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    Here I have my latest Html5 game Kaiju Krashers. It combines strategy puzzles with the world of GIANT MONSTERS and their love for Destruction! The giant monster you control goes island hopping through 22 levels that players will keep coming back to with their progress saved, the only problem is he only has so much energy and thus has to destroy the buildings on each island with as few moves as possible. He must smartly navigate the area and destroy any military forces that get in his way. Thankfully he can reverse to regain some of his moves. Here are a few features of the game- -Works on all Platforms (PC & Mobile) -Strategic, but always fun & achievable -A Star Score system that challenges players to find better ways to win with less moves -A Hint Section to always keep players informed -Save system so players can return anytime -Touch controls -100% Original Art & Music -Frame size 833x651 (The link below is upscaled to fit your window.) Here's a link to the game and a walkthrough for it- https://retrobolt.github.io/KaijuKrashers-v2/ https://youtu.be/UiiubNK6UkQ