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  1. Thanks, anything you would like to know more about from the blog?
  2. Mahjong FRVR is a high quality Mahjong Solitaire game written using a custom Game Engine using PixiJS as the render layer. Extensive efforts where put into ensuring that the game plays on almost any device and resolution. Likewise the game is playable in less than 350KB of data, making it easily loadable over mobile data even in China. The game is also translated into 19 languages which is auto selected based on the players browser settings. Play Mahjong Solitaire Besides HTML5, the game uses a pseudorandom level generator to create endless unique levels, ensuring players never run out of content. Not the most exciting game, but a highly polished implementation of an old classic.
  3. I did a rather massive update to the game. For those of you who have been experiencing lag on mobile phones, this should now be gone. Play new mobile optimized Klondike Solitaire. More info about the update here:
  4. Oki yea, I do not do well with the default android browser. I need to issue a warning to Android users to switch to Chrome or some such. In the future the game will exist as an accelerated app as well which could be a path to smoothness as well.
  5. What browser and device are you playing on? It should not hang nor bug out.
  6. Just looked at the Analytics, you guys played 39 games without ever winning. Current win ratio is 0%.
  7. To get the cards to look reasonably well I had to write a custom resampled. It's slow which is what creates the black screen. I am working on a major rewrite to make it about 5x faster (no black screen) I don't believe the game is bugged and it should follow the classical windows solitaire rules.
  8. I will add flip 1 card mode fairly soon, should make the game more enjoyable for you. I personally like how flip 3 makes the game harder to play.
  9. Oh sweet it went live, was afraid it would not get approved by the admins.
  10. The games error out for me in Safari. [Error] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'b.toLowerCase')blacklistReferrers (wade_1.4.js, line 275)onAddToSceneprocessEvent (wade_1.4.js, line 143)addSceneObject (wade_1.4.js, line 120)addSceneObject (wade_1.4.js, line 240)onMouseDownprocessEvent (wade_1.4.js, line 143)processEvent (wade_1.4.js, line 126)processEvent (wade_1.4.js, line 238)event_mouseDown (wade_1.4.js, line 43)
  11. I just released Solitaire FRVR; the first game under a startup I am working on in my spare time. The game is written a custom canvas based HTML5 engine optimised to work well on both Web and Mobile. Including images the game takes up 233KB a number I hope to bring below 150kb inside the next few weeks. While I have tested it on as may devices I could get my hands on, I would be very interested to know if it works well on your devices. Play the game here and read more about the hobby startup here