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  1. Woah. What an amazing story. And it is well served by the music and the simple but efficient gameplay. Although it's not the gameplay I'll remember the most about this game (I consider the multiple endings, part of the story). One of the few browser games I would recommend to friends (be sure I will) and I don't feel I have wasted time playing it. Stuart, you are now part of my list of watched game designers
  2. yhoyhoj


    The menu looks good and functional. However I can't play the game on Firefox. After selecting the track I get a black screen and this : TypeError: ig.soundManager.context is null @ http://www.multislix.com/game.min.js:1082
  3. Hello and welcome ! The Image object has a onload method that is fired when the image is loaded Quetzacotl explained how to properly use it here : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/258-images-vs-drawing-canvas/?p=1156 (3rd code piece)
  4. Funny little game ! As also stated above, it runs smoothly on low-cost and less powerful phones (Acer E330 for me).
  5. Another solution would be to opt for a retro/low-poly style (somewhat like Yohoho) so it doesn't just look outdated and use less RAM.
  6. I checked outcloud and I saw the pricing. That's absolutley exorbitant. I would pay $69/Month for a "NodeJS stack" with 512Mo RAM. Is there a major difference with a classic VPS which explains the price ? I mean, for the same or a slightly higher price, I can get a VPS with 8Go RAM.
  7. Now one of my best 8bit album too ! Would be better though if it doesn't make me tap frantically on my desk instead of typing on the keyboard (a side effect of good chiptune) Or I should be more skilled to successfully keep pace while coding as this album won't let me do anything other than rhythmically. I'll link some good albums if I put my hands on them.
  8. Good idea, neat design. Maybe a problem with difficulty : very easy at the beginning, 2 or 3 slides to win. And then the level 6... my brain is still smoking and I didn't succeed ! But I'm generally bad at puzzle games so my opinion may not be representative
  9. Your strategy is the one I tried last, but I was already a bit bored so I have not kept long enough to win. I'll try again, I want to see this boss level.
  10. I tested, and it was really fun. The concept is original and works pretty well. But I had to stop at the "Territories war" level (14), none of the teams was better and the game was stagnating for too long. That's where the life point system showed his limits, I think.
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