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    BabylonJS Editor V2

    Hello awsome community! The BabylonJS Editor V2 is now available and online! It comes with a web version and a native desktop application (Electron)! From the V1, this new editor comes with a better user interface and more tools to write less, less, less lines of code Demo This demo video shows a project 100% made inside the editor. It includes custom scripts written using TypeScript, path finding, custom post-process and custom animations Features Create and edit particle systems Create and edit animations Create and edit lens flares systems Create and edit physics states on meshes Create and edit materials (including materials library) Add and edit sounds Add and edit textures (including render target textures & procedural textures) Save projects on OneDrive / local with Electron Deploy project template on OneDrive / local with Electron Scene graph view Create and edit custom post-process Create and edit custom materials Attach custom scripts (JavaScript and TypeScript) to your objects Test your scenes with debug support Video tutorials The documentation is available in the BabylonJS Documentation but now comes with videos to illustrate the written documentation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNogU8tcA5IegFvMwE2Rckw/playlists Some links Full documentation: http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/ Editor: http://editor.babylonjs.com/ Desktop Application: http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/getting_started Git Repository: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Editor Conclusion If you encounter a bug, don't hesitate to report in the forum and I'll make my best to resolve it. Thanks for being BabylonJS users. Hope you'll like using this editor
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    We have not done a monthly competition in a while. I am super busy this month to run one, but would anyone be interested in one possibly next month? I could even offer a prize of economy hosting for a year for the winner, cause I have an extra cpanel server just sitting doing nothing. Im gonna be out of town for like a week, hopefully when I get back we have some takers.
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    I went to make a playground and it worked. I checked Babylon version and its using 3.3.0 beta. I was using 3.3.0 alpha. I downloaded the beta version and CPU bones now works. It works so well I can't even tell difference in frame drop. Thanks for your help @Sebavan
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    @endel has just updated his BabylonJS + Colyseus Multiplayer Boilerplate repository to support the latest BabylonJS, Colyseus, Node.js, TypeScript, Webpack and related dependencies. It's a great starting point for anyone interested in developing multiplayer games or multiuser applications with BabylonJS. Here's more information: BabylonJS + Colyseus Multiplayer Boilerplate Colyseus website Colyseus documentation Support Endel via his Patreon campaign
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    Debug Layer Wont Open

    Try a different browser first, yu might have pop ups turned off on your chrome. (No clue Iā€™m just guessing)
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    BabylonJS Editor V2

    @satguru Just fixed!
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    Hi! If you are asking why it is needed - some objects are not centered, but physics engines don't support it. so, before sttep "centers them" for the physics engine to have the right data, and after step is putting back in place. To your question (if I understood correctly) - why is it still executed when the delta is 0,0,0? no reason, not needed, you can submit a PR and add me to review and skip this step if it's 0,0,0
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    Path tracing possible in CYOS?

    Thank you, When I get back into town next week Ill take a look and see about getting us a raytrace deployment for physical meshs. Till then Im gonna be off the grid till like next Thursday. - Peace out!
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    I'm pretty sure STL is right-handed, so possibly because BJS is left-handed? Also, welcome to the forum! Great question.
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    Struggling with the basics

    Thank you that tutorial looks exactly like what I was missing. I'll take your advice about the tilemap too when I get to it! Thanks!
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    Yep, I see what you mean. That would definitely be nice to have! I just need to find some time to start program it
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    Partial morphs?

    Do you know if this is possible with Morph Manager? To be able to morph different areas with different influence amounts?
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    I've created a Phaser3 game template example, it's available on GitHub here: GitHub: https://github.com/BdR76/Phaser3-example-game Play demo: Phaser3 example game This is a Phaser v3 example game template, it's intended to show the structure of a typical Phaser3 game and using some of the key features of Phaser. It shows how to use separate scenes, a simple but effective loading bar, sprite atlas loading, sprite animation, buttons similar to Phaser v2 and more. It's a bare minimum game, a starting point of sorts. I hope it's useful for someone just starting out with Phaser development. Have fun with it let me know if you have any improvements. (Btw the only thing still missing is scaling or a scale manager, I'll add that at a later time)
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    Nice template dude. Thanks. I'm planning to have a crack at LDJam tomorrow, and its been ages since I did anything GameDev related. This will help me get something going quicker.
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    BabylonJS Editor V2

    Great. Very polished. Like the desktop option. Question: How do you now focus camera on an item and rotate camera around it?. This was there in the previous version. Hope we didn't remove that
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    Or use a ribbon šŸ˜‰
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    In your case would it be simpler to create the subdiv manually and merge the meshes ? http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/how_to_merge_meshes We do not support non homogenous subdiv. You could also create the vertex data yourself if it is more appropriate.
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    Custom Builds?

    You can do incredibly granular builds of Phaser 3! Literally chop out anything you don't use, right down to single Actions or File Type Loaders. I'll write a proper tutorial on it for a Dev Log soon, but for now the key to it is using webpack to make a custom build by changing the contents of the entry point. Webpack uses src/phaser.js as the entry point for the 'full' build, and src/phaser-core.js for the 'core' build. If you look at these files you'll see they are basically a list of all the things to be included in a build, that is exposed under the Phaser namespace. If you look at the core file you'll see the GameObjects object breaks down into sections and that TileSprite and the Bitmap Text objects aren't in there for example. You can also see it's got far less Loader File Types too. Basically, anything in this file is bundled in. If you just link to a folder it'll take the index.js file from that folder and include everything in it: Actions: require('./actions') Here, every single Action will be included. But you could change it to this: Actions: { GridAlign: require('./actions/GridAlign'), RandomLine: require('./actions/RandomLine'), Shuffle: require('./actions/Shuffle') } Now, only the 3 Actions listed will be included. You don't have to worry about dependencies. For example, the Shuffle action requires the ArrayShuffle function from the utils/array folder, but it will be pulled in automatically because of the way webpack works. So think about the phaser.js file as being what you want Phaser to expose in its namespace. You could literally have nothing other than the 'Game' entry and that in itself will pull in everything it needs for a core, base Phaser to work. There won't be any Game Objects of course and no File Types for the Loader but it would still work. Perhaps if you were rendering a whole game using just the Graphics object then you could skip adding the Loader entirely! That's the basic gist of it anyway. Clone the repo, create your own phaser.js entry point, put in it whatever you use and let webpack worry about the rest.
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    Blend shapes

    Hello! So no problem to export your mesh with skeleton as a separated file. For blend shapes I'm not an expert of Maya but you should be able to have multiple targets per mesh. Not sure about how to export it though (pinging @noalak for more info)
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    I'm being a newby, too lazy to study actionManager now, so looking for easy cheats: fog? Added fog stuff at lines 61 .. 66 https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HH1U5#82
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    The event-based games/apps today ?

    Hi man! Pixi.js I think best player here. Phaser is a little bit overhead in my opinion. From my experience, I started to work with Pixi, but after some time, I realized that is quite old (I want to use ES7 babel by clear way, also there are a lot of stuff which is not needed to me and a lot of stuff that is needed but hard to implement with current engine), I wrote my own rendering engine from scratch, only for my purposes for one month. I can easily scale my rendering engine and I didn't have something that is not needed. Of course, this rendering engine only for my game, I didn't make it to be absolute. 1) Write by yourself or just use Pixi, it's not big overhead. 2) I have a twitch stream where I'm discussing my game development, maybe you can watch and ask appropriate questions and I will help you. 3) Depends on what do you want to use, webgl or canvas. Right now I'm working with webgl only and have good practices how to make the game by using famous libraries such as React along with server-side rendering. And also I know how to write minimal rendering engine which will work fine. I apologise that didn't answer your questions by clear way, but you need to describe your problems, otherwise answers will be abstract. Because you can use any frameworks you want, you can use OOP, functional programming, MVC or event-based model, server-side or just client-side ā€“ you know.
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    Aww heck... let's code-up the spinRight() and spinLeft() animation funcs. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HH1U5#80 Ok, now I'm on vacation. šŸŒ² I got a bunch of new maps for MudRunner... and I'm SO addicted to that game (simulator). I was addicted to Tonka trucks and mud... as a child, too. Vrroooom!