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  1. I'm quite new to Phaser too but I believe text objects must be updated via .updateText() to show the change or if you want to set it in one line without doing the two separately you can do this: this.targets[0].setText("😩");
  2. Is there currently a way to change the mouse cursor on demand? I want the cursor to change during a pointer down event, so far it appears that the only way to show a new cursor is by hovering. If anybody could help, that'd be awesome
  3. I was looking at masks, and they appeared to define what can be visible. Is it possible to make a mask that does the opposite? I want to cut out part of a sidebar so that the ui that would be sitting on top of it gets access to the background image. Is there another way to do this without masks?
  4. There's no trace of it anywhere, but it was mentioned in this devlog, https://phaser.io/phaser3/devlog/75 I was looking for a way to implement shaders and found the effectsLayer but it appears to no longer exist. Is there an article that talks about its removal? I saw some other features that were removed as well like glow shaders. Is it possible to use shaders in Phaser 3??
  5. Legomite

    Set max fps

    It stays 30 for a couple of seconds, but then rises to around 50 fps. I'm using game.loop.actualFps for the FPS
  6. Legomite

    Set max fps

    I was wondering, how do I set the max fps for the game? I believe there was something in the config but I can't find it in the docs. There was a target Fps but I don't know how to apply it
  7. Do you want the canvas to resize to the browser width and height?
  8. I have some pixel art that's combined with high resolution images. I want to disable the anti-alias on the pixel art because I'm scaling it.. Can anybody help?
  9. Maybe I'm totally missing something here, but I set the resolution of the game to window.devicePixelRatio, which sets it to 2, but upon doing so the width and the height go askew. It goes to 1600 and 1200. How do I make it obey the set width and height?
  10. What? VR applications needs 120 fps to be a decent VR experience. You can clearly see above 60 FPS, as there are monitors using a 120hz refresh (refreshes 120 times per second) which makes 120 fps incredibly smooth compared to 60 hz monitors (which are most screens). 60 FPS in VR would cause motion sickness
  11. First person, as in, a 3D game? You can't really do first person in a 2D game engine...
  12. Will the arcade physics be faster? Will arcade have support for surface friction for each body? And will it natively support slopes?
  13. String values for percentages?
  14. Will Phaser 3 support percentage values? (responsive UI!!!!) That would be cool to set position.x to a percentage value instead of a pixel value, or the font size and line height.
  15. Will bitmap text in Phaser 3 have multiple styles and colors support? That would be awesome!
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