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  1. You forgot CommandoThug gadammit ! http://commandothug.com/ http://phaser.io/news/2015/09/commando-thug
  2. I don't use skype sorry. You can contact me here though... http://commandothug.com/contact.html Or simply through the forum PM system.
  3. I'm the creator and owner of this: http://commandothug.com/ Also featured here: http://phaser.io/news/2015/09/commando-thug (yeah!) PHASER framework aside, I've made everything in it, from graphics to code, to sounds. I could have done the sprites in a more realistic way, such as this: But no. I wanted to experiment pixel art with limited color palette(8/16 colors), make something close to the old navy seal game I used to play on Amstrad: But then I thought, "why not mix it with that good old desertCombat 0.7?", regarding gameplay and stuffs. I thought about adding vehicles and all, yeah. But no, not just for a demo, it had to be finished... A year was already twice the time it would have take in the first place. But again, I changed my mind halfway into it, from an adventure game to a battle arena type of game. I could have added bigger levels, with scrolling and all... But that wouldn't have been playable on a Samsung eeepc NC10, due to hardware limitations. And I wanted it to run on that old thing. So all in all, not the best game ever, just a game demo, an experiment I've made, from top to bottom. What else? Right now I'm experimenting with arch linux (still on that good old Samsung NC10) : But I digress Feel free to contact me for >>>PAID<<<< tasks. Bitcoins accepted. ABOUT GAME CONTROLS (since every1 has only 3 secs lifetime to test things): 1) The soldier auto aim and shoot, so don't look for a button to do that (why? Because there's no descent keyboard on "smart" phones only a pointer, this game is supposed to run everywhere). 2) Soldier follows pointer/mouse. 3) You can use arrow keys to play: UP to jump, DOWN to crouch, DOWN TWICE to cross down platform, LEFT and RIGHT to move. 4) your soldier is the one with a red amrk around it. 5) The point is not to survive but to make your team win (check game options for various game settings during player select). 6) If you don't understand how to play it, go see a specialist.
  4. Coming from AS3 flash, I can tell you one thing: I'll never go back to it. Not because of performances or because "flash is baaaaad" hype. Just because with JS, I only need a web browser and a text editor, no need for heavy bloated software a la flash or eclipse, no need for proprietary solution. To me, that simplicity, that ease of use/sense of freedom, is worth the countless hours I've spent learning it, and overall, it wasn't hard to learn, tons of examples/tutorials/stackoverflow help available.
  5. If I had to do it all over again (the only game I've finished, from presentation page to end credit), I would start by the money making system, then build the rest of the game around it, not the contrary. Also, I've lost a lot of time by deving a game concept (adventure type) and then half way into it, changing my mind and turning it into a simple "rush and kill arena" type of game. I hadn't a clear idea of the end result when I started. Funny thing is that I'm now deving the story mode/adventure part... I also divided the game into seperate files in the begining, a la flash AS3, class system. Weapons.js, World.js, Characters.js, and so on. After a while I found it more convenient to simply code everything into one single file with all assets stored into one folder, called "assets", instead of assets/sounds assets/images assets/youNameIt. It's probably not considered as the best practice, but for "everyday use", I just find it more convenient.
  6. Excelent. Reminds me of this, but just with one button, which is much better in the end imo
  7. For some reason, all I get is a grey rectangle right after the blue loading bar is complete. That's the second time I get that while attempting to test one of your games (today is the second time I try fyi). Flash is activated, adblock plus is down, firefox 40.0.3 "Good news" is that I get ... "stuffs" in console: [ 0.002s] [studio.sdk] Enabler.js:94:255 [ 0.010s] [studio.sdk] Enabler.js:94:255 [ 0.930s] [studio.sdk] Asset properties have been set by host. Enabler.js:94:255 [ 0.930s] [Enabler] ad visible Enabler.js:94:255 [ 1.071s] [studio.sdk] Using default ad parameters in test environment. Simulating local events. Enabler.js:94:255
  8. JUL

    Rats Cooking

  9. http://www.samanthafoster.net/listen.php Problem is that none can be listened to with the player, at least on my computer, and I get no error in the console, so idk what's going on. Using firefox fyi.
  10. JUL

    [Phaser] Avoid

    lol It looked nice and quiet until I got ripped apart by flying circular saws
  11. JUL


    Quite frankly at first I thought it was total garbage. But then I gave it a try on youtube via the video. The music is very good, and while the graphics don't look awesome at first, when they start moving it gets much better and fit perfectly well with the music/ambiance. It's a great game for kids imho, really, a good product. Again the music is awesome, congrats
  12. That's probably the most obscure sentence I have ever read in my entire life. So, you want to: 1) Add elements to the group 2) Extract a random element from the group and put it in the world 3) Kill the element, and start all over again from 1) ... yes ?
  13. I'm not directly using pixi, I use phaser, so my advice is what it's worth. Personally, I would go full pixi, for the sake of consistency, especially if your GUI will be very graphic, not just a rectangular area on top of the rest with a bunch of button/drop down menus. Even more if you're into pixel art. Those guys don't agree, and again, I don't use pixi... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6856953/does-it-make-sense-to-create-canvas-based-ui-components Now there's this http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/12870-basic-ui-system-for-pixijs/