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  1. Small interactive piece of work called ...because you didn't want me! RUN Uses latest PixiJS V4 and pixi-sound.
  2. The chrome dev team is finally on it. Refer to the link above of the bug thread .
  3. Hello, I am struggling with a memory leak which migth be related to Canvas2D fillText function. There is already a bug report available: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=703297 However I wonder if anyone of you also experienced this bug and might have a workaround for this? Thanks in advance. Best, benny!
  4. Wow Remi ... 2nd on Desktop and 1st on Mobile. Congratz and well deserved!
  5. Yep - you build a solid game there. I think I would try some micro tansactions, too. Good luck with it!
  6. Do you get any significant revenue by the google ads you show when the game pauses/player is dead etc? Or do you have any other monetization plans for this game!? Just wondering?
  7. Awesome work. Game looks and feels great. Good luck with sponsoring!
  8. Really cool game. Like it a lot. Very well done!
  9. @Rezoner Give yourself a break of some days. I know that feeling - it can be hard - especially for a one man army to keep motivated. For me it helps to take a break of some days. Then coming back with a full battery everything feels a lot of easier.
  10. Hi - great game like all your games. However, I wonder if the match-logic is correct If I set a combo like this _ X _ X X X _ X _ _ X _ It will leave out the bottom X. Is this how you want it to be? _ O _ O O O _ O _ _ X _ Anyway, great game.
  11. Could you check the http.status ? It might be 0 in some cases. Maybe it's worth a check. Good luck!
  12. benny!

    New Pixi Book

    Yup, I would prefer some general chapters (non-game related) about visual effects with PIXI.js, too! Especially, some hints about performance optimizations and best-practises for cross-platform/cross-browser development when using Pixi.js.
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