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    Hyper Match - a casual game

    https://msanatan.itch.io/hyper-match I like participating in game jams whenever I could. Luckily, I had time for Devtober! I've been doing lots of Phaser work recently, so I figured a chilled casual game would be a nice project to keep me going. Even with this simple mobile game, I still learned a lot in the process! What's your highest score?
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    I think this tutorial is one of the best tutorial in snake games. I like it very much.
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    The docs show the correct usage parameters to be name, style, options BitmapFont.from("ExampleFont", style, { chars: BitmapFont.NUMERIC }) You have put the chars property with in the style object, when it needs to be in a new object passed in as 3rd parameter.
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    Hyper Match - a casual game

    Me also like participating in game jams. I loved it very. So adventurous game.
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    Amazing game! So much fantastic. I loved it very much.
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    So much fantastic game. I loved it. So adventurous.
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    Phaser 3 Examples in TypeScript

    Here’s a work-in-progress of Phaser 3 examples in TypeScript: https://examples.ourcade.co/phaser3-typescript You can make changes in the editor with code complete, static analysis, and more and then test it immediately in the browser. Right now, I am taking the official Phaser 3 examples and turning them into TypeScript with a more modern format. You can also get the examples as a Github repository without the website frontend: https://github.com/ourcade/phaser3-typescript-examples Hope this helps make it easier for people comfortable with webdev or any other dev but new to gamedev 🤗