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    Thank you for the answers, and the codepen link as well, the way I have solved the issue is that I was playing around with replacing my sprites with pure rectangles with the height and width of the player and the enemy sprites, and compared them to the actual sprites' appearance. I found out that the height of my player sprite is approximately twice as big as the player's sprite's height, so what I did was in the collision checking algorithm I divided height by 2 and I got an approximately perfect solution without the need of using hitArea
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    SICARIO KID - quick-shot duel

    Terrific game, I found it mega hard! My high score was 2 for a while, but I quite liked that difficulty, without it I think things would be stale and you kind of get into a groove after a while, where I amassed a mighty 11 (!). I spent $500 for a heart upgrade, but didn't realise it only counts for the next run. Not sure if that is a good thing or not but my expectation (from other games) is that an upgrade is usually forever in these sorts of games. Not necessarily saying it _should_ be a forever upgrade, just that it was unexpected. I'm also not sure how you might solve that without more obvious text, which would kind-of break the immersion you've built up, which I really like in games. Of course, it may very well just be me and no-one else is so easily confused!
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    SICARIO KID - quick-shot duel

    @Nagval333 I really enjoyed this. The concept, the style and setting, the music and the pacing - creatively great and well executed. I got to Level 30 (100+ kills) and it kept me engaged. If you were looking for suggestions, I'd mention that the upgrade path was initially slow (to the point some players may never achieve a single upgrade?), then seemed to quicken on the second half of upgrades as things became quite easy comparatively. I'd also mention that finger placement meant I often hid the opponent, so I never really appreciated their variety, their rank, or their reward. Again, great simple game
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    Y8 Destroys Your Games (and websites)

    Complaining about a bunch of IP infringing 'Mario' games being removed from a distribution network? Ballsy move bringing attention to that!