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  1. Oh, this code is from previous try, when I was keeping walls in another layer... I muddle. I know about semicolons, but currenlty I am doing copy-paste-driven development, based on examples.phaser.io, so I forgot to clean code from not necessary in cs elements. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi there. I am very new in gamedev. Now playing with Phaser.js I have tilemap with two tile types - ground and wall. Player - yet another sprite - must collide with walls (234 in json). "Games" uses ARCADE physics. I have the following code (coffescript): player = nullwalls = nullcontrols = nullplayerSpeed = 400layer = nullstate = preload: -> game.load.atlasJSONHash 'sprites', 'assets/sprites.png', 'assets/sprites.json' game.load.tilemap 'level1', 'assets/map1.json', null, Phaser.Tilemap.TILED_JSON game.load.image 'tiles', 'assets/tileset.jpg'
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