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  1. The boot.json file is just used by the Phaser 3 Examples site, you don't need it for your own projects. All you need is the entry point, the html you pasted above and your source files.
  2. You can still do it like this. However, note that <script> tags have no order in the html and never have had - they are loaded in whatever order the browser likes. This has been true since script tags existed, so you need to be careful that your 'Game.js' etc isn't loaded before Phaser, or it'll all go wrong (the same is true for v2 though) If you look at one of the example games, like Avoid the Germs: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser3-examples/tree/master/public/src/games/avoid the germs you'll see it's done exactly the way you describe, where 'main.js' is the entry point (the
  3. I'm now aware of several companies taking legal action against them. Sadly, I suspect all they will do is pull the site, "rebrand it" and put it up under a new name. People like this are the scum of the earth.
  4. Hi all, If you produce HTML5 games for media clients, or have released them yourselves, then you may want check they haven't been ripped off and are now illegally for sale by these little shits: https://shop.forestrygames.com/ (I link to their site only so you can hopefully contact your clients and issue DMCAs against them) They even have the nerve to slightly change game titles and logos, so they don't look completely stolen, yet they are. Cheers, Rich
  5. That is how you move the camera, but you have to have given it a bounds first, otherwise it has no-where to go! game.world.setBounds(0, 0, 2000, 2000);
  6. Why re-invent the wheel? Tiled has this covered, and a whole lot more.
  7. It split into Phaser CE 4 years ago. 2.13.3 is the latest version of CE. No, they're not very different.
  8. Phaser 3 repo is at https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser Phaser 3 Docs are at https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser3-docs If you clone the repo, the docs are in the 'docs' folder. eslintignore is nothing to do with docs. It's to do with what gets lint checked. However, there is no eslint file in the docs repo. There's also no 'npm build' command either, so you were looking in a different repo. Phaser 2 repo is at https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-ce Phaser 2 docs are in the docs folder of that repo.
  9. There's nothing wrong with using Containers in Phaser 3. The example given by mazoku (a UI Button) is a perfect use-case for them. As are multi-part sprites, i.e. complex Game Objects. But if a Container has just a single child, that's when it doesn't usually make sense any more.
  10. It’s more overhead for every single Game Object to be a container. How many buttons does a typical game contain vs. things like bullets, platforms, particles, baddies, power-ups, etc etc.
  11. Are the buttons positioned over the top of each other? Because a button with alpha zero is still a button that will receive pointer events. A `pointerup` event is not the same thing as a `pointerout` event and will not trigger an out state. `pointerupoutside` is for detecting pointer up events outside of the game canvas, not a button.
  12. I'm sure Noel will help further with this - however, we've been seeing lots of games removed that violate their new policies over copyright and IP infringement. Did your games feature assets or brands not owned by you? For example Pokemon or Nintendo characters? If so, this is why.
  13. Yes, sure. Usually, you'd use the payload for things like json files that the game needs, or plugins, or maybe some assets the preloader can use like a preload background and loading bar graphic. That kind of stuff. And then you use the proper Preloader to load the actual game assets.
  14. You can't do this for a files payload. The payload is meant to be used to load in really tiny files that your game needs access to up-front, such as the assets needed to render a nice Preloader, or plugins, or similar.
  15. rich

    Sinusoidal path

    You could use the Sine tween on the objects y position and a linear tween on its x position.
  16. Hi @Chelsea - I've also signed-up as it sounds very interesting! We are the developers of Phaser and I'd love to take a look at what would be involved to enable our game engine to work with the Alex platform directly.
  17. Hmm, moving server broke this feature, but I've enabled it again (along with SSL, which also broke for some reason). So now, you can upload things again.
  18. This site has had an SSL cert since day 1. No idea why it wasn't active since the latest upgrade, but I've re-enabled it, so it's SSL by default again. All 'spammers' are verified exactly the same way as everyone else. They just didn't spam in their first post.
  19. No idea then, works fine here. If it's really CDN related, check it isn't a geographical problem. I.e. only borked for your country, not for others.
  20. The SDK URL is wrong. It should be all lower-case for the filename: https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbinstant.6.2.js The URL you posted above (https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbInstant.6.2.js) gives me a 404 component error. The correct one, with the lower-case i, works.
  21. Matter is like P2. Impact is like Ninja. There is no 'multi'.
  22. It's an old thread, but just wanted to say this game is lovely URL appears to have changed, now playable here: http://zelcard.000webhostapp.com/games/games/Underworld Chaos/index.html (really should upload to Itch.io or somewhere more reliable!)
  23. You need to use a version of Phaser that actually has this command in it. 3.11 is too old.
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