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    My 2019 - 7 Day Game Challenge

    Hi guys At the start of the year I've gave my self a challenge to make a game every 7 days It's been a rocky road and I've had a couple of ups and downs but I'm happy to have made 21 games so far. After having tried almost every engine under the sun, and listening to everyone telling me what I needed, I decided that coding wasn't for me and gave Construct 3 a go - I honestly couldn't be happier, as it's an amazing engine. If you're interested in checking my games out, you can play them all here ninjadoodle.com PS. For anyone interested, I also make gamedev / behind the scenes related videos, including game making tutorials - youtube/tomvencel Thank you!
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    First time HTML5 dev here ... but I do have a background making games for other platforms. I'm currently establishing some foundational parts so I can build my first game. The current part I'm working on is handling resizes to the window. During this process, I was using one texture. I noticed that the image was drawing larger than it should. My code to create the application is: const app = new PIXI.Application({ width: gameArea.width, height: gameArea.height, view: <HTMLCanvasElement> document.getElementById('game-canvas'), antialias: true, transparent: false, backgroundColor: 0xFFFFFFFF, forceCanvas: canvasType == "canvas", resolution: window.devicePixelRatio}); As you can see, I am using `devicePixelRatio` for the resolution. I'm on a Mac, so this is 2. I realized the issue was needing an `@2x`. Once I did this, the image rendered at the correct size. I recall reading that some Android devices have non-integer `devicePixelRatio` values. In these particular cases, what is the proper `@` suffix to use? For example, do you round down? Or does texture loading support modifying the resolution scale upon load or after it's been loaded? I'm trying to decide if I'm better off setting the resolution to 1 and handling resolution scaling myself. I've done that for other projects. Another possible issue I could see was that I was going to probably have different scaled versions of assets depending on the overall size of the window. Let's call them lo, med, and high. Would this also imply I'd need extra sets (eg. @2x, @3x, @4x) of these sizes? Thanks!
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    Is it possible to tell pixi to render children which are not in Container.children array? They are in separate Content.array Thanks!
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    I gave you link to v5 source. For v4 use https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/v4.x/src/core/display/Container.js#L394 Its important to look in the sources, you cant do hacks without them. That kins of hacks are normal in pixi because we are very small team and we can't possibly document all that stuff and give people API and examples on every minor idea. Please dont treat pixi like a black box.
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    SpriteUtilities updated for Pixi 5

    Hi Everyone, Just letting you know I'm busy updating SpriteUtilities to Pixi v5: https://github.com/kittykatattack/spriteUtilities/tree/dev PRs and bug fixes welcome!
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    SpriteUtilities updated for Pixi 5

    Oh, thanks!! I really need to update it for Pixi 5. Luckily I'm starting a lot of new Pixi work so should be quite active here again.