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    [WIP] General Election Game (UK)

    Hi all, Me and my team have just made our very first game and I would really appreciate some feedback! Here's the link to play it online and below is a screenshot of how it looks: The Game is about Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, that in the game is portrayed as a Wizard that can turn evil into good. I have just created 5 levels for now but I am not sure that the gameplay works 100%. It seems to me that the game is too easy, but my opinion doesn't count because I know how the enemies behave and how the levels look. Maybe I should increase the number of enemies per level or the speed? Or it works ok as it is now? Any feedback is greately appreciated, thanks!
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    PIXI Texture frames

    Texture is a (baseTexture, frame). Sprite doesn't have frame. So you have to copy the texture, to achieve the thing you want. Texture in resources is a (baseTexture, (0,0,baseTexture.width, baseTexture.height)). You modified it and put in sprite - you got the result ``` let newTex = new PIXI.Texture(PIXI.loader.resources['lala'].texture, t32Rect); //same as let newTex = new PIXI.Texture(PIXI.loader.resources['lala'].texture.baseTexture, t32Rect); let sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(newTex); ```
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    (FIXED) V4 9-Sliced Sprites

    oops! Thank you, shaym4n
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    how to create jyostick on screen

    you can take a look at the bjs virtual joystick camera as a base: https://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/how_to_use_virtualjoystickscamera
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    moving cars on roads

    Hey @Hashasm, I'd suggest to start by making your own stuff to begin with, so you fully understand the concepts behind this task. Anyway, try to complete the following tasks: 1. Make a car go straight from Road_Piece_1 to Road_Piece_2 (basically get the coordinates and orientation of each road piece, 1 by 1, and move the car on them) 2. Make a car go straight for any amount of road pieces 3. Make a car handle single turns (either left or right) 4. Make a car decide on a crossroad which part to turn 5. Make a car go from A to B and come back forever 6. Add collision detection before trying to move onto the following road piece Congrats! You have a simple patrol algorithm which can be tweaked and improved according to your game needs
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    *nod* thx. Good catch... views nearing 65536. Time for another goofy PG demo? Ok... here. Raanan's cloth demo used "particleImpostors", and they don't work against the meshImpostor hemisphere bowl. So I changed them to sphereImposters, and I set the resolution of each "point-shape" very low. AND, I made the points fatter. This runs slow as molasses on my machine, but I probably have a big fat bog-log in the code somewhere. Lines 107-112 is where the points get their physics. If the point is a yellow "stead", it gets no mass. It is a hang-point. Otherwise, it gets mass. Set some mass in line 109, and the cloth will drop to bottom of bowl. Set restitution to 1.3 in lines 109 and 112, and things can get violent. So much so, that portions of the cloth are blasted-thru the sides of the bowl. Fun! When using 2.5 mode, cloth POSITION is off-centered... in a corner quadrant, which is EXACTLY the problem I see with the heightMapImpostor (another thread). HeightmapImpostor works in one quadrant of the terrain. Other 3 quadrants are fall-thru. I smell boundingBox.extendSize (and .center) issues, I do... in 3.0. Hey, I wasn't playing with this PG, people. I was working a forum customer service ticket. No, really, I was. I was hauling a big truckload of research to an issue, and this PG jumped-out in-front-of my truck. I had to lock-up the air brakes. Had to take a detour. Really. I would never lie. How about a trampoline or tennis racket mesh? fun!
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    Multiple Requests

    @Henity I can see that every time you open the in game menu a new event listener is added to the quitGame button. `quitGame.on('click', quitToMenu);` Your code doesn't show where you add `quitGame`, but this is basically the problem. A quick fix would be to check if the event listener exists already before you add it. Or better yet, add the event listener at the same time you create `quitGame` if possible.
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    Ok new github links for my maze entry in the contest 1 Full Maze - includes an intro to watch with music, an animated book, a wizard and his hell hound. 2 Maze (no intro) - four 5x5 mazes connected by gates and stairs. The parts were built in Blender and the maze constructed from instances using BJS and a script. You can jump between the four mazes by pressing the I key on the keyboard if you can't figure out how to open some gates I hope the other contestants mazes are still available.. It was a fun contest cheers, gryff