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    Top-Down Tank Game Showcase

    Hi everyone, I just create a simple show case for PIXI.JS. A top-down Tank game with: 1. Physic engine integration with matter-js. 2. ViewPort for 2D camara. 3. Custom Tile map and grid system. 4. Dynamic generate new area . 5. Keyboard Control. 6. GUI Interface. Example: https://kayacchang.github.io/Tank/dist/ Source Code: https://github.com/KayacChang/Tank
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    Ropes Game

    @AlienBurn recommend you try both and see which one suits you. For me Panda -Easy to learn, I have three games made with panda. -Very small community. -Panda Editor is not free but it can make you code your game faster(export to web or mobile is easy). -Growth So Slow, Engine has not updated for a long time, I worried that it like impact.js. Phaser -Much tutorial and Demo Example (but it left me quite confused after looking at multiple tutorials and even trying a few test projects.) -Very large community. -if you want to export to mobile and Code obfuscation, You need to learn cordova/phonegap , Webpack etc….it's totally free -Engine keep updated each month, fast-growing. Finally, Both of them are an awesome HTML5 engine.😁
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    Phaser + React JS

    This post is quite old but is still at the top of a Phaser 3 and React Google search. Hopefully the below can help new users trying to combine Phaser and React. For Phaser 3 and React with Create-React-App I tried following this guide: https://www.zephyrcoding.com/phaser3-with-react/ However, I ended up configuring webpack myself and wrote this guide: https://medium.com/@Tnodes/integrating-react-and-phaser-3-tutorial-eb96717d4a9d
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    In Phaser 3 is it possible to create a group and add multiple sprites at random positions? I've tried looking at the documentation here and the example here but couldn't figure out how to do it. This is my code so far, it does add one coin at a random position each time I run it, butit only seems to add one single coin. // add random coins var coins = this.add.group(); coins.createMultiple( { key: 'sprites', frame: 'coin1', setXY: { x: Phaser.Math.RND.between(0, 800), y: Phaser.Math.RND.between(0, 600) }, frameQuantity: 2, repeat: 5 }); Coming from Phaser v2, I've just started working with Phaser 3 and it takes some time to get to understand the differences.
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    Thanks @NoxBrutalis I was focusing to much on the .createMultiple() method. Simply creating the coins in a loop and then adding them to the group worked for me this.gameitems = this.physics.add.group(); for (var i = 0; i < 20; i++) { var x = Phaser.Math.RND.between(0, 800); var y = Phaser.Math.RND.between(0, 600); var newobj = this.gameitems.create(x, y, 'sprites', 'coin1'); } Btw is there a way to get the width and height values (800 and 600) from the current scene or game instead of using hardcoded numbers for the RND function?