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    Hi... Thanks, that actually worked! I have some other questions that I will ask soon in the forum. Jesse
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    FPS drops on mousemove

    For example, like this this.app.renderer.plugins.interaction.search.recursiveFindHit = function(interactionEvent, displayObject, func, hitTest, interactive) { let type = interactionEvent.data.originalEvent.type; if ((/.*(move|leave|out|over).*/.test(type) && displayObject.allowMove === false) || (/.*(up|down|click|cancel).*/.test(type) && displayObject.allowClick === false)) { return false; } else { return this.__proto__.recursiveFindHit.call(this, interactionEvent, displayObject, func, hitTest, interactive); } }; and then in the code you just need to this.instance.interactive = true; // enable interactive this.instance.allowMove = false; // ignore mouse moving this.instance.allowClick = true; // or just make it undefined. allow clicks Again. You have a dragonbone\spine robot with head, 2 hands, 2 legs, body and a gun = 7 mesh\sprites. You create 100x100 robots and just want to click on them and show alert(clicked robot #...) Every mouse move you will make tree traversal of all robots * 7 children, so 70000 checks if dispayobject.contains(cursor)
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    You are a god. Will that work if even if the stage scales after a change in the browser window dimensions?