several bugs have been fixed). All this work couldn't have been done without @Jaskar and @DeathSoul who wrote all the code (back and front-end), and @Deltakosh of course So go try it : http://doc.babylonjs.com/playground Please helps us by reporting all bugs you can have in this thread Thank you very much !!
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    Ludum Dare

    Anyone else doing Ludum's this weekend, Topic voting started down to Inconvenient Superpowers Start with Nothing Dark/Light One Tool, Many Uses Pausing has Conseuqences You control the game not the player Explore the unknown Strength In Numbers Nothing is Permamnet A Small world Infections One Time Use One Enemy 30 Seconds Four Elements Unexpected Mechanics
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    Texture Generator De Luxe

    you have good hand for make tools if you have time and wanna make something special take look for that i wanna make that for shaderbuilder and see you work nice with SB and we can make it for custom material too (that can be good)
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    Texture Generator De Luxe

    @Deltakosh thank you, I'm not sure because Texture Generator consists of two parts: the editor/generator and the corresponding shader-script . Both have dependencies to the ShaderBuilder which isn't an official extension yet. Suggestions are welcome Here is the amost finished version of the editor (it's a plain BABYLON application). The interface for using the generated output is very straight forward: @NasimiAsl FYI var shaderparams = { stepx: 0.005, stepy: 0.005, invR: false,.... // shader parameters shaderparams.texGen = dynTexGen; //generator texture, image generated from TextureEditor shaderparams.texMix = dynTexMix; //mixer texture, image generated from TextureEditor box.material = compoundShader(shaderparams).BuildMaterial(scene); You can play with the Texture Editor (version alpha) HERE.
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    Collision isnt working

    I personally ran into this problem when I first started learning Phaser and I've helped dozens of people through it as well over the years, so it leads me to think there's a gap in the documentation there. However, the examples do clearly show you need to use velocity, so who knows. I think it's just an easy hole to fall in when first using Phaser, when you start with moving positionally and then try to throw in collision you naturally think your positional moving logic will just work. If more tutorials skipped positional moving and just did stuff with velocity/tweens it would probably be less of an issue, but you never know.
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    Collision isnt working

    A common mistake! Your problem is here: if (player.cursor.left.isDown) { player.image.position.x -= 10; } else if (player.cursor.right.isDown) { player.image.position.x += 10; } else if (player.cursor.up.isDown) { player.image.position.y -= 10; } else if (player.cursor.down.isDown) { player.image.position.y += 10; } } When working with physics, you can't directly move sprites around with their positional values and expect them to collide with other sprites. The reason for this is physics calculations require velocity, and if you directly move things around the velocity of these objects is 0, so no calculation can be done. Change your code to something like this if (player.cursor.left.isDown) { player.image.body.velocity.x = 10; } else if (player.cursor.right.isDown) { player.image.body.velocity.x = 10; } else { player.image.body.velocity.x = 0; } if (player.cursor.up.isDown) { player.image.body.velocity.y = 10; } else if (player.cursor.down.isDown) { player.image.body.velocity.y = 10; } else { player.image.body.velocity.y = 0; } And the collisions should work. Also, position calculated via velocity is weird and might not be the same as moving sprites directly, so you might need to fidgit with the number 10 to something that feels better for your game. Good luck!
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    Hi, We just published an article about how to install TypeScript IDE inside Phaser Editor. This allow you to create Phaser projects with TypeScript support and edit/compile the TypeScript files. Read the article here
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    Sprite2D Change Texture

    This is clearly immutable so far, so you can't change it, unless if you're lucky (I won't explain the details). I've created an issue labeled as "enhancement" because it's not a bug to me, but I don't expect to do it anytime soon.
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    Hello People, Sorry for the delay, I was on a two weeks roadtrip visiting a small part of @Wingnut's country (mostly west coast national parks) and I didn't have 1 minute for me the whole time! @MacSkelly can you please confirm or try with the latest preview of bjs and c2d that you will find here and tell me if you still have the issue... Look like you're in a case where the node's not ready and my code is assuming it is! Thanks
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    The reason why that is happening is you are setting your velocity to zero when you are on the platform, but the platform also has 0 velocity. This is because your tween is directly adjusting the x, without considering physics. Then you are jumping and you both have zero velocity so it goes perfectly up. If the platform did have velocity then it would not behave this way. Here is an example of how it would look like if you tween the platform its velocity: An alternative is let the player his x equal to the platform its x value when it is on the platform, but that would make him stick to the platform, so thats not really nice.
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    If you create a group, the group itself will also have a world transform, thats the reason why it will rotate about the group its position. You could iterate trough each saw and rotate them individually: this.saws.forEach(function(saw){saw.angle+=1}); An alternative is to try to add a tween animation that rotates objects and add it to each saw. Here is an example of both situations you can adjust in the script: The example assumes that you do not want to rotate the bodies (it would be a bit pointless for the saw).
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    Hey, nice job! Fun little game, easy to play. Where did you get the artwork? It's well done. Cheers, DarkwallLKE
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    @Wingnut Yep... when bugs just "go away" I get nervous, too. I was not nearly as exhaustive as your suggestions. It's really easy to reproduce... revert to 2.5... voila... problem is back on any touch device (but not desktop), problem goes away with 3.0.0-alpha. I have not dug into why, however... and have not tested how stable it is. It a couple weeks, our project goes out for a round of concept testing across a wide range of devices... so I may end up diving back into it.
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    Ah thankyou! That would makes sense, my only other idea was that the JSON either didn't exist or was failing at times, hmmm ... As to how I load, my understanding was there was no actual loading going on until you called game.load.start() so my general flow is create (state started) > prepare load stack > load start > on load complete, move on to next state. That to me just seems a little more structured, probably just personal preference in the end, however.
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    body is undefined

    Thanks scheffgames. I changed it, but I still run into the exact same problem. function create() { game.stage.backgroundColor = '#3598db' this.cursor = game.input.keyboard.createCursorKeys(); this.player = game.add.image(200, 75, 'tank') game.physics.arcade.enable(this.player); this.player.body.enable = true; this.player.body.collideWorldBounds = true; for (var i = 0; i < enemiesTotal; i++) { enemies.push(new EnemyTank()); } } Edit: I fixed it. I used images instead of sprites...images dont support physics.
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    Would you mind sending me the character model you are working with and ill try make it work in new system as well ? If you can't or won't send model that kool too, I just thought i would offer to help clean it up for babylon toolkit use
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    Although my new exporter has many new animation features, the 1.0.1 version still DOES support single animations. First issue (Why 3ds max and blender work and Unity does not).... The way unity work is EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING is 'Imported' to Unity's Own meta format... Meshes and Bones included and Especially animations. Once Unity gets it... we take all information from UNITY native game objects and create our babylon entities from there... Even though 3ds max and blender and even BabylonJS allow for more than 4 bone influencers... UNITY DOES NOT... Unity only allows 1, 2, and 4 bones... Any more and they get 'Culled'... Also the Project->Quality page is where you would set that default 1, 2, or 4 bones. When we 'Sample Animations' to get the Transform Matrix for EVERY bone at each frame of animation, we are actually sample unity's native animation system's data. So by the time it get to BabylonJS there Skin weights will look funny if Unity culled the bone influencers. They best way to handle this is make sure your model properly 'Skin Weight' with 4 max influencers ... I actually created some Maya Art Tools in the BJS Github->Exporters->Maya->Tools folder (babylonReskinTool.mel) If you still get problem, hit me up, ill help you get it working
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    Read with interest, thank you. I'm a user of functional (or functional reactive) and I'm always interested in how others can gist their passion! I've seen clear benefits going functional with appdev (React + Flux) yet remain very satisfied with SOLID oop for gamedev. I would summarise as: what takes considerable discipline with oop is (usually) inherent with functional.
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    CYOS bugs

    Hey I fixed the save issue Working on fixing the other issue
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    The direct answer to your question is no. If you have any change such that a vertex somehow no longer matches across triangle with respect to normal /UV/vertex colors/matrix weight or matrix indices, then in one export you will get a mis-match in vertex count. In about a month, I will ported some of the stuff I will be doing for shapekeys. There the vertices are set as normal. The shapekeys are mapped into the same order. This issue exists, because you are jumping the gun and bleeding accordingly.
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    @samid737 The player idea is a great one! i will definitely consider that. Thank you for the suggestion @ProSteveSmith Thank you for the feedback! The full release is about a year out, but I may release a couple more demos in the meantime, and if I do, I'll be sure to drop them in here.
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    Nice game! It is so addicting, I've been playing it for hours straight. Question, why did you write your own engine? Did you think that the ones available today (Pixi, Phaser, Unity) didn't fit your project? Keep up with the great work, the game is really promising! just wait for some Youtubers to pick it up and you're done! Thanks!!
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    Higher or Lower Card Game

    Hi all, I've just released a new game to the world and wanted to post it here for feedback and criticism. It's called Higher or Lower, a card game where you guess if the next card in the deck will be higher or lower than the card currently on screen. I've incorporated quite a few cardbacks that the player can select to help increase time spent in the game and the artwork was created by my girlfriend. I think the art style makes the game stand out from other higher or lower card games, certainly from the ones on Google Play. Additionally, I've added sort of a status smiley face to show how well you are doing in the game, the more you get wrong the more the face requires medical attention, it's a similar idea to the Ouch Face in Doom. The game will work on both desktop and mobile devices. It's been tested in various Android devices (Nexus 6, Galaxy S2, Nexus 7) and iOS devices (iPhones 6s, iPhones 5s) and I've not noticed any errors or anything. So please enable audio (which is OFF by default), play the game and let me know how you get on! P.S. if you win or lose, click/tap on the big face for an audible...surprise
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    Advice to create a words based game

    Using Phaser is fine. (hint : the secret word is : phaser) https://jsfiddle.net/cwLfqu0x/3/
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    Validating changes

    Hey team, I've just added a small page here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/tests/validation (It can be run directly from VS code) This page will run some visual tests against the current babylon.js library:
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    alpha = 0 not fully transparent

    Basically, in real life, highlights can be seen on top of transparent surface preventing to see through like your computer screen reflected on your window shield by night or car shield reflecting sun... Trying to emulate that, we by default in the material force displaying highlighted part of transparent surfaces (automatically increasing opacity in front of the luminance of the highlights either radiance from environment or specular from scene lights). You can disable this by setting those both parameters in the material (they are true by default): useRadianceOverAlpha = false and useSpecularOverAlpha = false
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    3.0 is on npm already as 3.0.0-alpha
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    Euphrosine wants ten dots

    Great game
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    Euphrosine wants ten dots

    Thank you! Source code is available (see post)
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    Problem with .fbx > blender > .babylon

    @luknei : TY for the .blend file. What version of the Blender Babylon Exporter (BBE) are you using? I am using v5.0.6 - and it won't even let me export to .babylon. The reason : you have un-applied transforms which is why you will get the "spaghetti monster" with older versions of the BBE So: 1. Select the Mesh in "Object Mode" and Object->Apply ->"Rotation and Scale" 2. Select the Armature "Object Mode" and again Object->Apply ->"Rotation and Scale" That allows me to export the file. However, when I try to run it I get this error message: BJS - [12:44:45]: Unable to compile effect: babylon.2.5.js:3:22965 BJS - [12:44:45]: Vertex shader:defaultbabylon.2.5.js:3:22965 BJS - [12:44:45]: Fragment shader:defaultbabylon.2.5.js:3:22965 BJS - [12:44:45]: Defines: #define NUM_BONE_INFLUENCERS 4 #define BonesPerMesh 65 babylon.2.5.js:3:22965 BJS - [12:44:45]: Error: ERROR: too many uniformsbabylon.2.5.js:3:22965 You notice the number of bones 65. It looks like my PC is choking on those bones. Recommended number 40 or less. So, if you can get an export and can see the soldier, try applying Scale and Rotation as above and re-export Then try viewing you new export. cheers, gryff