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  1. This is amazing. Good work
  2. HeadClot

    Wade 4.0

    Got to admit this looks pretty cool.
  3. Hey - Got a few questions about this. 1. How big is the game world? How big can the game world get? 2. You mention a grid system. Can you go into detail about this? I am guessing that it is similar to the one that Bethesda Softworks uses in the creation kit. 3. In regards to rendering why don't you use an existing engine such as bablyon.JS?
  4. Hey Mackey this is really awesome. And like @Deltakosh you rock. Thank you so much for making this
  5. Here is how I would do it. I would use a Orthographic camera in 3D space and just move the character around the scene.
  6. @MackeyK24 - Look into the Windows MR Skyloft and how it does movement (Turning, Teleportation, etc.) both in a seated and standing positions. It is pretty comfortable
  7. Hey @MackeyK24 are you going 2D support to the Bablyon JS toolkit? Unity has been getting some really cool 2D features recently
  8. Hey what version of the Unity exporter are you using? I know there is the 1.0 unity exporter and the more recent Unity Toolkit that @MackeyK24 is working on.
  9. Hey everyone, I came across this bit of news today the Awesome Impact.js game engine is now open source. Enjoy!
  10. This will be awesome for the Unity Toolkit that @MackeyK24 is making.
  11. The Three JS community just came up with this. https://www.npmjs.com/package/three-ik It is very much a work in progress.
  12. Hey not sure if this is still being worked on. But It would be great to see AR Core support for Babylon.JS
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