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  1. That's exactly what I did! Thanks for helping me shift gears!
  2. I just had a 'Duh' moment. Instead of messing with trying to redraw the display, I simply need to show/hide the spaces that are/are not in the current visible array.
  3. Thanks, lwester32! Yes, I'm going turn-based with it and your suggestions are very similar to what I'm doing for the FOV calculation. The problem I'm having is updating the display. In my "update" version, whenever there was an input from the player that required FOV recalc, I would set a bool and have the update function track it. When it was set to true, the recalc was supposed to be called, the entire floor redrawn, and the recalc bool reset to false; I believe that didn't work because it appeared the update function was being called again before the FOV recalc barely began. I conside
  4. To start, I'll say, there may be a better way than what I'm thinking, so I'm very open to suggestions. I'm making a Roguelike. I have rooms with attaching tunnels, a player that can move to free spaces, the VERY basics. I've reached the point of implementing an FOV (Field of View). I've got it in place for the most part. When the map is drawn, only the visible spaces within the player's FOV display their tiles, however when it comes to updating the display I'm getting nowhere, very...very... slowly. I've tried calling my "recalculateFOV" function in the Phaser "update" state, only to be
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