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    Where to release??

    Yes. You are right. So i was considering again and i think that one of the best audience floats in Kongregate/ArmorGames - they are gamers looking for new games and want to play instant games. Checked ArmorGames homepage and i see that in the last 40 days only 16 new games appeared and all they are on the front page. So, my game would stay there for 40 days. All these new games have 15-70k plays. So its possible to get like ~20k registrations in the first month. And that would be enough for a full server. Not too much, not too few. I have wrote a letter to ArmorGames, trying to reduce their cut of 50% to anything like 30-40 like in Kongregate. With ArmorGames i won't need to spend anything for marketing. They didn't answer yet, so i'm not yet guaranteed my game will be released there. So i'm still looking for other options. But i think i will start only with 1 option for the first year.
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    Remove or Destroy Sprite

    It's by design, because I may have some children that I want to add to one parent one moment, then to another parent the next. If you went through each child, and called destroy, then that child will automatically remove itself from the parent, so maybe that's the better way to go?
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    An interesting idea, we look forward to continuing!
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    While playing the game (ok I admit I'm a little hooked now) I had another idea. It looks like the maps are seed generated chaos, with a half dozen having been hand selected, named, and set as presets? If so I assume an ~infinite number of potential maps already exist within the system. Amongst them is "Europe" - waiting to be discovered. So train the routine to recognise how close to Europe each random seed is, e.g. giving a score based on pixel matches to the reference image. Then let it run on loop for a week, and turn over a few quadrillion tries. Keep a record of the top 100 scoring maps. Manually review them at the end of the week and select a winner. Use that seed as "Europe". Total additional filesize: a few bytes. Why not look for other famous maps at the same time - e.g. The World, Westeros, etc ...
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    maybe you can use a smaller map (256*256) then upscale or you can use a few polygons then noise the result