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    Hi, I made an exact port of the 40 year old classic arcade game "Tailgunner", which I did together with Graham Toal. Tailgunner is a vector game programmed by Dan Sunday of the company Vectorbeam in 1979. The game is very simple, because it is so old, but this JavaScript conversion of the game is somehow special, as it is not a reprogramming or achieved by a conventional CPU emulator, but it is based on so-called static binary translation. Back in 2004, Graham Toal wrote a really cool program, with which he automatically translated the original game code from the arcade game's machine language to C. With Graham's help I ported his generated C code to JavaScript and added a graphical HTML5/JavaScript environment. You can try it here: http://members.aon.at/nkehrer/tailgunner/tailgunner.html Here is also is a screenshot to give you an impression of the game: Bye. Norbert
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    That's because you are using arrow functions () => which are only compatible with modern browsers that support ES6
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    Yes you can do it: I have customized the GUI interface of Babylon here :
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    Player actions with effects idea

    Now is better, but still i need to upgrade pmy article system :). https://streamable.com/u2zli
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    Get image from cache

    As has been mentioned, all images are stored in the Texture Manager. You can get the raw image data like this: var tex = this.textures.get('key'); tex.getSourceImage(); You can pass getSourceImage a frame key, should the texture span multiple image files (like in a multi-texture set-up)