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    Hamza Wasim

    Box Tower - An Addictive Game

    Hi! I have created a game called Box Tower. I worked a lot to make it run smooth. Here is the link to the game: https://gamedistribution.com/games/box-tower-1 Game Description : Box Tower is an addictive game. Drop the box that is moving on the other box. Touch, Mouse, And Keyboard all are supported.This game is compatible with Admob. This game is created using Construct 2. Game Instructions : While playing on pc or laptop use “Space” key to drop the box or press left click to drop the box. While playing on a smartphone or tablet, tap anywhere on the screen to drop the box. Game Features : Made with Construct 2 Full HD 1080×1920 pixels Touch, mouse, and keyboard support Sound effect Highscore I would like to have your feedback about the game. Thanks!
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    Box Tower - An Addictive Game

    Cool concept but the graphics could be better, more attractive... The speed could be also faster. Have a good day.