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  1. I released a few C3 games on FB Instant and have never had an issue with this or had to implement anything specifically for silent mode. My games always just have a single sound toggle button that mutes/unmutes all sounds and music in the game.
  2. I got a response from FB, individual verification is currently not available for everyone in their Business Settings and it is currently being rolled out. When it is available for you, you will be able to select individual as an option and verify yourself instead of a business.
  3. I'm having problems with this too, I have released 2 games in the past on FB Instant and today I tried to release a game that has already passed review, but I can't because it says I need to verify my business. My FB developer settings are set as an individual/sole proprietor, but in FB Business Manger>Business Settings>Business Info it only lets you try to verify your account as a business. In developer docs it says there is some sort of individual verification if it gives you the option, but there aren't even any options anywhere to set this up? Anybody found a fix for this?
  4. I'm having a problem getting a game exported to iOS with Cordova to display correctly on iPhone X. The exported game always shows up like this with the game pushed off to the left of the screen. Screenshot This is a blank Construct 3 project, no code added, it displays correctly on all iOS devices except iPhone X, I have tried adding the correct size launchimages in xcode, tried using storyboards, made sure all the constraints are set up correctly, I have viewport-fit=cover set in the meta tag. Has anyone had any luck with Cordova projects on iPhone X yet? Any advice would be ap
  5. Hi guys here is a game I made a few months back, Lectro. It's a minimalist arcade game where you move from dot to do trying not to miss. Web/HTML5 Play in desktop or mobile browser here The game is also available on The App Store Google Play
  6. I have been using Gamemaker Studio(GM:S) and Construct 2 for mobile & HTML5 games for over a year now, self publishing my work. Recently I have given licensing a try, contacted about 5 companies, worked out a deal for one license for a mobile game that was made with GM:S but the HTML5 version was made in Construct 2. I was also contacted from a few companies about doing some contract work for HTML5 games with mobile versions as well, but all of them were looking for HTML5 games made with Cocos2d-JS or Phaser specifically. I know there are people, True Valhalla for example that get along fi
  7. I tested some Phaser, Construct 2 and Gamemaker HTML5 games out, and it seems to be a problem with the browsers.In games from any engine, the audio does not pause on Android 5.0 stock browser and Chrome for iOS when the browser loses focus and is put into the background, Safari, Chrome for Android and every other browser I tried does.
  8. I'm using Construct 2 and having a problem with the background music still playing when the browser is minimized. This is happening on iOS Chrome and the Android stock browser. Weird thing is in iOS Chrome it stops the music if you go to a new tab but not if the browser is minimized. The music stops playing fine in iOS Safari & Android Chrome when new tabs are opened or you minimize the browser. I've tried using the C2 events like Browser > On suspended > Stop All & Stop by name Browser > Page is not visible > Stop All & Stop by name which don't work. I checked the
  9. Hi guys wanted to share my HTML5 game PBJ : The Sandwich. The idea spawned when I was trying to make a PBJ sandwich and put the peanut butter on some bread and when I went to find some jelly I realized I didn't have any, so in my frustration I made this game in a couple hours....while eating a peanut butter sandwich. It's just a simple high score game where you make a giant PBJ sandwich. Hope you like it. http://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/pbj-the-sandwich/73079/ Trailer:
  10. Noob question here.....I had an sprite in an assets folder to load into a game,loaded it in and it worked fine, then later on I resized the image and put the resized image in the assets folder but when i load my Phaser game it does not load the new resized image for the sprite, it loads the old sized image, like it's being cached. Only way I can get the resized image to show up is if I name it something completely different, anytime I try to load a sprite with that image name it always pulls up the old image, no matter the size of the image in the source folder.
  11. Hey guys I was interested in getting opinions, pros, cons and past experiences from anyone that has used a publisher for releasing a F2P game on mobile platforms. Any input would be appreciated thanks.
  12. Hey guys wanted to show you my first html 5 game Circuit Dash. It's a fast paced minimalist style arcade game that tests your speed, reflexes and ability not to rage quit while navigating through a maze of harmful circuits. Features •50 challenging levels of circuit craziness. •2 different game modes, Normal Mode with unlimited lives and saved progress, or for the ultimate test of skill, play in Yolo Mode with only one life and permanent death. •4 levels of difficulty for players of all skill levels. •Flat minimalist style graphics. •There are lots of circuits, everybody likes circuits. Ava
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