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    I am testing the two services at the same time, they are very different. * Direct Contact: Gamemonetize answers messages almost immediately, Gamedistribution never in any of the 5 email addresses. * Service: Gamemonetize approves games very quickly, Gamedistribution has been analyzing a game for 5 days and is still under review. * Payment: I don't know this yet, but everyone says that Gamemonetize pays on time, instead, everyone says that Gamedistribution doesn't even pay even though I wanted to try it myself but with such a bad service it's impossible. If everything continues like this, Gamedistribution will end up distributing its own games and nothing else, it really seems that the company is not good for developers. If this changes, I will say it, I say the bad and the good. The idea was also to test Gamearter but their SDK is a problem, it seems to be made especially to hinder developers. From what I see so far, Gamemonetize takes all positive points.
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    Hi, actually because of the way Gamedistribution speaks in such a derogatory way about Gamemonetize it does not seem that it is from the same owner, yes it is possible that Gamemonetize has copied the structure, I will warn everything, for now Gamedistribution still does not approve a single game, in Gamemonetize almost all have already approved. I will keep the entire community informed about my experience with both companies
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    Hi. Some users of this forum believe that both of these systems belong to a company means "Gamedistribution" and their SDKs are similar! I did not work with these. Anyway, if you receive a payment, please announce to us. Thank you.
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    More Art Works : Available for more art works! 2D Cartoon Art Work Game Assets Service : I can work on fixed price (based on my $14 per hour rate estimate), I do need a list of the assets to calculate. You can email me at oryzano@gmail.com for more details.