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    Hello guys and basically this topic is for you guys/developers that upload games on gamedistribution so, I read too many topics with gamedistribution and all you guys/developers that you read all bad comments, "gamedistribution not pay me yet", "gamedistribution this, that" but you still continue upload to this website and support it? Serious? And the funny is, upload too many games to get in 1-3 or more months ........ What/How earning? 50euros? Or less? They own complete chain in advertising. So officially you get 1/3 of the income of a game. But they get often 2/3 because 1/3 for gamedistribution but also 1/3 since they own big game portals like Kizi. But also: You get 1/3 of the net income. But the ads are sold by their own advertising company so they can control different between Gross and Net. So they get up to 70% and you get 15% ............ if you are lucky! My experience to them? -> Of course. I get ~100euros in 6months from 10+ games... And when i remove all and i upload to other portal, i get ~200euros in 1 month from 2 games only. Imagine how % you get from your games. Even your game is addictive, even is top of the top....... You still lose a lot money. So you can continue upload your games, no problem. And open topics again or post to ask for help. Send them unlimited emails, will answer when they want. Cheers. By the way, @GameDistribution Support I'm still waiting "success stories" ? Can you share some original-success stories? Remember? I post under your post in this topic (June 18): P.S 1: Why open this topic ? -> One (1) only answer : To help new developers and their games. I learn from my mistakes. Bad experience with this company and similar. So i share true stories, that's all. P.S 2: How know and share all this ? -> This is personal sorry but thanks to a friend, he knows. P.S 3: Am i wrong? -> As i said, no problem, you can still continue upload your games. Your results from your earnings is the only truth.
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    Custom bitmap for 2d object

    Thanks! And the next problem. Here is my code //just add graphic var graphic=this.add.graphics(); graphic.fillStyle(0xff00ff,1); graphic.fillRect(0,0,60,60); //add sprite with graphic content this.graphic2=this.make.graphics({x: 0, y: 0, add: false}); this.graphic2.fillStyle(0x2200ff,0.4); this.graphic2.fillRect(0,0,60,60); this.graphic2.generateTexture('graphic2',60,60); var spr=this.add.sprite(0,0,'graphic2'); Here is the result: https://gyazo.com/e6008d49e727084a856b0fc2316e8f10 Rectangles 1 and 2 should overlap completely in my opinion, but the second one is centered around the upper left corner instead of has the exact position of the 1st one. What am I doing wrong and how to fix it?
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    Haw to snap a moving to a grid

    Divide the coordinate by the snap value (16 in your case), then round the number to an integer, and then mutiply by the snap value. So, for example, you want to snap an x-coordinate of 37 to the nearest multiple of 16: var x = 37; var snapValue = 16; var snappedX = Math.round(x / snapValue) * snapValue; This will give snappedX as 32. (Nice game, by the way. You'll want to tween the tank to the nearest snap value on releasing the cursor key, so it's always in the right position before turning. And so that you don't get the tank moving backwards on releasing the key, you should change Math.round in the algorithm above to either Math.floor or Math.ceil depending on which direction it's going, so it always tweens forward to the correct position)