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  1. I know it's not good but i just want to try:
  2. AbdSab

    Blockz (wip)

    Thank's for testing the game BdR, and for your advices, i already have in mind to add another elements it just need a lot of work I will also try to change the graphics like you said, thank's again for your advices
  3. AbdSab

    Blockz (wip)

    Thank's for your comment, about the mobile i didn't tested if it is working, i don't have a smartphone ,and the game freeze at level 13 because there is actually just 12 levels for the moment Thank's for feedback, I've used Phaser Thank's for feedback, and about the link i have no idea why it don't work when clicking PS: it's working now i've changer the host.
  4. Hi all, I want to share with you my wip phaser game : Blockz. The concept of the game is simple, go to the goal, some screenshots can describe more text. (move with arrow keys or by moving your mouse/finger to the direction you want) Link to the game : http://rocket.byethost9.com/Blockz/ Actually there are some bug and there are just some levels for testing, the game isn't finished yet, i just want your opinion and advices of this game And thank's for testing.
  5. AbdSab

    Javascript canvas tuto

    Hi all, i just want to share with a serie of tutorials to make an Html5 without any framework, just using the canvas, So without talking alot here is the part 1: If you liked the style of this video you can find the other parts in the channel: And thank's for watching
  6. Hi guys, I just want to know what is the framework which is optimized for mobile, i've used Phaser to make a game but it is very slow in mobile, is there any other framework that work perfect for mobile ?
  7. So, you are speaking about framework, but what about softwares? like Construct, because of it, a big percent of html5 games are made with it, and with his drag and drop system, the making of games is easy, no need to know programming and alot of things, that is a big reason why HTML5 games is decreasing.
  8. From the release of the HTML5 to now, a lot of frameworks and softwares such as GameMaker, Construct, Phaser..., are appeared along this periode, and now the price of a game is between 500-1000$ for you, what if there is no framework and no software, what if there is just pure javascript, what do you think the price of a HTML5 games ?
  9. Cool, by the way i saw your blog, you have very nice games keep going
  10. Thank's a lot, can i use them even in comercial games ?
  11. Hi all, Recently i have installed Tiled Map Editor, but after installation my anti-virus tell me that it is a virus. I have downloaded it from the official site, should i desactivate my anti-virus, and continue normally? or there is really a virus ?
  12. Anyway thank's a lot for your help
  13. It's not working, but assingnig these functions to the player's object work fine. It's just i'am confusing the English enemy with the French ennemi, English is not good on it.
  14. I've done what you say but when i click at the button nothing happen, I think i have to make a player's object that hold all these functions. Like that: Game.Combat.prototype = { create: function() { ennemy = this.add.sprite(100,10,"ennemy"); player = this.add.sprite(10,10,"player"); player.moveToEnnemy = function() { var tween = this.game.add.tween(player); tween.to({x:ennemy.x-32, y:ennemy.y}, 1500, Phaser.Easing.Cubic.None, true); }; player.moveToStart = function() { var tween = this.game.add.tween(player); tween.to({x:PLAYER_START_X, y:PLAYER_START_Y}, 1500, Phaser.Easing.Cubic.None, true); }; player.attack = function() { player.moveToEnnemy(); console.log("ATTACKING ..."); }; attackButton = this.add.button(64,this.world.height-96,"button",player.attack, null,0,0,1,0); }, /* The rest of the code */} For the comma i have other properties.
  15. Yes when i call moveToEnnemy() itself, it work fine.
  16. I'am getting the button object that trigger the attack function. But also when i use moveToEnnemy() instead of this.moveToEnnemy(), it don't work too, also an undefined error.
  17. Hi all, I have a little problem with functions in states, when i want to use a function from a function i get an error of undefined. To clarify here is the code: Game.Combat.prototype = { /* create and update codes ....*/ moveToEnnemy: function() { var tween = this.game.add.tween(player); tween.to({x:ennemy.x-32, y:ennemy.y}, 1500, Phaser.Easing.Cubic.None, true); }, moveToStart: function() { var tween = this.game.add.tween(player); tween.to({x:PLAYER_START_X, y:PLAYER_START_Y}, 1500, Phaser.Easing.Cubic.None, true); }, attack: function() { this.moveToEnnemy(); /*This is the probleme, i get an error of undefined function*/ console.log("ATTACKING ..."); this.moveToStart(); //This too. },}I get this error : Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function Is there any solution in how to use moveToEnnemy and moveToStart into the attack functions ?
  18. Thank you very much you saved my life
  19. Hi all; I have a little probleme with the timer: generator[id] = enemyGenerators.create(i*32,j*32,'eGenerator');generator[id].timer = this.game.time.events.loop(1500, this.addEnemy, this);So i want from to give to the timer function the x, y parametres, but i don't know how, because i can't write like that: generator[id].timer = this.game.time.events.loop(1500, this.addEnemy(generator[id].x,generator[id].y), this);Is there any solution please ? And thank you all very much
  20. I have fixed some change and i think it is optimised for mobile, if someone have a mobile, you can test and tell how it is working, and thank's for all your support
  21. If you have made a function outside the create function() for example, you have to use the 'this', but if you have made the function inside the create function, then you don't have to use 'this'; And for variable is the same but in states not the function, for example you have 2 states : MainMenu and Game If you have a variable 'var' in MainMenu and you want to use this variable 'var' in Game you have to use 'this.var'
  22. I think you have to add 'this.' before the function : this.collectStar this.physics.arcade.overlap(player, stars, this.collectStar, null, this);
  23. Good luck, if you need any help just ask me even if i'm a beginner
  24. Thank you all for the comments, i will try to fix all the bugs it's very hard to deal with them