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    Sampler on VetexShader

    a way i can get by this if i'm using a first person camera is getting the direction the camera is facing, reflect it on the x and z vertices of the grass. that should make a heck of a bend-press simulation
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    Sampler on VetexShader

    https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3D3RPL#23 Got it thanks
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    Thank you! That actually helped. I used the directionX/Y, diff code from that to come up with my solution. My canvas is sitting in an iFrame, so I used this code: $(parent).on("pointermove", function(e) { if (mouseDown) { evt = e.originalEvent; var directionX = evt.movementX || evt.mozMovementX || evt.webkitMovementX || 0; var directionY = evt.movementY || evt.mozMovementY || evt.webkitMovementY || 0; diff = {x:-directionX /100, y:directionY /100} } }) $(parent).on("pointerup", function(e) { mouseDown = false; triggerMouseEvent (canvas, "pointerup"); }) $(canvas).on("pointerdown", function(e) { mouseDown = true; }) $(canvas).on("pointerup", function(e) { mouseDown = false; }) then in the render loop engine.runRenderLoop(function() { camera.alpha += diff.x; camera.beta -= diff.y; diff.x *= 0.9; diff.y *= 0.9; scene.render(); }); Works nice and smooth regardless of the size of the iFrame
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    Will need a lot of work but an example anyway https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8JTMDX
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    You can also set allowGravity=false on all of those bodies.
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    (I fix some little things, now we have a scene for testing https://playground.babylonjs.com/#M6HJ3P#2) [edit] as asked, here my changed: attach camera to player seems to be break, so I disable player - doesn't need for tests add a mesh sphere to the light position push meshes to shadowgenerator now, just try to find time to help [/edit]
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    LF Twitter game dev friends 💕

    I find twitter invaluable for keeping up with new techniques and new libraries/modules. This is for general web dev though rather than game dev specific, mainly as I don't know who are web game dev thought leaders.
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    var columna = this.physics.add.group({ gravityY: 0 });
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    DirectX Raytracing in babylon

    Yeah you can buy this monster, its 25% off now (And Its G G O O L L D D ) https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/data-center/dgx-systems/
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    DirectX Raytracing in babylon

    Yeah sure with a computer that costs more than a Tesla car
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    DirectX Raytracing in babylon

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    DirectX Raytracing in babylon

    Be assured that if there's a way to do ray tracing in Babylon.js from JS/WebGL, we'll do it But as @Deltakosh said, it's going to be a very long time before being accessible from web standards.
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    Getting Started with Phaser 3

    I just published a tutorial that is aimed to be a starting point for new developers who want to start with Phaser 3, I tried to write some notes as well for Phaser 2 devs about some key differences: https://gamedevacademy.org/phaser-3-tutorial/ Hope you find it helpful!
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    In-game loading bar

    If the browser is busy on a long, continuous task, it won't send any animation frames to Phaser. If you want Phaser to keep rendering, you need to split up your task into chunks somehow.