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    easy , here for you fast solution with mask https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/w_pa_4vZNwKxe-Ni2Hpqj You will maybe need use a custom render for performance, mask cost ressources. using only half circle.
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    Where to apply Delta Time multiplier

    You want to be multiplying by the time factor twice - once when converting acceleration to velocity and once when converting velocity to position. acceleration = force/mass + gravity velocity += impulse/mass + acceleration * dt velocity *= drag position += velocity * dt The usual thing is to have "dt" be an actual time value in seconds, rather than a scaling factor - that way the acceleration value will be a familiar sort of "spatial units per second per second" value. If you assign "dt" to be 1, that works out the same math-wise but your acceleration value will be in (spatial units per 1/60th of a second) squared.