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  1. You may find this tutorials on YouTube useful : https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW3Zl3wyJwWOpdhYedlD-yCB7WQoHf-My
  2. I use createjs too. What kind of problem with your game ?
  3. Wow nice graphics, Really beautiful looking games. Only 1 problem it lags too much, mainly at the time of "level complete" animation. Otherwise really nice work.
  4. Awesome job. Really nice game with cool animations and effects. Worked smoothly on my device . All the best for sponsors
  5. (SOLVED) finally i solved the puzzle, To get the paddle back to its initial position i just need to counter gravity by applying force to that paddle in opposite direction of gravity like this: body.ApplyForce(body.GetMass()*-world.GetGravity(), body.GetWorldCenter()); need to apply this force every frame. This article here helped me: http://www.iforce2d.net/b2dtut/custom-gravity
  6. I tried revoluteJoint along with enabling limit and setting LoweAngle. I got upto 50% what i want but i cant make the paddle go back to its initial position bcz gravity keep it pushing down.
  7. Hello, I am having problem rotating box2d object back and forth around a point. To better understand my problem i have prepared an example clicking on key rotate the paddle when u click again the paddle rotate back to its initial position. http://abhishekbharti.pe.hu i want to simulate something like this in box2dWeb. Thanks in advance
  8. RT @imVkohli: Deeply saddened to hear about the Lahore attacks. We stand in solidarity against violence and senseless terrorism #PrayForLah…

  9. Looking nice and more fancy.
  10. Have anyone sold them exclusive license? How much do they offer for exclusive, for good quality game?
  11. Hello, I am new to HTML5 Gaming, so no experience selling game. I WANT TO KNOW IS THIS REALLY TRUE THAT WE CAN MAKE AROUND $20K by selling non-exclusive for a decent quality game and how long does it take do so? How many total html5 sponsors are there as of now buying license? Thanks in advance
  12. can any one tell me, What is invision power board?
  13. Really Nice Game. Fun to Play good work