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  1. Inga

    Hi! I'd like to have my site listed on the Sponsors and Portals thread, how do I go about that? But just to be clear I'm only interested in dress-up games, not everything "girl themed" which is a common misconception.

  2. Thanks, will check that out. Forgot to mention that some of the games are published via iframe from other developers (with permission).
  3. For a game to played full size on a mobile screen, is that something that has to be coded within the game itself, or is there something I can do with the website? I'm not a coder, but own a website that already has some html5 games and plan to have more developed in the future.
  4. I'm actually going to do something like that, some kind of interstitial - so I agree!
  5. That's a really good point and something I hadn't thought about, mobile vs. phone/tablet Right now I'm mostly concerned with getting the message about mobile (html5) games to my desktop users. Mobile users who come to my site enter the "mobile" category automatically, if they try to open a flash game they get a message telling them they can download a browser that supports flash. It's not a long time solution (I imagine) but it's something a person can do if they want to play flash games on their tablet. Thanks for a thoughtful post
  6. To clarify: I need something short for a navigational bar, 2-3 words max. I like multiplatform and cross-platform but worry it's too technical for kids. Explaining the benefits in a short text is a good idea and I'll be doing that on the page where the games are listed. I do hope that one day "web games" are games that can be played on all devices (that day can't come too soon!) but I don't think it works for my purposes here, i.e. to separate html5 games from flash games. Thanks for your suggestions - and please keep them coming if you have any
  7. Is "all device" a good name for html5 games? I have a big dress-up game website that is a part portal/part own games. Since 2011 and until now I've only published flash games. Now I've started publishing html5 games and want to market them to my own users. What do I call these games so that my young users know that they can play the games not only their desktop, but also on their phones and tablets? At the moment I've named the category "mobile" but it's not descriptive enough IMO. I'm looking for something that tells desktop users they can play those games on phones and tablets, because at the moment almost all of my users are desktop user - but I want to change that! I'm leaning towards "all device". I've also thought about "cross-platform" but I'm not sure if kids get that. Any ideas?
  8. I had not - thanks for the tip, did not know you had html5 games.
  9. Are you asking me? I'm not looking to share revenue, no. But I do publish flash games with ads so I don't see why that would be any different with html5 games. I get good content, you get revenue.
  10. is my site by the way, so you were on the right track Sebastian I've bought a lot of flash dress-up games and have contacts for those but sadly none of them have moved into html5 yet - but at least one is interested, so that should be interesting. You are absolutely right JUL and I agree with you that the artist needs to be interested in the subject for the best results. It usually takes two people to make a game, but there a few artists who have learned to code and they make some of the best dress-up games there are.
  11. I'm not into unique "bells and whistles" coding-wise for my games, it really is about the graphics for me, the characters, the clothes, the extras and add-ons (backgrounds and items for the doll to hold to give her more personality). It makes sense to me that the developer would have extra cost for the first game, but then could re-use the same format for other games. Of course, there is always aligning graphics etc. Two or three buttons would be a very simple game, I would be interested in something more complex. The last two flash games I had developed using buttons had thirteen and ten buttons, respectively. The one with ten buttons has options for hair, facial expression, top, bottom, dress (top and bottom), jewelry, socks/tights, shoes, stuff to hold in her hand and background.
  12. I own a flash dress-up games website and am interested in starting offering html5 games. Reading this forum has been very helpful but I'm still feeling a bit like a fish out of water Can anyone give me some pointer as what I can expect to pay for a html5 dress-up game? And what to think about when I contact potential developers, are there any essentials to keep in mind? For example, I would want the game to work on android, iOS, windows etc.