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    Pixi.js Showcase

    I built this website that was projected on to a transparent touchscreen for an exhibition at Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. It might be hard to see in the video but visitors are challenged with a range of ethical questions about technical and medical development at three of these stations. I mainly used Pixi for all the great filters like Pixelate and CRT. It really worked out great! The whole project took 1 month from the first line of code till the premiere. Just when the exhibition launched, the museum closed due to covid-19. Fortunately it’s going to be around for 3-5 years hyperhuman.mp4
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    Generate bitmap font

    If anyone faces the same issues, I have discovered the problem. In the fnt file: <font> <info face="testFont" size="72" bold="0" italic="0" charset="" unicode="" stretchH="100" smooth="1" aa="1" padding="0,0,0,0" spacing="0,0" outline="0"/> <common lineHeight="80" base="57" scaleW="361" scaleH="512" pages="1" packed="0"/> <pages> <page id="0" file="testFont.png"/> </pages> ... On line 2, face="testFont" must match the name from line 5 (file = "testFont.png") Apparently, this undefined size error is a facade for anything that might be wrong with the font file.
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    its old way of doing plugins, and we cant really move from it before next big pixi release. The combination of webpack/vanilla and typescript compatibility is possible only with a few tricks like this one. So far everyone who solved that moved their libs to ES6 modules COMPLETELY. We cant do that without big research on how it affects our old users, we need to make an article on how to use new pixi+vanilla and move all plugins to new modules at the same time. Its hard. Yes, I prioritize hardcore vanilla users over newbies with webpack. Not everyone like that in pixijs team, @bigtimebuddy thinks the other way, his pixi-filters are hard to use by vanilla. Hope all that will be sorted out soon
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    Hi, To disable manifest check, simply set the boolean enableOfflineSupport to false on the BABYLON.Engine object. I think I'll set it by default to false in next versions as we have this question very often on the failing XHR. People will have to set it to true to use .manifest and indexeddb. What do you think? Bye, David