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    Hey everyone, I looked around for details on this but I am trying to determine the difference between the Physic types: Arcade, Impact, Matter to see what would be best for my type of game or to experiment with. I read in the Dev blogs that "Arcade" was meant for very simple physics in a game, while somewhere else I read that "Matter" was meant for debugging... I would like to know what the real differences are and which would make the most sense for a given game type. Does anyone know what the differences between the Physic types are? Thanks!!!
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    Hi guys! The initial code posted and ccapture was from my thread. @klaude have you used ccapture or the playground I posted? I wasn't able to fully port ccapture into Babylon and test to be able to specify the target fps and be in sync. Were you finally successful? and if so can you please share your PG? @Deltakosh and @Sebavan does the solution in implementation allow recording to mp4/ webm/ or photo frames in a constant fps without lost frames? I am interested in recording high quality video. With ThreeJs and ccapture library I was able to render at 4K at 60fps, if I wanted (script would render every frame in slow motion locked at the target fps) Looking forward to the news
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    Text losing properties after setText()

    Thanks, this should be fixed now! Btw, you are creating unnecessary function in your Time line: game.addAsset('font.fnt'); game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.text = new game.Text('Hello Panda Banda!\nHow are you today?', { maxWidth: 300 }); this.text.addTo(this.stage); game.Timer.add(1500, this.nextCall.bind(this)); }, nextCall: function() { this.text.setText('Line 1\nLine 2'); } });
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    Object never stops moving after collistion

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    Hi @enpu please take a look at this sample, the setText() makes the text blank. I believe its related to maxWidth, because it works without maxWidth. game.addAsset('font.fnt'); game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.text = new game.Text("Hello Panda Banda!\nHow are you today?",{maxWidth:300}); this.text.addTo(this.stage); game.Timer.add(1500,function() {this.nextCall()}.bind(this)); }, nextCall: function() { this.text.setText("Line 1\nLine 2"); } });
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    Advanced Baking of Reflections Script

    Wow, good work. When I get some time ill review and lend input.
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    possible to do long running algorithms?

    you need to look into 'Web Workers'
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    compressionAlgorithm [ERROR]

    I don't know if this is contributing to the problem, but something I noticed is that you are loading two different image assets that have the same key of "Background". Once in the preload function and then again in the preloaders function. Try changing one of those to something else and see what happens.