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  1. Hi, my phaser game work fine with all known browsers but it has a wrong scale on Samsung browser any help ? Thank you. http://www.yassgame.com/SamsungB12/
  2. misunderstood how it works. Now I get it. If I set rate as 1500 ms particles will fade out in this time. It works now. yes this is right emitter.setAlpha(0.2, 1, 1500, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, false);
  3. i think this is what you are looking for. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11616001/uiwebview-html5-audio-pauses-in-ios-6-when-app-enters-background/12414719#12414719
  4. i think this is the solution :
  5. Hi, Half of the screen becomes black when I play your game on Chrome in Android in order to have a yellow background for the entire game, in the boot state I'm using : preload: function(){ this.game.stage.backgroundColor = 0xFFFFCC;..} but result show half screen yellow+half screen black. and any solution ?, what is the cause ? Thank you
  6. Thank you for help drhayes. this is a good solution
  7. Hello, I have a game that uses many sounds , i don't want to load all sounds at the start of the game this will make this will make the player waiting for 5 min . I need to load one sound and play it when player click a button. i did this : //when player click a button this.game.load.audio("apple", ["assets/sounds/apple.mp3"]); var _sound= this.game.add.audio("apple");_sound.play('',0,1,false) but the console say : Phaser.Cache.getSound: Invalid key: "apple" any solution ? Thank you.
  8. sprite.body.damping= 0; sprite.body.mass= 0.1;
  9. Hi, how can i add a table to my game, i need the table to show the score of each played round. any idea ? can i add a html table in the game ? for the moment i'm using an image and i'm adding values using a text in front of the image but text go out of the table ( attached image) Thank you
  10. Good link. Thank you oddskill
  11. good game a question for all. This game is simple ( no physics , little animations...) the FPS is about 28, is this normal ? why not 60. Thank you.
  12. Hi, i was a flash programmer , and i made some games using the starling framework when making a game i always have 2 sets of graphics resolution( x1 for old devices and x2 for retina). with phaser : how to switch out for higher resolution graphics and scale up on retina devices.? have i to use a resolution x1 for website and x2 for mobiles ? any idea? code ? examples? are welcome.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to add a very little animation ( flying bird) to the background "tilesprite", the bird and the background have to move together. any idea how to do this ? Thank you.
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