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  1. wonderful do you have any tools to develop animation or event ?
  2. hi. Can image or container or basetexture can get pixeldata like imagedata? I wanna spawn particle on part of drawing position. so I wanna get pixeldata from image like sprite, container, texture or basetexture do you have any idea?
  3. GBear

    Dissolve Shaded

    @unrealnl hi. is there good new?
  4. Hi everyone. Check this youtube movie.. this is age of empires. and Water effect on isometric is very gorgeous . But i don't have any idea to make this.. do you have any idea?
  5. hi every one. i wanna make Tool to control scenes with html5 i wanna make like under images's red box. can you recommand library to make that? thx
  6. Mad World is Opening Halloween Event. And You can connect with Only Click Please Enjoy Now Many user playing and tomorrow We will be More Contents like Inventory, Levelup, New Boss, New Maps and more we are opening events. please check FACEBOOK Please thx a lot You can check More Info Here Check More Infomation here please ^^ d
  7. find wrapped parts { key: 'localTransform', get: function get() { return this.transform.localTransform; } /**wwww * The coordinate of the object relative to the local coordinates of the parent. * Assignment by value since pixi-v4. * * @member {PIXI.Point|PIXI.ObservablePoint} */ }, { key: 'position', get: function get() { return this.transform.position; }, set: function set(value) // eslint-disable-line require-jsdoc { this.transform.position.copy(value); } /** * The scale factor of the object. * Assignment by value since pixi-v4. * * @member {PIXI.Point|PIXI.ObservablePoint} */ }, { key: 'scale', get: function get() { return this.transform.scale; }, set: function set(value) // eslint-disable-line require-jsdoc { this.transform.scale.copy(value); }
  8. hi.. i'm using 3.x with our project and i'm testing 4.x (and i will move some good issue of 4.x like multi texture or transformstatic) 4.x's geometric values like this.position, this.scale..... have moved to Transform Object. and i saw following code /** * Convenience function to set the position, scale, skew and pivot at once. * * @param {number} [x=0] - The X position * @param {number} [y=0] - The Y position * @param {number} [scaleX=1] - The X scale value * @param {number} [scaleY=1] - The Y scale value * @param {number} [rotation=0] - The rotation * @param {number} [skewX=0] - The X skew value * @param {number} [skewY=0] - The Y skew value * @param {number} [pivotX=0] - The X pivot value * @param {number} [pivotY=0] - The Y pivot value * @return {PIXI.DisplayObject} The DisplayObject instance */ DisplayObject.prototype.setTransform = function setTransform() { var x = arguments.length > 0 && arguments[0] !== undefined ? arguments[0] : 0; var y = arguments.length > 1 && arguments[1] !== undefined ? arguments[1] : 0; var scaleX = arguments.length > 2 && arguments[2] !== undefined ? arguments[2] : 1; var scaleY = arguments.length > 3 && arguments[3] !== undefined ? arguments[3] : 1; var rotation = arguments.length > 4 && arguments[4] !== undefined ? arguments[4] : 0; var skewX = arguments.length > 5 && arguments[5] !== undefined ? arguments[5] : 0; var skewY = arguments.length > 6 && arguments[6] !== undefined ? arguments[6] : 0; var pivotX = arguments.length > 7 && arguments[7] !== undefined ? arguments[7] : 0; var pivotY = arguments.length > 8 && arguments[8] !== undefined ? arguments[8] : 0; this.position.x = x; this.position.y = y; this.scale.x = !scaleX ? 1 : scaleX; this.scale.y = !scaleY ? 1 : scaleY; this.rotation = rotation; this.skew.x = skewX; this.skew.y = skewY; this.pivot.x = pivotX; this.pivot.y = pivotY; return this; }; there are this.position, this.scale but DisplayObject do not has them ... can you explain how operate? thx.. ps> code get from pixi 4.5.6 thx.
  9. @ivan.popelyshev hi ivan. long time no see thx.. i'm always expecting new pixi. and your new tech demo.. they give very good idea..^^/ i will check to customize about TransformStacic first....(multi texture is not easy T_T) thx..
  10. hi.. i'm using pixi.3.x. it's modified to use our game. (many many parts) so we can't upgrade pixi.4.x i tested before and 4.x is more good with ios it showed different result. 4.0 is twice better than 3.x with ios( not android, android is similar) so i wanna modify 3.x. do you give me any tips? or tell me please why 4.x is much better with ios thx
  11. @ivan.popelyshev hi ivan. pixi-projection looks good.. i will check to use that functions ... my purpose is only draw inside area that have full drawing Parent Container <- Bottom Image(1280x720) <- Fish (100, 100) x 10 in 1280 x 720 in this case i wanna draw some of part(200x200) only for some time if it can't not control by container, all of part on renderable area is ok.. thx..
  12. hi. can i control render area? i wanna draw only inside red line. outside do not wanna draw .. how can i control it?.
  13. hi everyone.. i'm developing isometric view game. and i wanna implement fishing line on 2d is there a good tips for this? i wanna light weight way.. because i don't want heavy.. thx
  14. @xerver hi xerver. thank you for your mention.. ... we know dom is not good to draw with renderable system to make game. if UI System has huge or complex , i will be more not good. but i'm thinking to integrate game and hompage or other something... so i'm checking many functions to make good.. or useful... so i'm checking many many ideas with more specialist better than me, like you or ivan.. or mattstyle? ^^ i have to do something to go to next step.for my idea.. thx
  15. is ps4 supporting webgl now? somebody know this?
  16. pixi-ui have not used dom. , isn't it? is there some controller to positioning or sizing of dom with container? if i use dom, i will make domContainer. it will be control size or position as PIXI.Container.. if i couldn't find it, i will make it.. give me any idea please
  17. @ivan.popelyshev hi ivan. this question is not for only our game. this is only for my idea.
  18. @xerver hi xerver. we are using only webgl on canvas ... is there any good idea to control or draw dom with pixi.js as both is same....
  19. do you know which branch arcEllipse has?
  20. hi.. i'm wondering to draw dom on canvas by pixi please give me some idea .. thx..
  21. hi. i wanna draw part of ellipse by PIXI.Graphic like Under image do you have good idea? thx
  22. GBear

    how reduce gpu memory?

    @themoonrat thx for your answer ToT ...I will be play on mobile ...this is our very big purpose.... we are doing .... everything . but .. T-T .. specially ios (under iphone6s) .. they have only 1gb memory. so very very bad T-T android is normally 2gb more.. so not bad.. we are doing this too. mobile using 0.5x pc is 1.0x but we need more.memory T-T i think texture-compress is solution. and i will try with etc1 and pvrct T-T.. too hard.. do you know how convert to etc1 and pvrct from png or jpg? this is our game shot Mad World MMORPG Platform: PC, MOBILE
  23. GBear

    how reduce gpu memory?

    @mattstyles hi matt yes you right. texture sizes is major factor.. and we don't have any way to control it T-T. i'm using very very tight... so i have to find other way like texture compress (i think this is best way but very very hard to control on mobile. pc is more easy.. . but mobile T-T.. do you have tips? How do you think?
  24. GBear

    how reduce gpu memory?

    hi. i'm developing MMORPG MadWorld it can play on pc,mobile you can see movie on under link but mobile has few memory. specially ios under iphone 6(including 6, not 6s) our game png and jpg to draw image with webgl. but it need a lot of memory.. is there any tips to reduce memory? i'm considering compressed texture like etc1, pvr,...etc.. but it can't control easy with multi platform. if you have tips please tell me..