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    Export animations from unity

    Hello and Welcome, The forum has moved to a new home: https://forum.babylonjs.com Do you mind posting again there ?
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    Tipping/slide effect: gravity doesn't work

    Arcade Physics is a system based on AABB collision detection, every sprite has a rectangular body shape and it's not possible to rotate it. You can observe that with render function below. For more advanced physics like slopes, you could use P2 Physics. function render() { game.debug.body(ledge); }
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    GUI Fill

    hahaha... damn, I am SO blind. (hug) Hey DylanD.. are you on the new forum, yet? Perhaps start a new Q&A thread over there... "Testing GUI Health Meters" (anything you choose)... and we'll keep doing experiments and talks. Meantime, I'm marking this thread as solved. Message me if you want it re-opened for some reason. See ya soon at the new forum.
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    GUI Fill

    It does not work because of line #19
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    GUI Fill

    Hi DD. I can't imagine a situation where a power/health meter or status bar... would want/use a moving container. That causes the entire health meter "control".... to move-around upon/within the advancedDynamicTexture (adt) (or upon/within other types of containers such as a grid cells). Few people would animate-move a control... after it is placed upon/within the adt container. But if YOU are happy, DD, then I am happy WITH you. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#7EPK2H#9 Pretend white-border "outer" container... is where you want the health meter on the screen... in your game/project. You need it to stay there, yes? Try to get your health meter... operating within that white box. Kenya? (can you?) One more wrapping container (outer) shouldn't affect your new control at all, right? Does it? I put a thin red line around original container... so we could watch it moving. SideNote: Hey @Deltakosh/others... line 17 - outer.left = "50px"; ... not working? outer.top seems to work, but not outer.left. Likely Wingnut mistake.
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    New forum

    It's fine, I just need to check all tables for an IP address column and blank them if they have them, plus erase the users table (you still have the usernames of those who made the posts in the actual posts table). Then you can do whatever you want with the actual data. I can provide a dump of attachments too, but only once, as it's time-consuming. So let me know when you want me to do that. It will be up to you to consolidate these files with the attachment IDs in the database. I'm not sure how much space you get with Discourse, I think it's 1TB, before Deltakosh will have to start paying monthly to be hosted there. Just to clarify - forum updates are paid for until April 2019, after which it will still work, but Invision won't be updated any longer. Without BJS or Phaser here traffic will be really small, so I can move it to a cheap VPS and keep it online indefinitely (or until some massive Invision security flaw comes out!)
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    Math Question - Normal to Rotation?

    So I am still having trouble with this, I have the shader which "works" but has some glitchs when the arrow transfers to a different normal so I am looking for a different solution. I am following your instructions but can not get the markers to be in the correct rotation basically flat on the surface and the arrow pointing down the slope. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SHW98H#2 I am at least able to get the correct y rotation: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SHW98H#3 https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SHW98H#4 <- Better but slow because of how many arrows Im making. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SHW98H#8 <- scaling the arrows by slope. >_< uhhg this is giving me a headache...
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    None in the docs that I've seen, but there's a list of them in the TweenManager.