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    [WIP] Raycasting.js Engine

    Raycasting.js Hey everyone, So this is my first ever post in this forum, and I'm excited to share with you my year long endeavour of building a Wolf3d-esque engine from scratch. This is my first attempt at game development in my spare time aside from my full-time job. Links Live Demo Github Controls Movement: W, A, S, D Free-look: Arrow keys or the mouse* Change elevation: Q, E or the mouse* wheel Shoot: Primary mouse* button, the SPACE key Interaction with the doors: ENTER * Make sure to activate mouse controls first by clicking on the canvas. Hit me up with your thoughts/feedback and I will be more than happy to giving some insight into the engine internals and other technicalities in the replies if anyone's interested. PS: Please note that this is still mostly a WIP and regard it as a mere tech demo, as there is still no major gameplay loop implemented in.
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    There "workarounds": 1. wait for v6 and convertion of all modules. 2. throw out webpack a, rollup or whatever you use, for typescript use <reference types= ...>
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    Ok this works now!
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    > Dunno about WebGL libraries, I come from Unity WebGL has less features than whatever unity has access on low-level, in webgl we have to make extra steps to get backbuffer. Also, PixiJS is the only lib that is exposing backbuffer in a plugin, there's also AwayJS but its only used internally there. > Wait, so it's not pure Pixi? Its here: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-picture/tree/master/dist Its a hack over filterSystem, and it wasnt approved to be merged in main pixi repo because by default we used "RGB" format for main backbuffer and it's not easy to inform users that certain feature works only if there's a filter on top of everything. I think its likely to be merged in v6.
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    > Seemingly simple task, yet so unclear and confusing in Pixi. OK, which webgl libraries/frameworks give you access to backdrop? https://pixijs.io/examples/?v=v5.3.7#/plugin-picture/displacement.js - works for 5.3.7 release, doesnt work for 6.0-rc (dev) because pixi-picture wasnt modified to take into account changes in systems. Do you need me to update it? btw, im going to update it anyway, because i found out that it should work even without extra filters if renderer is created with "transparent:true", and it has same format as rendertextures, RGBA
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    PIXI / WebGL Theory

    Great. I think I just needed confirmation that I am not botching anything. Thanks!
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    Pixi Still Being Developed?

    https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/commits/dev We are almost at new major release, v6 Things were slow last half of year because people were very busy, but now its good. Support didnt stop
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    Toggle Pong

    Fun game, well done! I was thinking that it was going really slow and suddenly I wasn't able to switch quickly enough anymore haha. It's fun as is, but I would love to see some colours and effects, too.
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    PixiJS: SpriteSheet Tutorial

    I've just created a short tutorial for PixiJS that explains How to create & use sprite sheets with a few mouse clicks Use animations from sprite sheets (much easier than enumerating all sprites manually....) Optimize sprite sheets for smaller size and faster loading (up to 50%) Visually edit pivot points The full tutorial including source code is available from here: How to create sprite sheets and animations for PixiJS
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    PixiJS: SpriteSheet Tutorial

    Its usual double-pixi-in-node_modules-problem remove node_modules remove package.lock npm install everything again
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    Nope, haven't see one. Even more, good OOP i saw only in big closed projects. I'm working on good big example for pixi-v5 that has everything, including physics libs integrations, but its a real work, not hello-world - it takes time, and I have like 10 plugins for pixi to work on You can fund creation of tutorials and quality boilerplates here: https://opencollective.com/pixijs I'm sure we'll have bounties for that.
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